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80. By Michael Terry

* debian/patches/01_transition_ubuntu2d_ubuntu_desktop.patch:
  - Fix 2d->3d transition to handle new support for accountsservice
    LP: #1059137

79. By Robert Ancell

* New upstream stable release.
* debian/liblightdm-gobject-1-0.symbols:
  - Updated
* debian/patches/06_add_remote_login_hint.patch:
* debian/patches/07_fix_types_in_vapi.patch:
  - Applied upstream

78. By Jamie Strandboge

* debian/patches/08_lp1059510.patch: allow owner 'rw' access to
  /{,var/}run/user/guest-*/dconf/user. Also allow owner writes to sockets in
  /{,var/}run/user/guest-*/keyring-*/. (LP: #1059510)
* debian/patches/09_lp577919-fix-chromium-launch.patch: allow launch of
  chromium-browser from guest session. (LP: #577919)

77. By Michael Terry

* debian/patches/06_add_remote_login_hint.patch,
  - Add a greeter hint to disable remote login support, and turn it
    on by default.

76. By Michael Terry

* debian/patches/06_disable_remote_login.patch:
  - Drop patch, thereby enabling Remote Login support (LP: #1040221)

75. By Michael Terry

* debian/patches/07_fix_types_in_vapi.patch:
  - Patch from upstream to fix a broken vapi when trying to use
    a couple enums

74. By Robert Ancell

[ Robert Ancell ]
* New upstream release:
  - Add a new remote session type. These sessions create a temporary local
    account and authenticate against a remote server. The session is an
    application that accesses that remote session (e.g. VNC, RDP etc)
  - Support multiple simultaneous PAM prompts (LP: #1043593)
  - Set utmp ut_host field to the X display address (LP: #1027760)
  - Correctly reap unused authentication sessions (LP: #990661)
* debian/liblightdm-gobject-1-0.symbols:
  - Updated

[ Michael Terry ]
* debian/patches/06_disable_remote_login.patch:
  - Always return an error when trying to log in to remote sessions,
    until the FFe is granted (which is bug 1040221)

73. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* debian/patches/05_add_xserver_core_option.patch:
  - Pass '-core' to the X server, which will cause it to dump core when
    crashing. This will trigger apport, so we'll get more reliable crash
    reports from X server crashes.

[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/patches/01_transition_ubuntu2d_ubuntu_desktop.patch:
  - unity-2d is not supported anymore and won't be port to gsettings,
    transition people using the 2d session to the 3d one. llvmpipe
    will be use if no hardware acceleration is available (LP: #1035261)
* debian/patches/01_transition_gnome_ubuntu_desktop.patch:
  - removed, not needed anymore

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Add lightdm-kde-greeter as an alternate recommends for lightdm

72. By Jonathan Riddell

Update guest-account script to not depend on Gnome and to set
various KDE settings LP: #1028552

71. By Robert Ancell

* New upstream release:
  - Handle clearenv() not being defined
  - Fix compilation with GCC 4.7
  - Expose remaining properties in QLightDM::Greeter
  - Fix utmp records being written before child process created

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