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Recent revisions

30. By Jonathan Riddell

* New upstream bugfix release
* Use 4.9.* on library versions

29. By Jonathan Riddell

Rebuild against libattica0.4

28. By Harald Sitter

New upstream release

27. By Jonathan Riddell

* Update kubuntu_langpack_install.diff to use pkg_depends data from
  language-selector to select complete list of needed languages
* kde-runtime depends on language-selector-common

26. By Jonathan Riddell

Build-dep on kdelibs 4.9.0a, adjust .install files to new library
version no

25. By Jonathan Riddell

* Use direct build-depends versions rather than kde-sc-dev-latest
* Build-dep on nepomuk-core-dev (>= 4.9.0a)
* Remove kubuntu_kactivities_cmake.diff now upstream

24. By Ben Collins

No-change rebuild for for powerpc to use latest libnepomuksync4

23. By Jonathan Riddell

* Add kubuntu_langpack_install.diff to install language packs from kcontrol
* Build-dep on libqapt-dev

22. By Felix Geyer

[ Felix Geyer ]
* New upstream beta release.

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Add kubuntu_kactivities_cmake.diff from upstream, fix detection of kactivities

21. By Philip Muškovac

* Merge with debian git, remaining changes:
  - add kde-runtime.[postinst,prerm] for update-alternatives kdesu
  - debian/control:
    + Remove libqzeitgeist-dev build-dep, not in main
    + add udisks, upower, kubuntu-debug-installer, icoutils,
      libcanberra-pulse | libcanberra-gstreamer to kde-runtime recommends
    + keep Break/Replaces
    + add packages:
      - kde-runtime-dev
      - libnepomukdatamanagement4
      - libnepomuksync4
    + helpcenter4 no recommend on htdig
  - debian/patches:
    + remove kde4_information_menu.diff
    + add:
      - kubuntu_nodisplay_knetattach.diff
      - kubuntu_oxygenify_knetattach_icon.diff
      - kubuntu_phonon_forget_option.diff
      - kubuntu_strigi_ram_detection.diff
  - debian/kde-runtime-data.install:
    + change etc/xdg/menus/kde4-information.menu to
    + change usr/share/desktop-directories/kde4-information.directory to
    + Don't install
    + Don't install usr/share/kde4/apps/kio_desktop/directory.trash
    + add D-Bus Interface XMLs for Playground Nepomuk
    + install plasma active QML components
  - debian/kde-runtime.install
    + install usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kdesu to
    + install 30-nepomuk-inotify-limit.conf to /etc/sysctl.d
  - drop libnepomukdatamanagement.so override from
  - add 30-nepomuk-inotify-limit.conf

* New upstream beta release
  - drop libnepomuksync4 package, moved to nepomuk-core
  - drop obsolete libnepomukdatamanagement4 package
  - drop now empty kde-runtime-dev package, all files moved to
  - remove nepomuk files that were moved to nepomuk-core
  - make kde-runtime depend on nepomuk-core
  - drop now obsolete kubuntu_strigi_ram_detection.diff, moved to
  - add nepomuk-core-dev, libkactivities-dev and kdepimlibs5-dev to
  - update kde-runtime.install and kde-runtime-data.install

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