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318. By Adam Conrad on 2013-01-27

* Add patch ubuntu/local-disable-nscd-netgroup-caching.diff to
  disable netgroup caching in the default config (LP: #1068889)
* Backport any/cvs-malloc-deadlock.diff from upstream to prevent
  glibc deadlocking in mallock arena retry paths (LP: #1081734)
* Fix futex issue (BZ #13844), backport from 2.16 (LP: #1091186)
* Drop patch any/local-disable-nscd-host-caching.diff, as this
  bug was apparently resolved upstream a while ago (LP: #613662)
* Add patch any/cvs-ld-self-load.diff to restore ld.so's ability
  to load itself, a behaviour accidentally removed (LP: #1088677)
* Drop dangling libnss_db.so symlink in libc6-dev (LP: #1088773)

317. By Adam Conrad on 2012-10-03

* Backport fixes for dbl-64 and ldbl-128 issues (LP: #1000498)
* Backport another FMA support patch from glibc master branch.

316. By Adam Conrad on 2012-08-09

* Backport fix from 2.16 for sscanf/realloc deadlock (LP: #1028038)
* Backport for bogus FPE on underflow for exp(double) (LP: #1007457)

315. By Adam Conrad on 2012-08-09

* Backport fix from 2.16 to fix htons() conversion errors on non-x86
  architectures, by correctly casting to uint16_t (LP: #1016349)
* Restore missing AT_EMPTY_PATH definition in fnctl.h (LP: #1010069)
* Backport FMA4/AVX detection from glibc 2.16 (LP: #956051, #979003)
* Backport fixups to AVX-using code to match the detection backport.

314. By Kees Cook on 2012-06-22

* debian/patches/any/unsubmitted-no-stack-backstrace.patch: disable
  backtraces when triggering __stack_chk_fail.
* debian/patches/series: reorder and rename patches that should be in
  Debian as well as Ubuntu, for easier upstreaming.

313. By Adam Conrad on 2012-06-19

Cherry-pick my patch from Debian (r5185:5191) to make use of
dpkg's DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_ARCH variable, so our maintainer scripts
don't explode with the new dpkg, and guard that same usage with
dpkg --assert-multi-arch, so we don't fail with old dpkg.

312. By Adam Conrad on 2012-05-29

* arm/local-linaro-cortex-strings.diff: instead of sysdeps/arm, apply
  to sysdeps/arm/eabi/armv6t2, as it implements routines that aren't
  supported on old CPUs, and drop memchr.S half of the patch, in
  favour of the version that's been submitted and accepted upstream.
* Make the strchr.S implementation above stop forcing armv7-a, since
  it works on armv6t2, and moving the path enforces this during build.
* Force the libc6-armhf build on armel to be armv7-a with vfpv3-d16.

311. By Adam Conrad on 2012-05-23

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Per Adam's suggestion, comment the NSS_CHECK substitution so it's
  clearer what's going on here.

[ Adam Conrad ]
* Back out the march=armv5t from the libc6-armel build on armhf, as
  this seems to cause a bit of an odd toolchain hiccup, and it's
  impossible to run armhf on a less-than-v7 system anyway.

310. By Matthias Klose on 2012-05-02

* Rebuild to pick up the armv5t defaults on armel.
* Build the soft float pass on armhf using -march=armv5t -mfloat-abi=soft.

309. By Steve Langasek on 2012-04-19

kdm is not meant to be restarted, only warned about; moving the restart
code to the preinst is causing kdm restarts that will break the desktop
in the middle of the upgrade. Zero out our list of services between the
two uses of the variable. LP: #985735.

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