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34. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-10-09

* debian/control:
 - Cairo-Dock plug-ins dependencies: Removed '-0ubuntu1' to allow other
   distros and backports to work smoother (Thanks to Laney!) (LP: #1064130)

33. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-10-09

* New upstream release. (LP: #1064130)
 - Even if there are a lot of changes, this is a 'bug-fix' version.
   Changes are big mainly because the translations have been updated and
   a lot of GCC warnings (from -Wall and -Wextra) have been fixed.
* Upstream ChangeLog (detailed changes since the last version):
 - Only disable drag'n'drop onto the dock when the dock is completely
    locked, not when the icons position is locked.
 - Prevented quicklists for an icon
    (e.g. used by musicPlayer applet to remove double menu entries)
 - Menu: renamed this title: 'Below *other* windows'
   + fixed a typo (bIsMaximized was checked a bit too late)
 - Man: 'A' ('ask-backend') option was missing and 'i' (indirect) is
    no longer supported + for 'colors', used 'F' instead of 'A' which
    is already used by 'ask-backend'
 - When a label is updated, update the drawing accordingly
 - Dialogs: fixed a crash if the dialog was forced above (GTK3)
 - Advanced GUI: fixed a bug that prevented to edit a 2nd instance of
    an applet
    + renamed 'cairo-dock-gui-main.[ch]' to 'cairo-dock-gui-advanced.[ch]'
 - Don't close the dock if no plug-ins are found, just display the message
 - Menu on appli: put the window actions into a single menu-item, which
    avoid having a crowded menu or another sub-menu
 - Default view: use all the screen space to avoid the jitter of the dock
    when it is resized (although this is mainly a problem in the Window
    Managers, unfortunately very few handle the resizing correctly)
 - Locked dock: prevent any modification when the dock is locked
 - Advanced GUI: fixed a small bug when reloading an applet
 - Application manager: handle the case where there is no dock
    (e.g. for cairo-desklet)
 - when starting in maintenance mode, force the use of the advanced
    configuration (easier to fix problem)
 - Compilation: fixed a lot of warnings during the compilation
    (mostly 'unused-variable' and 'unused-parameters' by using
     G_GNUC_UNUSED) when using -Wall and -Wextra
 - GTK3.4: used GtkGrid instead of GtkTable (now deprecated)
 - Labels in vertical dock:
  + fixed the calculation with a helper
  + terminate with a gradation if the label is too large to be fully drawn
  + fixed a small offset in the position of the X icon geometry
 - Indicators: icons was not visible with the Cairo backend if we wanted to
    have an image as indicator of the active window and if we don't give
    any image
 - Fixed a bug in cairo_dock_create_surface_from_pattern
    (when using a pattern as the background image)
 - Themes: Added write rights in the new theme folder
    (if the user has just changed its current theme)
 - OpenGL backend: fixed a small bug in the drawing of always visible icons
 - Fixed a crash when re-inserting an applet into a dock
 - GUI: fixed 2 bugs in the module widget
 - Taskbar: when placing appli icons after launchers, don't count
    separators as launchers
 - When loading an image based on a pattern, constrain the image height,
    so that it only repeats on its width
 - Taskbar: added back the use of _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION
    (this might be used by Skype and therefore solve the bug LP: #1013635)
 - Menu: Window Actions: drawn: Min - Max - Close instead of
    Max - Min - Close + drawn Min and Max only if the window is not hidden
 - Code cleaning: removed a few useless g_print (or used cd_debug instead)
 - Menu: Custom icon: only display images on the file chooser
 - Menu: Custom Icon: do not display the menu entry if bLockAll is defined
    (if the action is useless) + do not stop the action if bLockIcons
 - Widget Items: the main GtkWindow is needed to build other widgets
 - po: imported translations from Launchpad and Added Lithuanian language
 - Options: AskBackend: show the backend even if we force the use of the
    OpenGL backend
 - Help: Help menu entry: this menu entry no longer worked: used
    cairo_dock_show_items_gui like the Edit menu entry
 - Menu: Help menu entry: if we use the simple mode, switch to the advanced
    mode because the help settings are only available there
 - Some cleaning
* debian/patches/bzr_screens_with_null_dimensions.patch:
 - Removed (now in upstream)
* Added bzr_translate_titles_of_categories_and_readme from upstream:
 - Translate the titles of all main categories and views' description
* debian/control:
 - Bumpped Cairo-Dock Plug-ins versions

32. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-08-28

* Added bzr_screens_with_null_dimensions.patch from upstream:
 - Prevent screens with null dimensions: the dock can be invisible if the
   'multi-monitors' option is enabled and a wrong screen is chosen.
 - Try to get dimensions from all screens with XRandr and also with Xinerama
   if there is a problem.

31. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-08-27

* New upstream snapshot.
* Upstream ChangeLog (detailed changes):
 - Task: the thread clean itself to avoid crash
    + fixed a typo with the check of bDiscard
    + cancel: checked if pThread has not been freeed before talking with it
    + converted g_print to cd_debug
    + Cancel the next iteration if 'iPeriod == 0'
 - Added a workaround for Metacity not handling the _NET_WM_OPACITY
 - Man: Added the new -W (--metacity-workaround) option
 - XRandr: Use it by default instead of Xinerama which is deprecated
    according to its website
 - XRandr: Checked if 1.1 version is available for basic functions
    (e.g. to change the resolution) and 1.3 version (to replace Xinerama)
 - Xrandr: Added cairo_dock_xrandr_is_available (needed to avoid a crash
    in ShowDesktop applet)
 - Module Mgr: removed GModule dependence (which is no longer used since
    version 2.4)
    + stopped the compilation if 'dl' or 'm' libraries or 'dlfcn.h'
     or 'math.h' are not found
    + linked gldi to 'dl'
 - Progress bar: Cairo Backend: no longer drawn the bar if the value is 0
    (was drawn only on the Cairo backend)
 - Fixed a crash if we launch the dock with '-l debug' and if a module is
    not loaded (e.g. 'integration' modules)
 - include: <librsvg/rsvg-cairo.h> can no longer be included directly
    since LibRSVG 2.36.2
 - Class manager: handle custom .desktop files located in
 - Dialogs: fixed a small offset in the position of a dialog above its
    icon when the dock is hidden
 - Class Mgr: translations of QuickList menus are generally available in
    their Gettext domain (this info is available in the .desktop file)
 - Themes: updated themes folder, defined it in CMakeList.txt
 - Taskbar: fixed a bug that inserted an extra separator when grouping
    applis togather in a sub-dock
 - Menu: moved all window management entries to a submenu
* debian/control:
 - Bump Cairo-Dock Plug-ins versions

30. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-08-18

* New upstream beta release.
* Upstream ChangeLog (main changes):
 - Better integration of Unity: support of the Launcher API and better
    support of indicators
 - All configuration windows have been merged into a single one.
 - Added progress bars in several applets and in the Dbus API
 - The Music Player applet can control players in the systray.
 - Icons of the taskbar can be separated from launchers or not
 - And as always ... various bug fixes and improvements :-)
* Fixed a few bugs reported on Launchpad:
 - A crash with logout applet (LP: #1033190)
 - Shortcuts do not accept Control key entries (LP: #1007539)
* debian/custom_cairo-dock_badge.png, debian/source/include-binaries:
 - Added a badge for LightDM (LP: #987247)
* debian/patches/cairo-dock-session_without_fallback_session.patch,
 - Only installed 'Cairo-Dock' session without Unity-2D and Metacity support
    due to the suppression of Unity-2D and the use of llvmpipe
 - Renamed 'Cairo-Dock (Gnome + Effects)' to 'Cairo-Dock (GNOME)'
* debian/control:
 - Added a new suggested dependence for cairo-dock-core: gnome-session
 - Updated my email address
* debian: Used 'wrap-and-sort' tool

29. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-06-26

debian/apport/cairo-dock.py: ported to python3 (LP: #1013171)
Thanks to Edward Donovan for the patch

28. By Andrew Starr-Bochicchio on 2012-06-23

releasing version 3.0.2-0ubuntu1

27. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-06-21

* New upstream bug-fix release. (LP: #1014801)
* Upstream ChangeLog (3.0.0 -> 3.0.1):
 - Dialogs: fixed a bug where the dock could auto-hide when a modal dialog
    was raised
 - Dialog: fixed a crash with gcc-4.7: the local variable can be corrupted
    due to optimisations
 - Fixed a bug where the dock didn't accept clicks when the mouse touches
    the screen edge (with auto-hide)
 - Added a compilation option to not force the display of icons in menus
    (design request but disable by default)
 - Fixed a bug where the hidden dock background color was not updated
 - Class-Manager: fixed a bug with Windows applications whose name is in
    upper case (.EXE)
 - GUI: use cairo_dock_get_xwindow_class to link a programm with a launcher
 - French translations: fixed 2 small errors
* Upstream ChangeLog (3.0.1 -> 3.0.2):
 - Main GUI: Fixed a crash when hovering group buttons too quickly
 - Main GUI: The dialog and preview didn't appear when hovering the button
 - Accelerators: On recent distro, 'Control' key is now called 'Primary'
 - Icon Mgr: Added a mutex because of occasional crashes with
 - Icon Mgr: Don't call a 'change-icon' callback when clicking or scrolling
    on an icon, and trigger an unneeded animation on the icon
 - Dock Mgr: Avoid emitting an 'enter' event when not needed
 - Class Mgr: Fixed 2 typos (special case for kdesu and not kdes)
 - Class Mgr: Remove launching options (%U) in quick-list Exec command
    (LP: #1002691)
 - Dialogues: Prevent closing the dialog unexpectedly when clicking on it,
    if the click is actually inside the interactive widget
 - Background: When set to 'always visible', applets' background couldn't
    be turned off
 - Added a workaround for the Unity-panel which has a wrong window type
 - po: Updated translations
* debian/patches:
 - Removed all patches (now in upstream)
* debian/cairo-dock-data:
 - Removed a lintian warning by added symlinks (binary-without-manpage)

26. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-04-25

* debian/patches/01-bzr_dock-s_menu.patch: don't hide the dock if it's raised
  and don't try to check if the mouse has left the dock if the menu is raised
  (LP: #988102)
 - It's an uptream patch (lp:cairo-dock-core/3.0 - rev 1070)
* debian/patches/02-bzr_fixed_compilation_error.patch:
 - Fixed a compilation error with GLib >= 2.33

25. By Daniel Holbach on 2012-04-17

* New upstream release. (LP: #983288)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 - Updated translations
 - Themes: Renamed the default theme and move it to the new 'themes' directory
 - Included here our default-panel theme from our server in order to use this
    theme without an Internet connexion
    (this theme is highly recommended for the Cairo-Dock' session)
 - Moved 'battery' to cairo-dock-plug-ins
 - Theme manager: fixed the preview made when the current theme is saved
 - Fixed a bug with icons that are always visible
    (their alpha was not reseted correctly)
 - Fixed a bug that prevented the dock from hiding when leaving
    and re-entering quickly
 - Containers: set opacity to 0 on creation, so that we don't get grey
    rectangles on loading (before we receive the first X Expose event)
    + increase the size of default windows to avoid invisible icons LP: #960282
 - When destroying a flying container, don't forget to detach the icon
 - Removed prints
 - Pango: only used the logical rectangle in order to avoid any deplacements
 - Draw: Icons always visible: limit the background margin to 1px, avoid
    icons to stick togather
 - Menu: disabled the Quit menu entry for all Cairo-Dock sessions
    (not only 'cairo-dock')
 - cairo-dock-session: only modify Compiz settings if '--replace' paramater
    is given
 - don't launch 'cairo-dock' if Cairo-Dock is already use only by current user
 - Session: Used shorter names
    (was too long for DM and we were not able to read the full name)
 - Used IsRunnableHelper to check if compiz can be launched or we have to
    use metacity (on Ubuntu)
 - The latest version of unity-2d-panel is now supported
    (it's no longer needed to modify config file with root rights or to kill
    a processus to have unity-2d-panel and Cairo-Dock)
 - cairo-dock.conf: fixed a typo (a wrong icon name)
 - initial-setup: no longer modify gconf keys of gnome settings (LP: #981092)
 - cairo-dock.c: initialised gettext before getopt in order to translate
    the output of 'cairo-dock -h'
 - Used the new name of the default theme
 - fixed the retrieval of the desktop background (was broken since the switch
    to GTK3)
 - Use the right web address of the themes' directory on our server.
 - Help.conf: removed lines which only contain 'TODO' and bump Help's version
 - fixed the drawing of multi-lines dialogs (sometime the text was invisible)
 - X manager: when receiving a NetDesktopGeometry signal from X
    notify everybody every time, and also update the number of viewports
 - Welcome message: replaced 'Cairo-Dock2' by 'Cairo-Dock'
* This 3.0 series (and previous series) also fixes these bugs:
 - "glx-dock does not work with kde 4.8.1" (LP: #961048)
 - "the dock position is wrong when multiple monitor's resolution is different"
    (LP: #905912)
 - "GLX-Dock Hardware acc. UNDO!" (LP: #875975)
 - "Can't disable zoom" (LP: #702800)
 - "all button tips visible if icons 'maximum zoom' set to 1.0" (LP: #618336)
 - "create new sud-dock icon that looking like flat." (LP: #614686)
 - "Add custom launchers or sub-docks, can't modify name." (LP: #612617)
 - "no option in config file to set GL/Cairo mode" (LP: #612355)
 - "if I click on an icon a piece of plane disappears" (LP: #640398)
 - "icon labels go off-screen" (LP: #611733)
 - "Quick-Hide hides the dock forever" (LP: #580596)
 - "Hide when a window is maximized doesn't work if the taskbar is turned off"
    (LP: #580284)
 - "Incorrect Explanation in Help" (LP: #576069)
 - "xinerama:doc in one screen, subdocs in another" (LP: #540979)
 - "Click at the position where icon label was, the icon and dock still
     receive the event" (LP: #537115)
 - "ugly notifications with dialog boxes" (LP: #535083)
 - "Icons are being stacked" (LP: #526466)
 - "Separator not removed when closing grouped windows" (LP: #521369)
 - "dock appears under all windows after a full screen app is run" (LP: #518453)
 - "Icons aren't updated properly on configuring" (LP: #513212)
 - "xsession-errors log" (LP: #500677)
 - "Can't play videos in kaffeine, dragon player, gwenview and smplayer using
    the 'xv' driver after running cairo-dock" (LP: #475375)
 - "A little detail with the magnifier (hard to explain)" (LP: #420417)
* debian/control:
 - Bump Standards-Version
 - cairo-dock-core: added 'compiz-plugins' as recommended (Compiz's DBus plugin
    can be used to have a better integration with the WM)

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