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48. By Anibal Monsalve Salazar on 2012-06-14

* New upstream release
  Key changes include:
    Fix attempt data rescue fail to open read-only view (#673246)
    Fix for FS flags becoming unknown after change label
    Fix for FS size & flags becoming unknown after change UUID
    Ensure Align to MiB does not overlap following partition (#661744)
    Rework align to MiB adjustments to end sector of partition
    Use cached method first to read UUID to shorten scan time
    Fix uninitialised read when pasting into an existing partition
    Ensure space for EBR when resizing Extended partition (#664050)
    Add requested partition details to log when resize/move fails
    Improve reiser4 file system uuid reading method
    Enable new fs resize library available with parted-3.1 (#668281)
    Restore write label capability for linux-swap
    New partition dialog: first filesystem in list is always included
    Fix for implicit assumption that 'FS_UNKNOWN' is last in FILESYSTEMS list
    Fix regression when shrinking, moving and copying swap (#670017)
    Warn when an LVM2 PV is a member of a damaged VG (#160878)
    Display VG export status with an LVM2 PVs busy status (#160787)
    Prevent crash in the LVM2 PV information cache (#160787)
    Display any errors from querying LVM2 PVs to the user (#160787)
    Fix detection of LVM2 PV busy status when exported VGs exist (#160787)
    Don't ignore any errors resizing btrfs on Linux >= 3.2 (#669389)
    Remove temporary file after reading UUID of fat16 and fat32 filesystems
    Restructure and word-smith UUID translatable text
    Implement changing UUID for NTFS (#667278)
    Use custom text functions for mount/unmount and swapon/swapoff texts
    Make FileSystem objects in GParted_Core accessible and usable by others
    Check LVM cache only for LVM physical volumes
    Switch to using lvs to identify active LVM LVs (#160787)
    Show LVM2 PVs as supported, read-only (#160787)
    Display busy status of LVM2 PVs (#160787)
    Display LVM2 VGNAME as the PV's mount point (#160787)
    Lazy initialize the cache from querying LVM2 PVs (#160787)
    Cache results from querying all LVM2 PVs (#160787)
    Allow unused space in a partition to equal its size
    Report space usage of LVM2 PVs (#160787)
    Rename FS_LVM2 -> FS_LVM2_PV (#160787)
    Increase FAT32 minimum size to 33 MiB (#668491)
    Fix detection of multiple SW RAID (md) devices (#668486)
    Enhance documentation for UUIDs and copying partitions (#608308)
    Add support for setting UUID (#667278)
    Fix mismatched field precision type compiler warning
    Reduce graphic processing requirement for pulse bar
    Debian Bug - gparted: 100% cpu usage (Closes: #499193)
    Debian Bug - gparted: Lots of animation makes use over SSH
                          X-tunnel slow (Closes: #519764)
    Update xfs resize and copy to use new helper functions
    Update btrfs resize to use new helper functions
    Update jfs resize to use new helper functions
    Add resize support to nilfs2 (#642842)
    Add helper functions for mounted file system resizing operations
    Add nilfs2 support (#642842)
    * Enable hardened build flags
* Previously applied patch: fix-swap.patch
* DH compatibility level is 9
* Standards version is 3.9.3

47. By Phillip Susi on 2012-02-21

Add fix-swap.patch: fix regression where moving swap partitions
corrupted them by backporting upstream commit
93241cccbf4974a4a0ce4024cf94278f9ba3f386 LP: #935685

46. By Phillip Susi on 2012-01-23

* Merge from 0.8.1-1ubuntu5: Run dh_translations during build,
  if available.
* New upstream release

  GParted 0.11.0 (2011-12-13)

  Key changes include:
  - Display ext2/3/4, ntfs, and btrfs unicode volume labels properly
  - Add labelling of btrfs file systems
  - Enable XFS copy to new smaller partition

  Bug Fixes
  - Display ext2/3/4 unicode volume labels properly (#662537)
  - Display ntfs unicode volume labels properly
    LP: #614994
  - Fix FAT16/32 label displayed as uppercase (#625337)
  - Add labelling of btrfs file systems (#663207)
    Thanks to Mike Fleetwood for small patch
    Requires btrfs-tools package yet-to-be-released (> Oct 25, 2011)
  - Fix btrfs volume label reading (#663590)
    Thanks to Mike Fleetwood for small patch
  - Enable XFS copy to new smaller partition (#663806)
    Thanks to Stephen Kirkby for small reverse umount order patch
  - Use newer btrfs multi-tool control command first (#663884)
    Thanks to Mike Fleetwood for this patch
  - Avoid redundant file system maximize actions (#663980)

45. By Gabor Kelemen on 2012-01-23

Run dh_translations during build, also make it a build dependency.
LP: #913591

44. By Jamie Strandboge on 2011-09-16

Suggests instead of Recommends gpart for now since it is in universe.

43. By Marc Deslauriers on 2011-08-17

* debian/gaprted-pkexec: use /bin/sh, not /bin/bash.
* debian/rules: install gparted-pkexec wrapper to /usr/bin, not
  /usr/sbin as it may not be in the path.
* debian/patches/02_use-pkexec.patch: remove superfluous line break in
  policy files.

42. By Marc Deslauriers on 2011-08-10

* Use pkexec instead of gksu for authentication:
  - debian/patches/01_fix-desktop.patch: switch to pkexec.
  - debian/patches/02_use-pkexec.patch: add policy file and adjust
  - debian/control: remove gksu from recommends.
  - debian/rules, debian/gparted-pkexec: install wrapper to work around
    .desktop files not being able to call pkexec directly.

41. By Michael Vogt on 2011-07-13

* Merge from debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - run configure with --enable-libparted-dmraid
* dropped debian/patches/02_enable-libparted-dmraid-2.patch:
  - part of the 0.8.1 upstream release
* drop dh_autoreconf

40. By Phillip Susi on 2011-02-28

[ Phillip Susi ]
* Add 02_enable-libparted-dmraid-2.patch: cherry pick
  new configure parameter from upstream to disable
  gparted specific dmraid handling and leave it to
  libparted, which handles it correctly now. (LP: #719129)

[ Michael Terry ]
* debian/rules, debian/control:
  - Rather than modifying configure directly, call dh_autoreconf
* debian/patches/02_enable-libparted-dmraid-2.patch:
  - Use DEP3 headers to explain origin of this patch

39. By Anibal Monsalve Salazar on 2010-10-30

New upstream release
Fix gparted crash at start with glibmm-ERROR
Closes: 601818
LP: #609477, #617885
Fix crash moving more than one logical partition right
Closes: 601817
Skip move/copy action because linux swap contains no data
LP: #401228
Fix several memory leaks and valgrind errors
Remove unnecessary null pointer checks
Fix partitions moved or copied are 1 MiB larger
Insert additional translator comments
Add initial support for btrfs

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