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43. By Matthias Klose on 2012-09-29

* Update to 20120921 from the 3.2 branch. Linux relevant fixes:
  - Issue #15970: xml.etree.ElementTree now serializes correctly the empty
    HTML elements 'meta' and 'param'.
  - Issue #11715: Fix multiarch detection without having Debian development
    tools (dpkg-dev) installed.
* Fix issue #16012, a regression in pyexpat. The parser's UseForeignDTD()
  method doesn't require an argument again. LP: #1056740.

42. By Matthias Klose on 2012-09-15

* Update to 20120915 from the 3.2 branch. Linux relevant fixes:
  - Issue #15842: the SocketIO.{readable,writable,seekable} methods now
    raise ValueError when the file-like object is closed.
  - Issue #15906: Fix a regression in argparse caused by the preceding change,
    when action='append', type='str' and default=[]. LP: #1048710.
  - Issue #15793: Stack corruption in ssl.RAND_egd().

41. By Matthias Klose on 2012-09-10

* Update to 20120910 from the 3.2 branch. Linux relevant fixes:
  - Issue #13992: The trashcan mechanism is now thread-safe. This eliminates
    sporadic crashes in multi-thread programs when several long deallocator
    chains ran concurrently and involved subclasses of built-in container
  - Issue #15846: Fix SystemError which happened when using ast.parse in an
    exception handler on code with syntax errors.
  - Issue #15801: Make sure mappings passed to '%' formatting are actually
  - Issue #15881: Fixed atexit hook in multiprocessing.
  - Issue #15340: Fix importing the random module when /dev/urandom cannot
    be opened. This was a regression caused by the hash randomization patch.
  - Issue #15841: The readable(), writable() and seekable() methods of BytesIO
    and StringIO objects now raise ValueError when the object has been closed.
  - Issue #15509: webbrowser.UnixBrowser no longer passes empty arguments to
    Popen when %action substitutions produce empty strings.
  - Issue #12776,#11839: call argparse type function (specified by
    add_argument) only once.
  - Issue #15676: Now "mmap" check for empty files before doing the
    offset check.
  - Issue #15802: Fix test logic in TestMaildir.test_create_tmp.
  - Issue #15819: Make sure we can build Python out-of-tree from a readonly
    source directory.
  - Issue #15822: Ensure 2to3 grammar pickles are properly installed.
  - Issue #11964: Document a change in v3.2 to the behavior of the indent
    parameter of json encoding operations.

40. By Matthias Klose on 2012-08-15

* Update to 20120826 from the 3.2 branch. Linux relevant fixes:
  - Follwup for issue #9374. Restore the removed attributes in the
    urlparse module.
  - Issue #14579: Fix CVE-2012-2135: vulnerability in the utf-16 decoder
    after error handling.
  - Issue #15404: Refleak in PyMethodObject repr.
  - Issue #15394: An issue in PyModule_Create that caused references to
    be leaked on some error paths has been fixed.
  - Issue #15368: An issue that caused bytecode generation to be
    non-deterministic when using randomized hashing (-R) has been fixed.
  - Issue #15424: Add a __sizeof__ implementation for array objects.
  - Issue #13052: Fix IDLE crashing when replace string in Search/Replace
    dialog ended with '\'.
  - Issue #15538: Fix compilation of the getnameinfo() / getaddrinfo()
    emulation code.
  - Issue #15726: Fix incorrect bounds checking in PyState_FindModule.
  - Issue #15604: Update uses of PyObject_IsTrue() to check for and handle
    errors correctly.
  - Issue #9803: Don't close IDLE on saving if breakpoint is open.
  - Issue #12288: Consider '0' and '0.0' as valid initialvalue
    for tkinter SimpleDialog.
  - Issue #11062: Fix adding a message from file to Babyl mailbox.
  - Issue #15544: Fix Decimal.__float__ to work with payload-carrying NaNs.
  - Issue #15249: BytesGenerator now correctly mangles From lines (when
    requested) even if the body contains undecodable bytes.
  - Issue #15777: Fix a refleak in _posixsubprocess.
  - Issue #15199: Fix JavaScript's default MIME type to
  - Issue #13579: string.Formatter now understands the 'a' conversion
  - Issue #15595: Fix subprocess.Popen(universal_newlines=True)
    for certain locales (utf-16 and utf-32 family). Patch by Chris Jerdonek.
  - Issue #15477: In cmath and math modules, add workaround for platforms
    whose system-supplied log1p function doesn't respect signs of zeros.
  - Issue #15512: Add a __sizeof__ implementation for parser.
  - Issue #15469: Add a __sizeof__ implementation for deque objects.
  - Issue #15489: Add a __sizeof__ implementation for BytesIO objects.
  - Issue #15487: Add a __sizeof__ implementation for buffered I/O objects.
  - Issue #6056: Make multiprocessing use setblocking(True) on the
    sockets it uses.
  - Issue #15041: update "see also" list in tkinter documentation.
  - Issue #15402: An issue in the struct module that caused sys.getsizeof to
    return incorrect results for struct.Struct instances has been fixed.
  - Issue #15232: when mangle_from is True, email.Generator now correctly
    mangles lines that start with 'From ' that occur in a MIME preamble
    or epilogue.
  - Issue #13922: argparse no longer incorrectly strips '--'s that appear
    after the first one.
  - Issue #12353: argparse now correctly handles null argument values.
  - Issues #10017 and #14998: Fix TypeError using pprint on dictionaries with
    user-defined types as keys or other unorderable keys.
  - Issue #14635: telnetlib will use poll() rather than select() when possible
    to avoid failing due to the select() file descriptor limit.
  - Issue #15645: Ensure 2to3 grammar pickles are properly installed.
  - Issue #15180: Clarify posixpath.join() error message when mixing
    str & bytes.
  - Issue #15230: runpy.run_path now correctly sets __package__ as described
    in the documentation
  - Issue #15467: Move helpers for __sizeof__ tests into test_support.
  - Issue #15320: Make iterating the list of tests thread-safe when running
    tests in multiprocess mode.
  - Issue #15230: Adopted a more systematic approach in the runpy tests
  - Issue #15747: ZFS always returns EOPNOTSUPP when attempting to set the
    UF_IMMUTABLE flag (via either chflags or lchflags); refactor affected
    tests in test_posix.py to account for this.
  - Issue #15285: Refactor the approach for testing connect timeouts using
    two external hosts that have been configured specifically for this type
    of test.
  - Issue #15615: Add some tests for the json module's handling of invalid
    input data.
  - Issue #15630: Add an example for "continue" stmt in the tutorial.
  - Issue #15444: Use proper spelling for non-ASCII contributor names.
  - Issue 15482: Properly document the default 'level' value for __import__()
    while warning about using negative values.
  - Issue #15230: Clearly document some of the limitations of the runpy
    module and nudge readers towards importlib when appropriate.
  - Issue #15250: Document that filecmp.dircmp compares files shallowly.
  - Issue #14674: Add a discussion of the json module's standard compliance.
* Don't look up multiarch extension names for wheezy. Addresses: #682795.
* Fortified build.
* Build-depend on unversioned libdb-dev.

