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155. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-08-01

* New upstream fixes branch checkout (46cab93)
* Updated to 0.25.2 point release. (LP: #1029522)
  - Major fixes:
  - Mythfilldatabase takes hours instead of minutes to run (LP: #997367)
  - A popular tuner card doesn't record in digital cable mode (trac 10712)

154. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-06-26

* fix get-orig-source rule's broken tarball fetch from archive.
* Enable libcec support (LP: #982272)
* Add missingok to additional mythtv-backend logs. (LP: #982162)
* Pull an updated snapshot of Mythbuntu theme, to avoid theme
  downloader telling the user there is an updated theme on first
* Test for an empty key on public mysql. (LP: #989371)
* Update amejia's email on uploaders field.
* Drop recommends on adept-notifier.
* Bump standards version.
* Update apport hook for python3 (LP: #1013171)
* New upstream checkout (25dd4ce)

153. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-04-10

* Add a fallback to master for non-existant fixes branches.
* Update to 0.25 gold release.
* New upstream checkout (1f5962a)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (041ecad):
* [1f5962a] RingBuffer: Make a few more attempts to read when
* [cffed2b] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [4f16846] Update the Danish translation of mythfrontend and all
* [31fa9dd] Revert "Fix popup windows from disappearing in MythCenter-
  wide when using the"
* [d824ea2] Fix issues with 805453a6 and df8548e7.
* [4b28a57] Remove the MythArchive date/time formats from the Hong
  Kong Chinese locale file.
* [df8548e] Add a null pointer check on 'screen'
* [805453a] Don't trigger hide/show animations if the screens should
  still be visible because the foreground screen isn't fullscreen.
* [d1b081e] Updated Czech MythFrontend translation
* [e6c4aa0] Updated Polish MythFrontend and alll plugins translation
  from Warpme
* [39695b2] Revert "Fixes #10490. Don't return from safe_read() early
  on stopreads if we haven't read any bytes, this looks like an eof to
  higher levels of code."
* [28db6ca] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [e6d3ecb] Updated French MythFrontend, MythMusic, MythNetvision and
  MythNews translation from the French Language Translation Team
* [6473241] Update the Danish translation of mythfrontend.
* [c52a7cf] Updated Czech MythFrontend and MythMusic translation
* [8c6c8cd] Updated German MythFrontend and MythZoneMinder translation
  from Florian Bittner
* [aa2762f] Fix popup windows from disappearing in MythCenter-wide
  when using the virtual keyboard.
* [393295c] Fixes #10490. Don't return from safe_read() early on
  stopreads if we haven't read any bytes, this looks like an eof to
  higher levels of code.
* [81e72c8] Clear the UI object stores when deleting MythThemeBase,
  fixes themes using the wrong base window and fonts after displaying
  the locale/database prompts. This was already done implicitly when
  shutting down and explicitly when reloading themes but not in the
  third case, where we construct a temporary main window and
  MythMainWindow is torn down instead of being re-initialised.
* [a970d72] Fixes #10545. Populate the Switch Input menu with all
  available cards.
* [d80e54b] Fix #10558
* [14ca636] Bump binary version
* [00bd9eb] Fix compilation following previous commit
* [e84a9a8] Fix compilation following previous commit
* [4c5b039] Initialise locale if it's not been done already by the
  time we call GetQLocale()
* [9c73366] Translate dates/times in the DateFormat settings
* [a0ae652] Move Setup Wizard at the top of settings menu (part #2)
* [02216ca] Fix video setup wizard if audio test wasn't stopped in the
  previous screen
* [13652d7] Fix audio setup and add handling of extra cases.
* [b36827e] Better handling of unmounted volumes. Refs #10450.
* [83671d5] Revert "Better handling of unmounted volumes. Refs #10450"
* [58e8506] Better handling of unmounted volumes. Refs #10450
* [71a024d] Fix LoadFromOldRecorded query in ProgList.
* [957917c] Replicate the spelling change I had done in
* [8df36ec] Translate missed string.
* [82f9818] Improve audio setup

152. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-04-06

* Remove extra reference to libmysqlclient-16-dev.
* Add b-d on libmysqlclient-dev (LP: #894377).
* Drop dependency on ttf-freefont.
* New upstream checkout (041ecad)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (c85fc55):
* [041ecad] increases the maximal number of queued video packets to
* [5824030] Bump API version following addition of plist decoding
* [91a2209] Add a binary property list parser.
* [1b24a76] Make RAOP server properly handle any size of decoded audio
* [2d365d6] Tweak Smolt handling of digital tuners.
* [65d89b5] Fix dates and time strings not being translated to the
  user-selected language. We were always using the system language and
  not respecting the language/country chosen in mythfrontend.
* [640b0cd] Refs #10490. Switch ringbuffers a little earlier in
* [c49b780] Fix translation of <template> in <clock> markup.
* [fe354d9] Update the filename in the Playback Data OSD screen after
  LiveTV program transitions.
* [ae63bc2] Fix translation of mapped text strings. Thanks to Nicolas
  Riendeau for pointing it out.
* [0840578] Fix AAC decoding audio corruption
* [85969eb] Bah. Fix tab -> spaces
* [86f5fd8] Fixed RAOP audio decoding to use all frames in a packet
* [a2cf165] Fix ostream commandline help typo
* [1af1b13] Fix unimportant typo in configure
* [58e2527] Move speaker configuration setup down
* [29f8994] Allow more room for simplified dates in MythCenter-wide.
* [8cad830] Move Setup Wizard at the top of settings menu
* [825975c] Rewrite Audio Setup Wizard
* [c0bc088] Do not activate 5.1 audio if only DTS is active
* [dbc978f] Minor cleanup
* [711386d] Fix cut and paste error discovered by Gary Buhrmaster.
* [a6136f9] Fix clang report
* [20ec299] Remove unnecessary logging.
* [98f0a52] DVR Service: Fix recording deletion API.
* [f81f712] Fixes #9830. Refs #10519. Fixes channel change on PVR350.
* [79d7af9] Fixes #10453. Fix deadlock in DVBStreamHandler.
* [98c855e] Refs #10490. Fix for LiveTV abort on empty recordings.
* [4de48af] Updated German MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythWeather
  translation from Florian Bittner.
* [faf0745] Fix a translatation lookup so that it retrieves the
  translated string correctly.
* [8a3ab52] Make Service API conform to new deletion behavior.
* [a38f191] Rec types from string need a kNotRecording too.
* [59be832] Fix overlap in string to rec type method.
* [8bbf302] Fix segfault in AddRecordSchedule API.
* [bbd0880] Fixes #10534. Reenable the DB settings cache after the
  schema check.
* [78948da] Fix false precision in backend status upcoming recordings.
* [c7a1e81] Fixes segfault on mythfrontend exit & related problems.
* [c3eaf78] Refs #10490. At least a partial LiveTV startup fix.
* [d0df4ce] Refs #10490. Debugging fixes. Makes it easier to track
  which recordings are being started and stopped.
* [5439b8b] Services: Make frontend status date string conform to
  required naming.

151. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-03-29

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* refresh default_directories patch for changes upstream.
* Capture all logs from /var/log/mythtv for apport reports.
* New upstream checkout - post RC but pre-release (c85fc55)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (53761e2):
* [c85fc55] Correct command line option interdependencies for --
* [f73dbda] Ceton bug fix for handling failed tunings
* [5320353] Updated Hong Kong Chinese MythFrontend and MythArchive
  translation from Walter Cheuk
* [ce22520] Updated French language MythFrontend and all plugins
  translations from the French Language Translation Team.
* [c40f582] Rollup DB changes to 1299 for initial database.
* [1317eed] Merge commit '4663490f8fa99dd5869aff595f56873175e47826'
* [4663490] Split cache engines into own files. Add msvcrt locking for
  file engine.
* [07b570b] Correct newline escape.
* [faa9f39] Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythWeather and
  MythZoneMinder translation from Yianni Vidalis.
* [651d67a] Only attempt language fallthrough if polling function is
* [9e53c8d] Extend the overrides fix in [973df175] to
  GetSettingOnHost() and GetSettings().
* [5639e05] Fixes #10518. Fix CetonStreamHandler deadlock.
* [142489b] Refs #10518. Fix CetonStreamHandler error logging.
* [55cd239] Refs #9830. Fix some debugging output problems observed in
  logs on ticket.
* [f8d32cb] Fix unhandled keypresses causing the mythmusic volume
  display timer to stay on screen for longer than it normally would.
  If something has changed then we do want to keep it on-screen, but
  if the user was trying to control something on the screen beneath
  the popup we shouldn't keep swallowing keypresses.
* [e967e30] Fixes #10501. Adapt to new return ioctl return value in
  Linux 3.1.
* [b51e845] MPEGRecorder: _error is a QString not a bool, set it
* [401f846] MPEGRecorder: Close chanfd if we fail to initialize
  device. One of the cases wasn't handled.
* [142b981] Move some database logging left over from the DB
  connections re-write to VB_DATABASE. This makes for less log clutter
  to wade through when debugging issues or reviewing logs with the new
  log viewer.
* [973df17] Fix settings overrides. I accidentally broke these when
  changing the DB connection code.
* [22cb74b] Fixes #10519. Adds workaround for cx8800 driver.
* [8bf3888] Re-fix HLS for AC3. Argh. :)
* [713762d] Allow AudioReencodeBuffer to work DTS-sourced audio too
* [885ca53] Adds final attempt at internal name resolution in
* [f3d65a5] Add Movie classmethods to readme.
* [a7f03a6] Clean up trailer handling.
* [dfab0a24] Some cleanup, gitignore, and a readme
* [292ac93] Updated Canadian English MythWeather translation.
* [40917b8] Move tmdb3 library for proper installation. Correct bugs
  in tmdb3.py.
* [f404b65] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [36cdbfd] Updated MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythWeather,
  MythZoneMinder translation from Marko Punnar.
* [12823e7] Merge commit 'd7d68c2f584ee9c7bc9b52567038cb14fa8b0ed0'
* [d7d68c2] Add Movie.fromIMDB method.
* [be6e6d7] Add exception type for unknown language or country.
* [5291ff0] Delete missed line causing syntax error.
* [094608c] Finish up locale and fallthough.
* [484d12d] Implement locale support in searches and data queries.
* [74d4a29] Updated US English MythFrontend and all plugins
  translation from the US English Translation Team.
* [84cc01d] Update Canadian English qms
* [e85c523] Updated Canadian English MythFrontend and all plugins
* [d5d5cba] Initial changes for improved locale support.
* [b4c922b] New Hong Kong Chinese locale file from Walter Cheuk
* [b3e3b03] Remove MythTV grabber script. Script is now located in
  the MythTV repo.
* [1caa3a3] Move tmdb3.py script into location used by metadata
* [d3c219a] Merge commit '1e4b690a2d6a5854eca6038a7c67ded2df973ce6'
* [1e4b690] Correct import method to use installed package.
* [f0307c3] Correct missed variable name change.
* [61fad36] Generalize caching and allow post configuration.
* [78ad8be] Oops. Fix const char * vs char *
* [fe8c8bf] Make the logging change more clear
* [4c93463] Fix a stupid brain-o
* [ba2ccfb] Updated Russian MythFrontend translation
* [dfadcda] Fix a memory corruption when logging strings with a '%'
* [3b5ac82] Updated Spanish / Spain MythFrontend, MythArchive,
  MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision,
  MythWeather, MythZoneMinder translation from the Spanish Language
  Translation Team
* [76a5ca3] Updated Norwegian Bokmal MythFrontend, MythArchive,
  MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision and
  MythZoneminder translation from Rune Evjen.
* [4f9cbeb] Convert strings using toUtf8() instead of toLocal8Bit()
  before using ELF Hashing, fixes duplicate matching breaking where
  the environment isn't 8bit and toLocal8Bit() will fail. There's a
  small chance this will break duplicate matching for a few users who
  are using an 8-bit character encoding which isn't UTF8 compatible
  but it will fix it for far more users who might be running
  mythfilldatabase from a cronjob with no proper locale or similar.
  Refs #10449
* [83759ac] Fix initialization of histograms
* [778d811] Fixes #10054. Fixes handling of segmented SDT and PAT
* [19df7fb] Revert "Add a setting to enable/disable the UI effects."
* [797211c] Mythuitheme XSD, there is no limit on <stop> elements in a
* [608d7fe] Mythuitheme XSD, fix error, in this instance position is a
  percentage value not coordinates.
* [6bd7ab7] Update mythui XSD to include recent additions such as
  <animation>. Also added support for themeinfo.xml
* [af4c184] Fix duplicate <buttonarea> in the wrong place in default
  theme. Found through validating against XSD
* [bcebfdc] Fix typo in Terra which caused a warning when validating
  the theme.
* [d6f038c] Refs #10067. Fix event dequeing logic issue
* [cf0d7b0] Fix some theme validation issues in MythCenter-wide
* [aa59013] Properly initialize variables in Channel data contract.
* [15a7daf] Tabs to spaces and remove a commented line
* [cbf999d] Add a setting to enable/disable the UI effects.
* [8facdb7] Fix typo in Terra introduced in 5d81a9d0
* [ec1a8d2] Fix LF vs CRLF in file (formatting only)
* [0c567e1] Make Guide/GetProgramGuide's NumChannels parameter similar
  to other methods.
* [4dbca61] Bump version.
