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37. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-10-09

* debian/control: Set strict version requirements between python-django-horizon,
  openstack-dashboard, and openstack-ubuntu-theme. (LP: #1061961)
* debian/theme/css/ubuntu.css: Refreshed against Folsom. (LP: #1064420)
* debian/patches/add_juju_panel.patch: Update and refresh for Folsom
  compatability. (LP: #1064605)
* debian/patches/allow_alternate_css.patch: Remove unapplied, obsolete

36. By Chuck Short on 2012-09-27

New upstream release.

35. By Chuck Short on 2012-09-21

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* Re-enable openstack-dashboard-ubuntu-theme.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release

34. By Chuck Short on 2012-09-12

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/patches/ubuntu_local_settings.patch: Squash all patches that
  touch local_settings.py.example into one.
* Drop node-less dependency (LP: #1024326).
    - debian/static/openstack-dashboard: Pre-compressed and compiled JS, CSS
      and compressor manifest.json.
    - debian/patches/ubuntu_local_settings.patch: Set COMPRESS_OFFLINE=True
      to enable offline compression and pre-compressed static files by

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release

33. By Chuck Short on 2012-09-07

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/patches/fix-coverage-binary-name.patch: Drop, merge into
* debian/patches/set_login_redirects.patch: Configure login URLs in
  local_settings.py according to the default apache configuration
  installed. (LP: #1037349)
* debian/patches/fix-dashboard-manage.patch: Refresh.

[ Soren Hansen ]
* Update debian/watch to account for symbolically named tarballs and
  use newer URL.
* Fix Launchpad URLs in debian/watch.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream version

32. By Colin Watson on 2012-08-22

releasing version 2012.2~f3-0ubuntu2

31. By Colin Watson on 2012-08-22

Depend on python-openstack-auth rather than on the removed

30. By Chuck Short on 2012-08-16

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/fix-ubuntu-tests.patch: Fix test suites again to
  run during the builds.
* debian/watch: Update.
* debian/control: Add python-glanceclient. (LP: #1030911)
* debian/openstack-dashboard.conf: Don't hijack apache's webroot. (LP:
* debian/control: Update horizon deps to reflect reality.

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/control: Bump required python-django version to 1.4.
* wrap-and-sort.
* Fix (LP: #1036571):
    - debian/rules, openstack-dashboard.{links, dirs, postinst}: Add required
      symlinks and directories to allow Horizon to function with the packaged
    - debian/control: Add python-{cinder, swift, quantum}client,
      python-django-openstack-auth, python-netaddr, python-compressor, lessc.
* debian/rules: Improve dh_auto_clean.

29. By Chuck Short on 2012-07-06

New usptream version.

28. By Chuck Short on 2012-06-01

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/add_juju_settings_panel.patch: Refreshed
* debian/patches/turn-off-debug.patch: Refreshed

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