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24. By James Page

* Fix crash in radosgw on armhf architecture (LP: #1049582):
  - debian/patches/extra-byte-for-null.patch: Cherry picked patch
    from upstream VCS. Thanks to Yehuda Sadeh for pointing to this
* d/ceph.lintian-overrides: Added libcls_rgw.so.1.0.0 to binaries
  which are not stripped.

23. By Clint Byrum

* New upstream patch release
* d/control: Add gdisk as suggests for package ceph per upstream
* d/control: add /var/lib/ceph subdirs from upstream packaging.
* d/ceph.install: install ceph-create-keys tool which was missing

22. By James Page

* Remove manual calls to ldconfig (LP: #1017978):
  - d/lib{rados2|rbd1|cephfs1}.post*: Dropped - all these do is call
    ldconfig which will automatically be done.
  - d/rules: Let dh_makeshlibs do its magic with postinst/postrm
    scripts but ensure that the .so's in ceph package are excluded.

21. By James Page

* New upstream point release.
* d/rules: Install missing init script for radosgw.
* d/orig-tar.sh: Just repack using bzip2; source format deals with
  upstream debian directory. Fixup to work correctly when downloading
  from github tags.

20. By Clint Byrum

d/control: Re-instate building radosgw and rest-bench now that
libfcgi is approved for main.

19. By James Page

Use google-perftools on i386 and amd64 architectures.

18. By James Page

* Drop use of in-tree dependencies, re-align with Debian:
  - d/patches/{intree_leveldb|add-powerpc-support}.patch: Dropped.
  - d/patches/series: Use patches to support lib{leveldb|s3}-dev usage.
  - d/control: BD on libsnappy-dev, liblevedb-dev, libs3-dev.
  - d/rules: Use system provided leveldb and libs3.
  - d/rules: Enable hardening.

17. By James Page

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - Work with in-tree dependencies until MIR review completes:
    + d/patches/intree_leveldb.patch: temporary patch which inserts leveldb
      into the ceph src tree.
    + d/control,d/rules,d/p/series Don't use system leveldb and associated
      ceph patches; its not in main yet.
    + d/control,d/rules: Don't use system libs3; its not in main yet and
      is only required for rest-bench (which Ubuntu don't ship - see below).
    + d/patches/add-powerpc-support.patch: temporary patch to in-tree
      leveldb to fix FTBFS on powerpc.
    + d/rules: Disable hardening until intree leveldb is dropped.
  - d/rules,d/control: Drop radosgw and rest-bench since libfcgi is
    not in main yet.
  - d/rules,d/control: Drop tcmalloc use since google-perftools is not
    in main yet.
  - d/rules,d/control: Drop ceph-fuse entirely per MIR review recommendation.
  - d/control,d/ceph-fs-common.install,d/ceph-mds.install: Split out
    filesystem specific bits so they can be kept in universe.
  - d/control: Drop recommends on btrfs-tools.
  - d/control: Drop BD on python-support; its not required as the package
    uses dh_python2.
  - d/*.symbols: Drop for the time being; they are not correct and break
    builds other than amd64.
* Dropped changes, now in Debian:
  - d/control: Switch from libcryptopp to libnss as libcryptopp.
  - d/rules: Move from python-support to dh_python2.
  - d/control: python-ceph - Dropped librgw1/added librbd1.
* d/watch,d/orig-tar.sh: Updated watch to repack orig.tar.gz -> orig.tar.bz2
  and strip the upstream debian directory.
* d/debian/ceph.lintian-overrides: Drop override for rgw library which is no
  longer shipped by upstream.
* d/rules: Strip librados-dev package as it now contains a binary.

16. By Paolo Rotolo

Remove btrfs-tools from Recommends (LP: #1016435).

15. By Ben Collins

add-powerpc-support.patch: Fixes build failure on powerpc caused by
the addition of an in-tree leveldb source build. Strongly suggest
getting leveldb in main and using it to build against (using the
--with-system-leveldb configure option).

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