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40. By Steve Beattie on 2014-03-12

* SECURITY UPDATE: buffer overflow in header processing after
  address expansion.
  - debian/patches/ubuntu/mutt-CVE-2014-0467.patch
  - CVE-2014-0467

39. By Antonio Radici on 2012-06-22

* debian/rules: enabled hardened flags; patch by <email address hidden>
  (Closes: 654148).
* debian/mutt.lintian-overrides: adding an override for the statically linked

38. By Colin Watson on 2012-05-06

Rebuild for libtokyocabinet9.

37. By Colin Watson on 2012-01-10

Revert to gnutls26. It looks as though we'll be sticking with that for

36. By Colin Watson on 2012-01-09

Switch to gnutls28.

35. By Antonio Radici on 2011-05-05

* debian/control: Standards-Version moved from to 3.9.2 for
  cosmetic reasons
* debian/patches/mutt-patched:
  + sidebar: patch replaced with the one written by Stuart Henderson
    (Closes: 619822)
  + sidebar: don't overwrite the status if status_on_top is enabled
    (Closes: 494735)
  + sidebar-sorted: use strcoll() to sort the sidebar using the locale
    settings of the system, patch by Arnaud Riess (Closes: 589240)
  + multiple-fccs: added a patch that allows multiple FCC separated by commas,
    written by Omen Wild (Closes: 586454)
  + sidebar-utf8: rewrites make_sidebar_entry() to allow correct padding of
    utf-8 strings and also prevents segfaults due to overflows
    (Closes: 584581, 603287)
* debian/patches/debian-specific:
  + Muttrc: remove a hook for application/octet-stream, already upstream
    (Closes: 611405)
* debian/patches/upstream:
  + 611412-bts-regexp.patch: fixes a regexp for BTS in the mutt manual
    (Closes: 611412)
  + 624058-gnutls-deprecated.patch: deprecate gnutls_protocol_set_priority()
    (Closes: 624058)
  + 624085-gnutls-deprecated-verify-peers.patch: deprecate
    gnutls_certificate_verify_peers() (Closes: 624085)
  + 584138-mx_update_context-segfault.patch: fix a segfault due to holes in
    IMAP headers, 537694-segv-imap-headers.patch is removed as part of this
    fix (Closes: 584138)
  + 619216-gnutls-CN-validation.patch: fix the validation of the
    commonname in the gnutls code (Closes: 619216)
  + 611410-no-implicit_autoview-for-text-html.patch: blacklist
    text/html from implicit_autoview, patch by Loïc Minier
    (Closes: 611410, 620945)
* debian/patches/compressed-folders: remove partially uncompressed folder if
    the open fails (Closes: 578098)
* debian/extra/samples/sidebar.muttrc: documented the options that
  the sidebar-{sorted,dotted} patches are introducing; documentation
  submitted by Julien Valroff (Closes: 603186)
* added mutt.desktop and to debian/extra and installed through mutt.install,
  it contains a MimeType handler for mailto (Closes: 613781)

34. By Loïc Minier on 2011-01-29

Update ubuntu/lp-693244-autoview to blacklist text/html and move patch to
above mutt.org in the series.

33. By Loïc Minier on 2011-01-29

New patch, ubuntu/lp-693244-autoview, revert changeset 5248:4b5326d8d2ee
to fix implicit_autoview; LP: #693244.

32. By أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) on 2011-01-05

* Merge with Debian experimental (LP: #697529), remaining changes:
  + Drop libtokyocabinet-dev (universe) from Build-Depends, use always
    libgdbm-dev and also use gdbm for the header cache backend. (lp: #607448)

31. By أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) on 2010-12-17

* Merge with Debian experimental (LP: #691512), remaining changes:
  + debian/control, debian/patches/debian-specific/build_doc_adjustments.diff:
    Use w3m (main) instead of elinks (universe) for generating documentation.
  + Drop libtokyocabinet-dev (universe) from Build-Depends, use always
    libgdbm-dev and also use gdbm for the header cache backend. (lp: #607448)

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