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51. By Barry Warsaw

Avoid TypeError in dh_python3 when maximum version is specified.
LP: #1048091

50. By Piotr Ożarowski

* dh_python3:
  - do not rewrite /usr/bin/python{,2.*} shebangs
    (Closes: #683294, /me still thinks it was a feature, not a bug)
  - parsing debian/control fields is now case insensitive
* Change source format from native to 3.0 (native)

49. By Piotr Ożarowski

py3clean: really close #681389

48. By Scott Kitterman

[ Piotr Ożarowski ]
py3clean: really close #681389 (LP: #1024016)

47. By Piotr Ożarowski

* Yet another update in SHEBANG_RE to handle even more cases
* test4 fixed to catch missing /usr/bin/python → /usr/bin/python3 rewrites
* py3clean: accept --package *and* directory name at the same time
  (change missed in -1 upload, closes: #681389)
* Bump minimum required python3 version to 3.2.3-3~ in packages with .py files
  (due to --package option that is added to py3compile/py3clean in rtupdate

46. By Scott Kitterman

[ Piotr Ożarowski ]
Bump minimum required python3 version to 3.2.3-1~ in packages with .py
files (due to --package option that is added to py3compile/py3clean in
rtupdate scripts) (LP: #1024059)

45. By Scott Kitterman

* Urgency high for grave bug because this will cause other packages to
* Correct SHEBANG_RE in debpython/tools.py to not capture the 3 from python3
  (Closes: #681235)

44. By Scott Kitterman

Fix SHEBANG_RE in debpython/tools.py to correctly match python3 and not
python (LP: #1023474)

43. By Piotr Ożarowski

* Bump upstream version to match current unstable/wheezy python3.2 version
* dh_python3:
  - generates rtupdate scripts for private directories that compile files
    from given package only, add --compile-all to dh_python3's call if you
    want the old behaviour (i.e. compile also files (plugins?) provided by
    other packages, which do not use a helper/bytecompile them)
  - rewrite shebangs by default (disable via --no-shebang-rewrite),
     + "/usr/bin/env python3*" → "/usr/bin/python3*"
     + "/usr/local/bin/python3 foo" → "/usr/bin/python3 foo"
  - new --shebang option to replace all shebangs in bin dirs
    (example: --shebang /usr/bin/python3)
  - translate Python version numbers into Debian ones for those
    require.txt items that have a pydist file with (uscan like) rules
    or PEP386 flag
* py3versions, dh_python3, py3compile: allow to override system's list of
  supported Python3 versions via DEBPYTHON3_SUPPORTED and default Python3
  version via DEBPYTHON3_DEFAULT env. variables
* Debhelper's python3 sequence now inserts dh_python3 before dh_installinit

42. By Scott Kitterman

Update version number to match python3.2 for precise release

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