* [ed46c2b] Move MythTV grabber script into scripts directory.
* [ae288e2] Setup Wizard: Fix the blank screens when moving back in
  the wizard.
* [09eca8f] Updated British English MythFrontend, MythArchive,
  MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic and MythZoneminder translation from
  Nick Morrott
* [aad0ac5] Fixes #10443. Update end time of recorded entries in
* [7fa5023] Fix HLS transcoding audio with non-MP3 input
* [5c07d22] Add nowplaying(), mostpopular(), and toprated() methods
  for Movie class.
* [af5dba1] Rework search result paging with a more generic base
* [495ef16] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [dfbb6d3] Update the Russian translation of mythfrontend,
  mytharchive, mythbrowser, mythgallery, mythgame, mythmusic,
  mythnetvision, mythnews, mythweather and mythzoneminder.
* [414159d] Keep an unsigned counter from going negative
* [fd42b59] Update the themestrings with a few minor corrections.
* [4ec5bab] Default themes: In the audiowizard window, change "My
  speaker" to "My audio subsystem"
* [c4f0f67] Another static definition fix.
* [6c00548] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [da7d2aa] Correct jobqueue job type definitions in python bindings.
* [2d1d6d5] Fix typo in 2451dc574..."Steppes-narrow", not "Stepped-
* [7f8dda1] Limit the uPnP recording description length to 128
  characters for compatibility. When a recording doesn't have a
  subtitle, we currently insert the full description of the recording
  into the title/subtitle. As this breaks some uPnP clients, let's
  truncate the description at 128 characters for compatibility.
* [9bd93b2] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [a83aba6] Fix QStringList -> Stringlist in a few more backend
  service API users
* [2451dc5] Add Steppes-narrow to the list of translatable themes. The
  strings seems identical to Steppes at the moment, but let's include
  it just to be on the safe side.
* [21da03d] Update the themestrings for the frontend due to a UTF-8
  encoding error. Hopefully the very last update for 0.25?
* [fb448d6] Silence warning about testing a uint for less than zero
  (detected by clang). Closes #10476
* [10a8dba] Correct initialization of pointer to be NULL, not false
  (detected by clang). Closes #10475
* [db33108] Properly detect video files that have moved hosts.
* [f30ffd4] Fixes #10423. Refs #8744. Fixes A->B,B->A locking issue
  introduced in [146ee7692]
* [64f9423] Fix UTF-8 encoded output in the themestringstool.
* [aefc7ce] Remove extraneous ; in MetadataFactory.
* [efdba7e] Fix type on return value in HTTPLiveStream::StopStream()
* [0ba4567] Redirect strings from music-base.xml to the mythmusic
  translation files rather than the mythfrontend translation files.
* [118c9e0] Update the themestrings following the release of RC1.
* [b309cf1] Make comparison more explicit
* [425e1d7] Fixes #10474. Logic error discovered by Gary Buhrmaster.
* [ebf828d] =Add files missing from 5d81a9d000.
* [92f7d1f] Another small indent fix...
* [926d837] Line length/indent correction of commit ddc1e1e18
* [fe97637] Change directory for folder in MythArchive when it is used
  to describe a place to store documents.
* [584f049] Fix some typos...
* [ddc1e1e] Add Chinese date and time formats to the list of date/time
* [95ad33f] Fix Theme Chooser downloads on remote frontends for 0.25
* [80e6e87] Make MythArchive theme descriptions translatable.
* [2005a52] Make additional text strings translatable.
* [8a5977d] Display the entire XMLTV grabber name.
* [6c526f0] MythCenter-wide: bump the version to better reflect the
  progress made
* [0f7c765] default-wide: Change an edit to a multi-line edit
* [4b99fcc] MythCenter-wide: Change an edit to a multi-line edit
* [ddb8f54] MythMusic: Fix a problem when the resume mode is set to
* [4951a25] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [0ee3022] MythMusic: Re-enable the playlist buttonlist search after
* [f6113fb] Update the Swedish translation.
* [a1d573c] Refs #10472. Initialize pointer in ctor.
* [585ec0c] Update Polish MythFrontend and all plugins translation
  from Warpme.
* [bf10d8d] MythArchiveHelper: Fix bad filenames when creating a
  native archive directory
* [899ef48] MythMusic: Fix having to load the music library before
  running a file scan
* [47e4a67] Prevent an infinite loop in MythUIButtonList when using
  the itemVisible signal
* [29b66a1] Revert "Speed up initial loading of Watch Recordings
* [5d81a9d] Some fixes for Terra
* [0430596] Updated Norwegian Bokmal MythFrontend, MythMusic and
  MythWeather translation from Rune Evjen
* [f572535] MythMusic: Speed up the creation of the playlist button
* [de4f093] Fix the missing handling of rsTuning in a few places.
* [3dbd1bd] Speed up initial loading of Watch Recordings screen.
* [759fea8] MythPlayer: add back code to handle seamless LiveTV
  program transitions
* [43b55c9] Only create playback profiles when they are usable
* [972371e] MythMusic: reload the settings in the player when exiting
  the setting pages
* [e1bf100] Only restart the idle timer if it was active to begin
  with. This was broken by ad7ee3fd. Fixes #10467
* [b172de1] Updated Russian MythFrontend translation.
* [85ac156] Don't use the PLAYBACK_START/PLAYBACK_END events to pause
  the idle timer, the problem is that MythMusic unpauses the timer
  when it recieves the PLAYBACK_START event because it's just stopped
  music playback. There's no simple way around this if we continue to
  use the events, so just call PauseIdleTimer() directly instead. Refs
* [72d3fb5] Add debugging to PauseIdleTimer() to help diagnose any
  problems with this code during the 0.25 release
* [22400f1] Call ItemVisible() signal earlier to reduce flickering in
* [2c08a7d] Fix VDA playback for some videos.
* [111f0ed] Make sure we don't deref a NULL pointer to a
* [6cfb930] Make sure the previewWaitCondition.wakeAll() is heard by
  using the proper lock.
* [3a6cb4a] Fix ordering of deletes in commandlineparser destructor.
* [01177a3] Performance/bug fix in media monitor ScanMediaType().
* [19fa996] Pause the frontend idle timer when mythbrowser or
  mythflash is being used.
* [f6f8e73] Don't toggle the enteringStandby state unless we're using
  the 'Standby Mode' jumppoint. It's only relevant when the standby
  screen is being used.
* [df400e6] Pause the frontend idle timer when music is being played.
  Fixes #10464
* [cc062d3] Fix Mac OS X media monitor error.
* [bfa84c5] Add __init__