39. By Matthias Klose on 2012-07-13

* Update to 20120709 from the 3.2 branch. Fixes:
  - Issue #15020: The program name used to search for Python's path is now
    "python3" under Unix, not "python".
  - Issue #15033: Fix the exit status bug when modules invoked using -m
    switch, return the proper failure return value (1).
  - Issue #12268: File readline, readlines and read() or readall() methods
    no longer lose data when an underlying read system call is interrupted.
    IOError is no longer raised due to a read system call returning EINTR
    from within these methods.
  - Issue #15142: Fix reference leak when deallocating instances of types
    created using PyType_FromSpec().
  - Issue #10053: Don't close FDs when FileIO.__init__ fails.
  - Issue #14990: Correctly fail with SyntaxError on invalid encoding
  - Issue #15247: FileIO now raises an error when given a file descriptor
    pointing to a directory.
  - Issue #5346: Preserve permissions of mbox, MMDF and Babyl mailbox
    files on flush().
  - Issue #10571: Fix the "--sign" option of distutils' upload command.
  - Issue #9559: If messages were only added, a new file is no longer
    created and renamed over the old file when flush() is called on an
    mbox, MMDF or Babyl mailbox.
  - Issue #14653: email.utils.mktime_tz() no longer relies on system
    mktime() when timezone offest is supplied.
  - Fix GzipFile's handling of filenames given as bytes objects.
  - Issue #15101: Make pool finalizer avoid joining current thread.
  - Issue #15036: Mailbox no longer throws an error if a flush is done
    between operations when removing or changing multiple items in mbox,
    MMDF, or Babyl mailboxes.
  - test_nntplib now tolerates being run from behind NNTP gateways that add
    "X-Antivirus" headers to articles.
  - Issue #15043: test_gdb is now skipped entirely if gdb security settings
    block loading of the gdb hooks.
  - Issue #13557: Clarify effect of giving two different namespaces to exec
    or execfile().
  - Issue #15300: Ensure the temporary test working directories are in the same
    parent folder when running tests in multiprocess mode from a Python build.
* Lookup extension modules with a multiarch suffix too.
* Include /usr/include/ncursesw in CPPFLAGS for the curses configure
  checks. Closes: #681007. LP: #1021783.
* Fix running the testsuite.
* Backport issue #13150: sysconfig no longer parses the Makefile and config.h
  files when imported, instead doing it at build time. This makes importing
  sysconfig faster and reduces Python startup time by 20%.
* Don't build the _hashlib and _ssl extensions as a builtin, but as
  extensions. Addresses: #680930.
* python3.2: Add a break for python-virtualenv (<<
* For lto builds, use -g instead of -g1; filter out lto flags in the
  installed Makefile. Addresses: #681348.
* Don't run the test_gdb test on mips/mipsel, not even in debug mode.

38. By Matthias Klose on 2012-05-03

* Build _ctypes as an extension, not a builtin. LP: #909292.
* Mark symbols defined in the _ctypes extension as optional.

37. By Matthias Klose on 2012-05-03

Build _ctypes as an extension, not a builtin. LP: #909292.

36. By Matthias Klose on 2012-04-12

* Python 3.2.3 release.
* Use xdg-open/gvfs-open in Lib/webbrowser.py (Michael Vogt).
  LP: #971311.

35. By Matthias Klose on 2012-03-21

Loosen build dependency on expat (the version in precise has the
security fixes applied).

34. By Matthias Klose on 2012-03-21

* Python 3.2.3 release candidate 2.
* Build-depend on expat (>= 2.1~).

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