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12927. By Ricardo Salveti on 2012-09-20

releasing version 1.2.0-2012.09-0ubuntu1

12926. By Ricardo Salveti on 2012-09-20

* FFe for new upstream version (LP: #1053212)
  - Compatibility with ARM realview kernels > 3.0 with VFP (LP: #1052380)
* Also pass -fno-var-tracking on armhf
* Bump to standards 3.9.3

12925. By Ricardo Salveti on 2012-09-20

New upstream release.

12924. By Ricardo Salveti on 2012-09-20

* New upstream release.
  - support emulated systems with more than 2G of memory. (LP: #1030588)
* Drop powerpc-missing-include.patch - merged upstream.
* Update debian/control:
  - drop perl build dependency.
  - add libfdt-dev build dependency.
* Update debian/qemu-keymaps.install file.
* Update debian/rules:
  - update QEMU_CPU for ARM architecture: armv4l -> armv7l.
  - update conf_audio_drv: default to PulseAudio since PA is the default on
  - enable KVM on ARM architecture.
  - enable flat device tree support (--enable-fdt). (LP: #1030594)

12923. By Jeremy Bicha on 2012-06-04

* debian/control:
  - Build-depend on libvdeplug-dev instead of libvdeplug2-dev

12922. By Colin Watson on 2012-04-22

releasing version 1.0.50-2012.03-0ubuntu2

12921. By Colin Watson on 2012-04-22

Add missing #include that caused a build failure on powerpc.

12920. By Steve Langasek on 2012-03-15

* Update watch file since launchpad now uses https for the download links.
* New upstream release.
  - Fixes use of deprecated gthread calls when building on arm.
    LP: #928555.
* Drop 0001_linux-user-reserve-4GB-of-vmem-for-32-on-64.patch, included
  upstream with some follow-on fixes.

12919. By Steve Langasek on 2012-02-20

* New upstream release.
* Pass --enable-uname-release=2.6.32 for the user emulation builds, so that
  we have a sensible baseline kernel value regardless of what the
  underlying host kernel is. This makes eglibc happier when running under
  emulation on a very old kernel for instance (whose host syscall ABI has
  nothing to do with what emulated syscalls are supported), and probably
  also lets us steer clear for the moment of code that has problem with
  the new kernel upstream versioning convention. LP: #921078.
* debian/patches/define_AT_EMPTY_PATH.patch: make sure AT_EMPTY_PATH
  is defined. Thanks to Serge Hallyn <email address hidden>.
  Closes LP: #930181.

12918. By Loïc Minier on 2012-02-17

New patch, 0001_linux-user-reserve-4GB-of-vmem-for-32-on-64, from
http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2011-12/msg01697.html; fixes
mmap when running a 32-bits guest on a 64-bits host; LP: #906922.

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