[ John Baab ]
* Fixed issue where an existing mythweb apache config would be
  re-used and incorrect paths were not updated. (LP: #806221, #923785)
* Removed mythweb_paths.patch, no longer needed.

150. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-03-16

[ Thomas Mashos ]
* Updated DB schema for standard plugins (LP: #944128)

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Remove references to mythmessage.
* Fix permissions on all existing log files on upgrade.
* New upstream checkout (53761e2)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (6519666):
* [53761e2] Use toLocal8Bit() for loading mysql.txt.
* [c3b022a] Don't display frontend status box log viewer button
* [8284bb7] Mention the detected character encoding
* [fa639a7] Make users have to figure out if their video works
* [5fb541e] Update Youtube player API to v3.
* [2ce3690] Identify DVD commentary tracks in the Audio track
  selection dialog.
* [cbd9703] Prevent showing 0x0 artwork when a recording doesn't have
* [9c4e7fd] Slight mod on [be81782c0] (function names).
* [187e37d] Close DB connections before running jobs.
* [be81782] Make sure we cleanup DB connections before thread exit
* [201c153] Missed a change from 1a651934c
* [9b6cdba] Rename 'file browse mode' to try and discourage it's use.
  Browsing the database is now 'Browse Library (recommended) and what
  was called file browse is now 'Browse Filesystem (slow)'
* [9e80861] Rename 'Enable/Disable Flat view' in the video browser to
  'Show/Hide Directory Structure' to try and reduce the confusion this
  mode currently causes.
* [1a65193] Only display the standby screen if the master backend is
  configured to shut down when idle. We can assume that if the user
  hasn't configured their backend to shut down then they don't care to
  know that the frontends are idle.
* [15a85ec] Call DestoyMythMainWindow() before exit, even on error
* [d3b4762] Subtitles: Try to reenable the previously selected caption
* [20a5628] Don't increment the number of channels returned by
  libdvdnav. This was causing 5.1 audio to be wrongly identified as 7
  channel, and stereo as 3 channel.
* [c61bb1e] Add debugging for the DVD audio language extension code
  which may prove useful in the future.
* [f8d2de0] Fully clear the audio ringbuffer when using AC3 re-encoder
* [f6a8650] Partially revert 5dccbd5f6b3019a67ecc69213ee405bba4b30994
* [cc2ad7f] Revert "Fix potential leak"
* [3e26728] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [684272a] Fix the naming of some jumppoints.
* [8acfc87] Fix mac compilation using Qt 4.8.0
* [6ed2587] Allow more room for double-digit cardids in the
  MythCenter[-wide] and default[-wide] themes.
* [f31d9a7] Fix potential leak
* [fd36db9] Ignore DVD commentary and AD tracks when auto-selecting
  the audio track.
* [3e4ec54] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [5c1f50d] MythCenter-wide: Tidy up a few screen titles
* [9b6e4e1] Remove MythMessage binary.
* [1b29d50] MythCenter-wide: Tidy up the 'Custom Record Rules' screen
* [f56bdfc] MythCenter-wide: Make the multi-line edit resizeable
* [2b908b4] Squash a pesky compiler warning.
* [c050aca] Remove unused "oldJar".
* [ad7ee3f] Fix the frontend entering 'manual' standby mode instead of
  'automatic' standby mode. The net effect of which being that you can
  only exit standby by pressing escape when any input should have
* [7ccf016] MythCenter-wide: Add the MythArchive ui files and animate
  a popup
* [706d0ed] MythArchive: Use the default popup background image for
  both default themes
* [0df6e17] MythZoneminder: Use the default popup background image for
  both default themes
* [499f86a] MythCenter-wide: Animate the MythZoneminder functionpopup
* [b80d1e2] MythCenter-wide: Add the popup keyboard so it can be
* [898a01a] MythCenter-wide: Add the MythMusic theme files and animate
  a few popups
* [3a09730] MythCenter-wide: Add the MythTimeInputDialog popup so it
  can be animated
* [659bf60] MythCenter-wide: Animate some of the popups
* [a145733] Frontend Service: Fix Playback of recordings. The Setting
  of the time spec was breaking playback.
* [5d1e0c3] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [658a4ec] MythMusic: Preserve the play state when switching views.
  Fixes #10412.
* [de9b19d] XML plist serializer: Fix dictionary in array
* [4fee6b1] XML plist serializer: Do not output invalid date/null
* [e42b2db] Fix plist serializer.
* [86d4de8] Make XML plist serializer dates work with Apple plist
* [c25fb44] MythMusic: Tidy up the display of the play/paused/stopped
  player state
* [36d87af] Update description of decoder field.
* [16ff44e] Add description for vda decoder
* [72497f6] Add default OpenGL playback profiles
* [cfd1ce2] Add default VDA playback profiles
* [2ab6d31] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [3cb4b6a] Ensure mount is available before
  MythMediaDevice::ScanMediaType(). Refs #10450
* [a4d48df] MythMusic: Don't resume playback when switching views and
  the playlist is empty
* [c09b076] MythMusic: change a couple of <dynamic_cast> to
* [47c9ac2] Various Ceton recorder fixes.
* [f261f8e] Add a couple more FreeSat transports to the EIT fixup
  list. This helps keep Freeview and FreeSat guide data consistent
* [1399a9c] Make mythuiwebbrowser and mythdownloadmanager share
* [78a637c] NUV playback: Use a more accurate bitrate estimation if
* [0f7651e] Do not disable LPCM if 16 bits audio isn't available
* [083fe59] Fix RingBuffer starvation when playing .nuv files.
* [c419275] Fix DB locking issue on MySQL 5.5
* [ff73126] Fix a PreviewGenerator dtor race.
* [0542a10] Refs #10414. Lower HDHomeRun recorder CPU usage a tiny bit
* [1578678] Fixes #10420 - Invalid data type in VideoLookup XSD
* [6a0e4a2] Fixes #10441 - Invalid data types in Frontend web service
* [2f6c4ee] Refs #10414. Lower DTVRecorder CPU use.
* [cc55c12] Add some sanity checking to manual cutlist input.
* [33fc9c4] Updated Russian Mythfrontend, MythBrowser, MythGallery,
  MythGame, MythMusic and MythZoneMinder translation.
* [eac7f47] Subtitles: Improve layout of zoomed CEA-608 captions.
* [f51f5ea] Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MytWeather, MythZonMinder
  translation from Yianni Visalis.
* [d2f4ae0] Fix a segfault when trying to search a buttonlist with no
* [836d501] Updated German MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  Mythgame, MythMusic and MythZoneminder translation from Florian
* [7862c79] Remove some unintended debugging print statements.
* [e1d3ac8] Add some intelligent behavior to help printout.
* [ebe802f] Make child options visible in help when an invalid option
  is used.
* [46f6c4a] Tweak --help description in commandlineparser.
* [544094c] Correct handling of old --refresh-day option.
* [495e662] Change delete dialog text to read 'permanently delete'.
  Just to avoid any doubt.
* [e05d654] Revert de7acc4ef now that we no longer focus 'OK' but
  default in the delete confirmation dialog.
* [d353525] Always default to focusing the 'Cancel' button in
  confirmation dialogs, confirmation dialogs are used when we want to
  prevent the user making a mistake which is still too easy to do if
  'OK' is selected by default.
* [3d2f68a] Add more detail to syslog logging
* [37cacb6] Fix RTP IPTV with multiple IPTV interfaces. 1ed419ad
  applied a fix for udp IPTV where more than one interface was
  available, it didn't apply the fix for rtp which uses the same
  socket code. Fixes #8767, Refs #3873
* [1c2ce6a] Correct --inversecut handling in mythtranscode.
* [d62595d] Update python installer to properly remove installed
* [f6f2fbb] Fix a couple of incorrect dtors
* [c114dd5] If the downloadable themes cache dir doesn't exist, force
* [5201fb9] Remove unnecessary comment.
* [7d76de7] Add log messages missing from a couple of DB upgrades
* [4753c7a] Require a reasonably current DB version on upgrade
* [0bc768e] Fix some DB locking issues on MySQL 5.5
* [9fb1c3e] MythMusic: Add the nodetype statetype to the default 4:3
  playlist tree
* [7d42720] Revert "Revert to using Any address."
* [bbfda96] Fix sub-folder node not displaying artwork of the first
  child in the tree view. This was working in all the other views but
  not in the tree view.
* [23f3e6f] Revert to using Any address.
* [177fdbb] Use MythDownloadManger for downloading icons in
  mythfilldatabase. HttpComms doesn't support SSL.
* [1558b6e] Prompt on exit if configuration is ambiguous.
* [e022c2c] Remove limit from 1256 DB update.
* [3474fc2] Add explicit warning for removed -l and --logfile command
  line options.
* [5ddc5aa] Prevent segfaults in mythuicheckbox if the theme xml is
  missing required components.
* [e78a9ff] Add missing JOB_REBUILD flag for queuing seektable
* [7a5db2b] Prevent segfault in mythuibuttontree with malformed theme
* [fa6fb44] Add NULL initializer to m_udpSend in ServerPool class.
* [48ba349] Fix new piano visualiser.
* [b522d60] Fix missing headers when compiling under mac 10.5
* [d65a742] Fix compilation when using 10.5 SDK.
* [814e880] MythUI: Optimize MythUIText::DrawSelf to quit if there is
  nothing to draw.
* [c24c55a] Terra: Fix the defined area of the filebrowser and large
  menu popup so that mouse click don't go to the window behind the
  popup. Should also prevent redraw issues, especially with the QT
* [498f9f6] MythMusic: Add a nodetype statetype to the playlist tree
* [1ceab85] Add link to disable xslt translation of xsd in browsers
  (also cleaned up display of array types).
* [293175a] Use a dedicated, unbound QUdpSocket for writeDatagram in
* [63555a6] Add 'removed' options to assorted applications.
* [ddb9514] Fix getSetting method in javascript.
* [07abfa6] Add mechanism for marking command line options as removed.
  ABI bump.
* [2be3dd9] Fixes #10414. Ensure sufficient buffering and sleep longer
  when there is no data.
* [d8053e4] Refs #10414. Fix HDHomeRun makefile so it can compile
  firmware update tool.
* [a8131eb] MythMusic: Remove some code left over from the old UI.
  Fixes #10415.
* [e9e021a] MythNews: Fix some text that was causing
  GetImageFromTextLayout() to complain
* [b65c43f] Allow rating changes even if no rating statetype is
  defined in the body of the screen. The logic of not changing the
  rating if the user cannot see the changes made is sound, however
  making it so that we check if the buttonlist is displaying the
  rating is not trivial and cannot be done in a feature freeze. It's
  better than that THMBUP/THMBDOWN work than having them silently
* [1d8fcde] Fix OS X default for ejectOpticalDisc(), improve verbose
  output. Refs #10370
* [67c86db] Verbose output - shorten a line to prevent wrap in 80col.
* [fef4aa4] setSpeed() - eliminate spurious -v media log line if Media
  Monitor disabled.
* [ede2706] OS X setSpeed() - use correct drive path. Refs #10370
* [fd1800a] Remove --logfile and -l parameters
* [a9bf1d3] Rename vdpaubuffersize option to vdpaubuffercount.
* [9e62067] Fixes #7923. Listen for CAT changes.
* [f00264f] Change the idletimer from single shot so that we don't get
  stuck in standby mode under certain conditions.
* [7433393] When the idle timer fires display the standby screen.
* [d8f180f] Add a jumppoint to enter standby mode manually.
* [a4ca569] Add a setting to configure how long the frontend remains
  idle before we enter standby mode. Defaults to 90 minutes. A value
  of zero will disable the timer. Video playback suspends the timer,
  but currently listening to music does not.
* [d2edb8b] Add gitignore for smolt files.
* [3a51b83] Fixes #10400. Avoid getting stuck on mux in EPG channel
* [031d488] Fixes #10416. Really pause decoder thread when we are
  changing the decoder for JumpToProgram.
* [f1937ea] 'Default Playlist' sounds better than 'Unnamed Playlist'
* [1d9ebef] Use QLocale::toString() to format some numerical strings
* [069c177] Remove dead code from musiccommon
* [c6c32d1] Use the host name from the request instead of localhost.
* [31a6a77] Set default playlist name to 'Unnamed Playlist' since
  users will see it.
* [b907e36] Fix playlist mapped text not being available to use in the
* [3e0d4c6] Include the playlist name in the mapped text.
* [bf67594] Fix images in buttonlists not being Reset() when passed an
  empty filename string.
* [c5e5236] Don't hardcode the image shown when no albumart is
  available. This allows the themer to not show any image instead or
  to show their own image with a different path.
* [3430222] Fix a crash when executing a jump point during a playlist.
* [cf9ee65] Fix showing warnings on invalid schema versions
* [3758090] Mute address selection warning if using defaults.
* [79603b1] Add '!' missed during move in f5aa5e835b74.

149. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-03-05

* Drop mythtv-themes metapackage and childish theme. Should be installed
  exclusively through theme chooser now.
* Update Mythbuntu theme git links to still create that theme package.
* Update configure without install patch.
* Tweak default max_connections for mysql to be 100 per requests from
  mythtv mailing lists.
* Update to a checkout post mythtv 0.25 beta release.
* New upstream checkout (6519666)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (532cee8):
* [6519666] Use deleteLater() when deleting server sockets in
* [b08b41b] Silence unused variable warning
* [5112e25] Silence unused variable warning
* [40c69e1] AvFormatDecoder: add FORCE_DTS_TIMESTAMPS environment
* [dbb5ffb] Merge branches 'master' and 'master' of
* [57687c8] Subtitles: Initialize the SRT error count to avoid bogus
* [6c3a799] Increase kMaxUIWaitTime to 10 seconds. The theory is that
  this timeout was to prevent a very delayed response to an
  availability check causing playlists to resume playing long after
  the user had moved on. The present timeout was very short though and
  didn't account for delays caused by disks needing to be spun up or
  just the latency of checking multiple storage groups for a file.
  Almost certainly fixes #8316
* [dd9a92a] Subtitles: Fix a null pointer dereference when splitting
  long lines.
* [5f98ce1] Fixes #10367. Adds new Motorolla DCX-3200 vendor and
  device id.
* [7347bf5] Fix for WSDL generation.
* [a454b79] Allow the processing of uncompressed data from Schedules
* [f19c9c2] Minor changes to allow compilation using VS2010
* [0607b58] Fix build after [6a200130eff4]
* [6a20013] Handle more ISO-639 codes
* [d1a6cc8] Fix universal package build with new osx-builder
* [20f2c45] Fix UPnP for Sony BluRay players
* [638192e] mythtranscode: --fifoinfo reports aspect ratio of first
  uncut frame
* [18fdd67] Look in more than one location for libdvdcss on mac.
* [871a1cd] Giving up on Qt, doing it with an external command.
* [4392c16] Delay first call to QTextCodec until after main
  QApplication has been created
* [da7626e] Do not disable mythmusic dependencies when using --
* [ca996e0] Updated Norwegian Bokmal MythFrontend and all plugins
  translation from Rune Evjen.
* [18ab21a] Rearrange code in AddRangeList to defeat compile warnings
* [2422b6f] Miscellaneous string fixes
* [5e898a1] Fix HLS AddVideoLiveStream with files in subdirectories.
* [f834940] MythArchive: Remove the Cancel options from the menus
* [366d96d] Correct issue passing python library name for dependency
* [c09418f] MythBrowser: Remove the Cancel options from the menus
* [002d7c5] MythMusic: Remove the Cancel options from the menus
* [bb3d1a8] MythMusic: Add some context menus on the playlist editor
* [bf4ff78] Per 2075458f5 Remove deprecated attribute from
  dispatchNow(), we know it's deprecated but it's not going away any
  time soon
* [12bbcf0] Fix a warning about an unused variable in httpconfig.cpp
* [43dcfce] Fix a warning about an unused variable in videolist.cpp
* [4edcda6] Move the Recording Profiles editor into mythtv-setup where
  it belongs. This constantly gets overlooked because it's not in the
  right place, especially by users who chose to use a third party
* [d7c8dfb] Better default device (when MediaMonitor disabled) on OS
  X. Refs #10370
* [7b526c4] Rework AudioReencodeBuffer further to fix HLS audio
* [a130e74] Bump ABI version.
* [5e976b4] Rename util.h into mythmiscutil.h
* [efe385c] Fix dcraw detection on FreeBSD (old sh, not bash)
* [f5aa5e8] Use QNetworkAddressEntry to get proper broadcast address
  for udplistener
* [b6f9e1d] Revert "Rename util.h into mythutil.h"
* [84275f1] Revert "util.h rename itself didn't get committed"
* [8ef8c0b] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [0fe6e14] Totally rework the AudioReencodeBuffer part in transcode
* [fb8004a] util.h rename itself didn't get committed
* [ef771da] Rename util.h into mythutil.h
* [ba9b5d3] Rewrite configure for mythplugins
* [a5557a3] Fix MythZoneMinder on mac; the proper way..
* [30ed8f0] DeleteMap tracker: Fix an error in 94d27c67f.
* [6ae9f66] Rewrite configure for mythplugins
* [0fc9853] Fix MythZoneMinder on mac; the proper way..
* [79f5133] Updated US English MythFrontend and all plugins
  translation from the US English Language Translation Team.
* [6952dc4] Miscellaneous typo and case fixes.
* [b85f5bb] MythArchive: various minor mythburn.py script improvements
* [7e9cd56] Missed a change from cda7871f - I forgot to make install
  when testing and missed the breakage.
* [9d83307] Remove an errant <value> tag from the mythgallery default
  theme. This was causing some confusion for translators.
* [cda7871] Fix the channel icon not loading in the OSD on remote
  frontends by switching to using the channel icon storage group. This
  bug has been around for years so it's nice to finally have a fix.
* [e0e321f] Additional case and spacing fixes.
* [47c7c48] Add a few missing spaces...
* [736524b] Various case and punctuation fixes.
* [eba28f4] MythMusic: Only abort ripping upon confirmation
* [81acf24] Tweak the space available for the channel number so that
  it remains hidden behind the poster.
* [fbba2ae] Show coverart in the Terra OSD, falling back to channel
  icon if the artwork isn't available and channel number if the
  channel icon isn't available.
* [ff4d601] DVD navigation: Reenable skipping past the last chapter of
  a title, and skipping previous to the first chapter of a title. The
  limitation may have been left over from an older version of
* [8ea557a] Fix 'depends'. I'm surprised I didn't notice this earlier,
  perhaps because I was using <group> a lot I missed that depends
  behaviour didn't work for immediate children of <window>.
* [eb87f9e] Fix 'depends' for inherited and copied screens.
* [38221b8] Only show poster in the default-wide OSD when we're not
  displaying the channum/icon/callsign. Also center the poster better
  in the available space.
* [69cae58] Merge commit 'e965387441ff189bb2c096f8ed5bdbf2b2a473e6'
* [e965387] Add setup script and readme
* [905e8e5] Split 'mythtv/bindings/python/MythTV/tmdb3/' into commit
* [565041d] Enable search paging for TMDB v3 API.
* [367b05d] Enable search paging for TMDB v3 API.
* [6113151] Add proper language support to TMDB v3 API.
* [6410395] Add proper language support to TMDB v3 API.
* [c65d8eb] Remove TMDB API key from request.py
* [6c4c60a] Remove TMDB API key from request.py
* [b38f901] Fix some null strings in SQL inserts on NOT NULL columns.
* [55fd3bf] MythUI: Make ascent/descent/bearing adjustment a little
  easier to follow, by using moveTop/moveLeft instead of setX/setY
* [d16575c] MythUI: fix a typo in MythUIText::DrawSelf that could
  result in an incorrect canvas size.
* [64383c5] Fix a compiler warning.
* [ecea05d] Added ENO to an error log in avformatdecoder
* [03e2387] Services API: Fix cut and paste error.
* [99abdfe] Update xml schema declaration for 0.25
* [6e2f231] Fix typo
* [05e5cf7] Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend, MythArchive,
  MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision,
  MythNews, MythWeather transation from the Spanish Language
  Translation Team
* [2f895cb] Fix mythzoneminder on mac part #3
* [e34c8d7] Fix universal architecture compilation of myth on mac.
* [a513779] Fix MythZoneMinder part #2
* [700a58d] Remove stray include, same as <Qt>
* [d84d5c9] Add basic dead key support to mythuitextedit. Implemented
  from scratch because I couldn't see a way of getting QT to handle
* [c3544ed] Fix mac compilation
* [6bfda0c] Fix mythoneminder compilation when using mysql universal
* [21ad34b] Add --firewire-sdk configuration switch to configure
* [3196c2c] Fix FireWire compilation on mac when compiling in 64 bits
* [5dccbd5] Fix mac compilation when Qt Frameworks are in use.
* [20d6852] Fix libcec configure to work with v1.5
