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110. By Stéphane Graber

releasing version 0.8.0~rc1-4ubuntu14

109. By Stéphane Graber

Merge apparmor profile changes

108. By Serge Hallyn

* 0086-lxc-unshare-zero-args: fix lxc-unshare segfaulting when no command
  is given (LP: #1011603)
* 0087-lxc-ls-dash: fix lxc-ls for containers whose names start with a
  dash (LP: #1006332)
* 0088-ubuntu-template-flock: don't fail when flock is busy, just wait,
  so concurrent lxc-creates don't break. (LP: #1007483)
* 0089-lxc-netstat-exec: fix lxc-netstat errors (LP: #1011739)

107. By Stéphane Graber

Fix broken logic in lxc-ubuntu template where lxc.devttydir would be
set to 'lxc' only for releases that don't support it. (LP: #1007493)

106. By Serge Hallyn

fix wrong use of syslog attach

105. By Serge Hallyn

fix typo - mkdir under debian/lxc not debian/tmp

104. By Serge Hallyn

add apport hook

103. By Stéphane Graber

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* 0084-lxc-ubuntu-drop-duplicate-code.patch: drop some duplicate code from
  the ubuntu template. (LP: #1004118)
* 0085-pivot-dir: use a directory other than /mnt to put the pivot_root
  old dir into (LP: #986385)

[ Stéphane Graber ]
* Ship /etc/dnsmasq.d/lxc to configure an eventual system wide
  dnsmasq daemon not to listen on the LXC bridge interface. (LP: #928524)
* Drop rm calls from postrm for apparmor rules, these were in the purge
  target so didn't really serve any purpose.

102. By Serge Hallyn

debian/lxc-net.upstart: don't put '()' after call to cleanup.
(LP: #1000174)

101. By Stéphane Graber

* Update lxc-ubuntu:
  - Update list of extra packages for debootstrap to only include vim
    and ssh. The others were only relevant when we were still using the
    minbase variant. (LP: #996839)
  - Drop any hardcoded Ubuntu version check and replace by feature
    checks instead.
  - Format lxc-ubuntu to consistently use 4-spaces indent instead of
    mixed spaces/tabs.
  - Update default /etc/network/interfaces to include the header.
  - Update default /etc/hosts to match that of a regular Ubuntu system.
  - Drop support for end-of-life releases (gutsy on sparc).
  - Make sure /etc/resolv.conf is valid before running any apt command.
  - Update template help message for release and arch parameters.
  - Switch default Ubuntu version from lucid to precise.
* Update lxc-start-ephemeral:
  - Remove lxc-ip and replace it by a call to "ip netns" until we have
    an extended lxc-attach we can use for that.
  - Fix a race in lxc-start-ephemeral where the container isn't yet
    running when trying to get its IPs.
  - Update a few calls so that lxc-start-ephemeral can be called as a
    user (ensure consistent usage of sudo across the script).
* Add new lxc-default-with-nesting apparmor profile, allowing nested

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