* [f16048b] Finish the db upgrade to 1299 (perl bindings)
* [d486b8a] Make artwork edit UI elements optional on video metadata
  edit screen.
* [38dfa89] Updated British English MythFrontend, MythArchive,
  MythGame and MythMusic translation from Nick Morrott
* [7e4740e] Refs #8941. Make sure we set the channum when switching to
  a new card with either a specific chanid or inputid.
* [05bc5e1] plugins configure: Remove some debugging left by mistake
* [ff593fa] Clean up the mappings for network control jump points.
* [146ee76] Fixes #8744. Fixes crash in DVB-x channel scanning.
* [6f24f3b] Subtitles: Rename the OSDSubFont setting to
* [6202c0d] Revert "Subtitles: Remove the OSDSubFont setting."
* [4a2420e] MythZoneMinder: Add support for the deep filesystem
  hierarchy for events.
* [a6b1e3a] Program editor: don't seek too far when stepping to the
  next keyframe.
* [97da8c8] Fix a doxygen comment
* [144c8bb] MythMusic: Do a full reload of the tracks and playlists
  after doing a scan
* [f78f999] Change delete behaviour so that we always use the deleted
  recording group allowing all recordings to be undeleted. By default
  we will only keep recordings for a minimum of 5 minutes (max ~20m)
  after their deletion, enough time to recover from a mistake but
  still free up space quickly. As before the user can specify to keep
  deleted recordings for a fixed number of days or until the space is
  needed for a new recording instead. Post 0.25 this change will allow
  us to strip out the old deletion code and simplify configuration
  process, the functional change is being made now to fix a couple of
  bugs caused by external processes such as MythPreviewGen blocking
  deletes from the UI. Fixes #9536
* [cfd3fc0] MythMusic: Fix the sending of the MUSIC_SETTINGS_CHANGED
* [5932419] Merge branch 'compartist'
* [5206271] Subtitles: Apply OSDCC708TextZoom to CEA-608 captions as
* [99512fb] Refs #10386. Don't sent EXIT_TO_MAIN event to Live TV
  jump point.
* [dfd909f] Fix crash on mac when no audio device exists.
* [bd68156] MythMusic: Fix the BLANKSCR keybinding not working
* [9016890] MythMusic: Check for some additional cdio headers
* [3570a99] MythMusic: Fix a memory leak in the playlist editor
* [7e6f5fa] Fixes #10386. Segfault fix. Check for null.
* [510da69] As noted in SHA1:9551bce2, MainServer doesn't know the
  actual recording status because it defaults to rsRecorded when the
  recordinginfo is initialized from the recorded table. MainServer
  doesn't account for this and tries to make any needed state change
  which always ends up staying rsRecorded. MainServer then passes
  this bad status to the scheduler. If the recording had already
  failed, the rsFailed status gets overwritten.
* [3740d7d] Spelling consistency fixes
* [47d7c77] Fixes #9233. Refs #7408. Re-enables WindowResized().
* [a5447f1] MythMusic: Add a Compilations branch to the playlist
* [1824969] Fixes #10153. Guess at DVB-S vs DVB-S2 when not explicitly
* [21784ce] Fixes #10377. Prevent getting "stuck on a mux".
* [593d24b] Refs #10377. Some logging fixes. (VB_PLAYBACK-
* [14ec737] Change the rsTuning UI state equivalent from 'tuning' to
  'running'. The UI states for the 'status' statetype are limited to 5
  generic values (normal, running, warning, error, disabled) to allow
  some portability to scenarios other than recording. (This was
  supposed to save themers some time and effort although it also binds
  their hands and doesn't allow as much creativity with how various
  recording states are represented. For this reason it may be re-
  visited post-0.25)
* [4d68d5e] Updated Russian MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews, MythWeather and
* [34c8767] Subtitles: fix an incorrect CEA-708 font mapping.
* [b967448] Fix the faulty exit code 139 issue in Ubuntu systems
* [723d798] Subtitles: improve vertical alignment for CEA-608
* [1af1aec] Fixes display of position in the Program Lister.
  MythUIButtonList is zero indexed, to get a position for display we
  must add one.
* [967208b] Fix the last, hopefully, remaining places where
  livetvorder isn't honored.
* [0a301c0] Fix the scheduler to not write incorrect oldrecorded
* [5d5aef3] Subtitles: improve the layout.
* [878d5eb] String consistency updated
* [456bb42] Updated Estonian MythFrontend and all plugins translation
  from Marko Punnar
* [e719d54] Replace tabs with spaces in Terra's schedule filter editor
  window xml
* [a3d9891] Use proper capitalization for some common words and
* [5b19c4d] Populate the infomap from both RecordingRule and
  RecordingInfo if available. This fixes recording rule specific
  information not being available in the sub screens of the schedule
* [f77d001] Fix minor problems editing in-progress recordings.
* [006ded1] Fix recording status strings being set to 'Not scheduled'
  when the reason for that is they were in the past and should have
  been marked as Recorded/Aborted/Failed/Cancelled/etc instead
* [6bedf81] Correct handling of unrelated argument after arg-less
* [7adbd54] Delay String processing until after QApplication has been
* [f613a43] Fix LiveTV switching by videosource to honor livetvorder.
* [9b5b7b5] Exit cutlist edit mode cleanly when executing a jump
* [c2a0b85] Updated British English translation MythFrontend
  translation from Nick Morrott.
* [307dac8] Make jump points work during playback when the OSD is
* [d59f4f4] Change dynamic cast to static. This is troubling because
  we rely on dynamic casts in so many places but for at least one
  person this cast was failing and causing popup menus in MythMusic to
  no longer have any effect. Maybe a buggy version of gcc?
* [3de87c3] Subtitles: Fix a logic error.
* [23d5167] Make host checks in Video Library scanner case
* [5d7c01d] Cutlist editor: Update the edit bar for in-progress
* [1ce3d21] Cutlist editor: Adjust "Cut to End" behavior for an in-
  progress recording.
* [4a8546d] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [1d6485d] MythArchive consistency fixes.
* [89c34ef] Fix seeking backwards into a cut region.
* [6c3b564] Updated British English translation MythFrontend
  translation from Nick Morrott.
* [5501fff] Fix long-standing bug that always cleared
  record.next_record instead of updating it.
* [0c5de8e] Add missing menu closed event when closing the menu via
  the mouse. Fixes the menu dialog not working in some screens after
  being dismissed using a right click.
* [93c228d] Prevent crash when invoking the menu dialog via the right
  mouse button in Watch Recordings. ShowMenu() is a virtual method in
  MythScreenType, it's intended purpose is to load/display the context
  menu but here it is displaying a menu loaded elsewhere with no
  guards against duplicate popups being created. Move the menu display
  code to DisplayPopupMenu(), restore ShowMenu() to behave the same as
  the MENU key binding and re-instate the guards against multiple menu
  dialogs being created. Also fixes #10248 - 'Cannot delete recording
  if file is missing'
* [b755eca] Attempt to prevent a QString segfault if MythMenu changes
  while a dialog is open.
* [f3efafe] Fix segfault in MythUIButtonTree when list is empty and we
  attempt to navigate it. Refs #9101
* [b3e44a2] Rule type was missed from the RecordingRule text map.
  Added so that it appears twice in the map, once under the correct
  title of ruletype but also as rectype to be consistent with the
  ProgramInfo map until after 0.25 when we can rename that instance.
* [2075458] Remove deprecated attribute from dispatchNow(), we know
  it's deprecated but it's not going anywhere soon.
* [82fc1af] Add Collection support to developmental tmdb3 grabber.
* [0f0b0a7] Better backend metaclass, and people search support.
* [c47940a] Clean up and document background machinery
* [850fbc2] Replacement PagedList to temporarily work around bug in
  search API
* [d13addf] Add caching to tmdbv3 requests.
* [fe97f23] In progress TMDB v3 grabber script.

148. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-02-23

* Reset permissions on all logs in /var/log/mythtv to ensure
  rsyslog is able to append to them.
* Fix mythtv-setup logging to be local7 not local 7.
* debian/control.in:
  - B-d on libio-socket-inet6-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl to fix libmyth
    perl missing files.
  - B-d on libxml2-dev to fix libxml2 support.
  - B-d on libass-dev to fix libass subtitle support.
  - B-d on libxvidcore-dev to fix external xvid codec support.
* New upstream checkout (532cee8)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (769dfae):
* [532cee8] Fix mouse support with groups. The code made bad
  assumptions but just happened to work in the past because focusable
  widgets were always no more than one level down.
* [8cbd24a] Silence gcc warning about an unused variable in
* [5f5e015] Fix bug caught by Daniel, variable 'selected' was set but
  never used.
* [25fe663] Subtitles: Remove the OSDSubFont setting.
* [1f464e9] Ensure we use the right OpenGL libs.
* [e2f74e9] Refs #9277. Adds some closed caption and subtitle caption
  track debugging.
* [194ad69] Refs #6948. Refs #8211. Fixes channel list bug introduced
  in d14b660c.
* [003f2a5] Updated British English MythArchive, MythGallery,,
  MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythWeather and MythZoneMinder
  translation from Nick Morrott.
* [ea22304] Allow relative path when using dvd: or bd: URIs
* [93d3631] Fix bluray playback if mounting path is a symbolic link
* [2fa00e7] Fix bluray playback when path to bluray mountpoint
  contains a trailing /
* [765b8e4] Bump the binary verison for SHA1:e860c3f7
* [e860c3f] Fix a couple of virtual tuner card creation issues.
* [b304daf] Add some locking around cache access in
  MythDownloadManager. Refs #10337
* [f6ca545] Guard against null/invalid pointers to the network cache
  in getHeader(). Refs #10337
* [3e7f41e] GuideGrid was missing statetype corresponding to existing
  text state. Fixes #4504
* [c5b6e92] Do not attempt to play audio with more than 8 channels if
  not supported natively.
* [efcfee3] Subtitles: Fix layout to stay within the safe area.
* [f8cb0f7] Another attempt at regression fix in metadata lookup.
* [fc9f1cc] Revert "Fix recent regression with metadata lookup."
* [ebebfd2] Fix recent regression with metadata lookup.
* [4cdbbc8] Updated German MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythNews,
  MythWeather, MythZoneminder translation.
* [860b32b] Complete DB fix from 4f549f7b7d.
* [feb3a94] Fix typo in 3d01ccf3cf936ed1228725a2fa92c11bf5f6191b
* [00f9a5f] Fix the MythDownloadManager User-Agent
* [3d01ccf] Fix iterator for bindvalue of cardinput update.
* [c3b546e] Fix some uint vs int issues in MHEG handling
* [6f07d1f] HTML Setup: Actually install the 3rdParty dir.
* [4f549f7] Slightly tweak the videocollection DB schema.
* [2175b3a] Use GetVideoDispDim rather than GetVideoDim in OSX
* [0e98fa2] Make the MythDownloadManager use the defined http proxy
* [ef62f60] Fix minor typo
* [1ed8ec2] MythUI: Fix scrolling with the mouse in MythUIWebBrowser
* [d07bf50] Fix the AVC HD icon in PBB. I think this was disabled at
  the beginning because some themers wanted to prefer the states
  showing HD resolution 1080/720 over the state which just indicates
  codec and definition. However the code is written such that leaving
  the state out of the theme means that we fall back to the next
  matching state, so themers shouldn't see any difference if they
  don't define the avchd state.
* [2c712c8] Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
  MythGallery, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythNews and MythWeather
  translation from Yianni Vidalis
* [cd681be] mythccextractor: Recalculate each frame's duration.
* [d95479d] MythUI: Fix itemVisible issue introduced in 9b7eae2f
* [a072643] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [28fda64] Fix PPC build
* [37076dc] Remove include which was randomly added by Kdevelop
* [61fe17c] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [4d3accc] Always display StereoPCM option when digital audio is
* [4d7c6d9] Fix visibility of digital options in the audio setup
* [30c0773] Add hdmi audio device type detection
* [d4dbd11] Fix prefix ++ for non-primitives (cppcheck)
* [8b509a0] Correct handling of IP addresses in Python bindings.
* [6045fa4] Fix copying of recording rule inetref to recordings.
* [7ad49a2] Better handling of exiting playback of a program in use
* [0cd4ef2] Metadata Classes: Support lookup of series level artwork.
* [34e75b7] Add Collection support to developmental tmdb3 grabber.
* [459adc2] Add build dependency to audio headers
* [0c57031] Fix depends behaviour with button list. Also restrict
  depends scope to siblings and exclude standalone widgets in base
  files from the depends map.
* [9551bce] Fix recording deletion to always stop recording too.
* [ca69104] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/MythTV/mythtv
* [4dcf12d] Added a -C (collection) option
* [c5a8933] MythMusic string consistency fixes.
* [4107b3f] Minor strings consistency fixes in MythWeather.
* [08cdb3a] MythGame strings consistency fixes.
* [a186aa0] Fix a small typo in MythGallery.
* [8db7c05] Leave the start/endyear strings empty if the year matches
  the current. A temporary workaround which provides the behaviour
  people want without risking breakage of existing themes, of course
  it won't fix existing themes either. It only works for ProgramInfo
  templated dates so won't be consistent across the UI. It also
  doesn't work for users with years in the long-date formats, since
  the year will be shown twice.
* [148314b] Subtitles: Try to ensure CEA-708 subtitles stay within the
  safe area.
* [e44d341] I either misunderstood Daniel or he changed his mind.
* [fe42d2d] Add year to all 'long' form date strings from PI. After
  discussing it with Daniel in IRC it was decided not to wait until
  0.26 to fix this properly. As implemented the year will only be
  added to the strings if the date falls outside the current year.
* [0a57c46] Allow backend video scan to scan for content on slave
* [8d2c41e] Disable HTML Setup pages and /Config/Save URL
* [982469f] Fix jwplayer.qsp spacing issues and add HLS test .qsp
* [c512578] Don't use OpenGL ES if Qt doesn't suport it.
* [9b6ef6f] A couple JW Player related mythbackend webserver fixes.
* [9c05ccd] JumpPoints: Reset the menu selection for the Main Menu
  jump point.
* [f4a1079] Fix default Network Control port in mythfrontend.
* [1a7c801] Metadata Classes: Parse various additional strings from
* [52df594] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/MythTV/mythtv
* [0030709] MythUI: Simplify bounds protection in MythUIText::Layout
* [d6b0ef8] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [96c1310] Update the themestrings for 0.25.
* [9d481e7] Add the upcoming theme "Steppes" to the themestrings
  run.sh script.
* [2038ba4] Add musicsettings-ui.xml as a new optional MythUI theme
  file in the themestrings run.sh script.
* [7f80b9c] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/MythTV/mythtv
* [830cfe2] Revert d028e4856, split hostname lock into two mutexes.
* [58164ee] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/MythTV/mythtv
* [d028e48] Remove access lock to m_localHostname and see what
* [a29bbc0] Remove assert()s from cc708 decoder.
* [b67b116] Don't extract translatable strings from the Metallurgy
* [cfdab0b] Increase the page multiples for season spinboxes to 5 and
  episode spinboxes to 10 to make paging through to large values a
  little more bearable.
* [37157bf] Add new 'startyear' and 'endyear' strings to the available
  recording metadata.
* [4588c0e] Fix reccount value for the Default group
* [d71adef] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/MythTV/mythtv
* [f7b7f61] Subtitles: Improve the vertical layout of CEA-708
* [a25b8df] Guard against out-of-bounds asserts in
* [1203e7c] Squelch warning in Python bindings.
* [bb154a8] Minor Smolt fixes.
* [8f9a9b1] More elegantly redirect stdout/stderr rather than just
* [a0c9d00] Move fix from 7866a616c into MythCoreContext.
* [7866a61] Correct ProcessRequestQueue leak in VideoScan::SetDirs.
* [1a2c872] Add missing 'else' in 'if..else if..else' block.
* [3135176] Commflag: Avoid adding an artificial non-break region at
  the end.
* [5af1950] Add functions to save and query total frames.
* [c2cfcb1] Fix minor inconsistencies and misfeatures in deleting
* [69a3718] MythUI: Handle characters in fonts which exceed the
  "width" and "height" of the font.
* [1fc5ed1] Reformat the README slightly
* [9815e65] Add some details to the README file
* [ae4983f] Add schema check to mythmediaserver.
* [5d3fa0a] Disable IPv6 configuration if no addresses present.
* [1ffb7c7] A bit of log cleanup for IPv6/ServerPool.
* [a5d8b62] Don't segfault if no textarea was defined
* [59affb4] Don't segfault if no cursor image was defined
* [d7f40eb] Fix typo in doxygen comment
* [a597464] Fix position/duration display when recordings finish while
* [18f09a3] Don't repeatedly query the DeleteMap tracker while paused.
* [ccee693] Allow OSDSubFont changes to take effect without restarting
* [b283aa9] Correct placement of MediaRenderer placement in
* [ed946ab] Fix libmyth makefile.
* [db12303] Fix editing inetref/season/episode from the PBB.

147. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-02-16

* mythtv-common breaks/replaces on mythvideo.
* Fix rsyslog logging permissions.
* Fix log rotation to reload rsyslog for all new logs when necessary.
* Create rsyslog directory only in mythtv-common package.
* Install rsyslog conf from mythtv-common package not backend package.
* Drop special mythtv-frontend and mythwelcome logging functionality
  in favor of local7 rsyslog support.
* Log mythtv-setup using local7 too.
* Don't include cache and tv_icons directories for mythweb. They'll be
  symlinked to /var/cache for postinst.
* debian/rules:
  - Remove references to themes that are no longer shipped.
* New upstream checkout (769dfae)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (f853a5b):
* [769dfae] Close unused stdout/stderr on child processes
* [774ceca] Fix looking metadata lookup with bad guide data.
* [2a74313] Add a long-form description string for recording status to
  the ProgramInfo map. This meant a minor modification to
  toDescription() so that we returned something sensible for
  programmes which weren't scheduled to record.
* [0ac5565] Expose recording rule last/next recorded and deleted dates
  in the UI.
* [75b8683] Expose category type as a statetype in PBB. Valid states
  are movie, series, tvshow and sports (not especially useful in it's
  current form)
* [2cb7fc6] Expose the media type as a statetype to the OSD, states
  are recording, video, dvd, bluraydisc, httpstream and rtspstream
* [c60f331] Do not copy inetrefs from rule -> recording when the rule
  is a search.
* [ef3fc49] Comply with coding conventions by using NULL instead of 0.
* [f471817] Fix metadata lookups for generic episodes, with thanks to
  dekarl on IRC for reporting and testing the fix
* [e354a6d] Silence cppcheck warnings in subtitlescreen.h.
* [94d27c6] Fix the DeleteMap tracker for in-progress recordings.
* [c5c73bf] Fix perl bindings to accomodate IPv6
* [97a9a17] Remove debugging abort. Sorry
* [7c1b737] Fix GetBackendServerIP
* [567278c] Correct automatic selection of address in

146. By Mario Limonciello on 2012-02-14

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Fix armhf FTBFS.
* Conflicts/Replaces on libmyth-0.24-0 for now until a better place for
  some of the common libraries is found.
* New upstream checkout (f853a5b)
* >>Upstream changes since last upload (ab4a02f):
* [f853a5b] Fix mingw build.
* [494bc90] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
* [bcc9e8c] Minor compatibility changes for VS2010.
* [b758ea8] Alter the watched flag fix slightly to take into account
  the need to ignore post-roll for recordings, something I forgot
* [1f6d42e] Convert some case insensitive QString checks to use
* [f53a00f] Fix videos not being marked as watched. We had some code
  to handle in-progress recordings where we didn't have the total
  number of frames, this used the start/end time of the recording
  which can't be trusted for video because they are based on the
  length from downloaded metadata e.g. An episode of Frasier might
  only be 22 minutes long without adverts but according to the
  metadata it's 30 minutes. We now trust the totalFrames to be
  accurate for anything which isn't an in-progress recording.
* [ac9ddbe] Revise database schema 1296
* [584647e] Fix ToggleUpmix return value.
* [c85b33c] Fix CanUpmix()
* [0ef4b58] Size in resampling output buffer is in frames, not samples
* [fe27dfe] Fix another case sensitive title check.
* [dcfe7b0] Make more title and callsign comparisons case insensitive.

[ Karl Dietz ]
* Let the configuration refer to the correct location for mythweb.

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