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343. By Evan

Do not refer to the current release in the InstallationDate field
(LP: #1070400). We have the installed release version in the
InstallationMedia field.

342. By Brian Murray

apport/ui.py: create a MarkForUpload field and set that to false for
binaries that changed since the crash happened thereby preventing uploads
to the crash database (LP: #1039220)

341. By Jamie Strandboge

bin/apport-bug: Explicitly set the PATH to that of ENV_SUPATH in
/etc/login.defs and unset ENV and CDPATH. We need do this so that confined
applications using ubuntu-browsers.d/ubuntu-integration cannot abuse the
environment to escape AppArmor confinement via this script (LP: #1045986).
This can be removed once AppArmor supports environment filtering
(LP: 1045985)

340. By Scott Moser

do not stack trace when ec2 metadata is available (LP: #1018552)

339. By Brian Murray

data/general/ubuntu.py: when creating a duplicate signature search the
terminal log for more messages indicating the start of a failure thereby
creating a duplicate signature in more cases

338. By Martin Pitt

* Merge from trunk:
  - test/run: Ignore root_info_wrapper with pyflakes.
  - packaging-apt-dpkg.py: Add recommended packages to "Dependencies:"
    field. (LP: #1014428)
  - test_hookutils.py, test_in_session_of_problem(): Use year 2038 for a
    future date instead of 2211, as current Python 3.2 now crashes with an
    OverflowError on 32 bit machines with later years.

337. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream release:
  - test_recoverable_problem.py: Fix test for calling test runner with
    absolute path.
  - packaging-apt-dpkg.py: Fix crash on writing virtual_mapping.db when
    running with --sandbox-dir and -S system or giving no --cache.
  - REThread.py: Fix re-raising of exceptions in Python 3. Thanks Martin
    Packman! (LP: #1024836)
  - apport-retrace: Keep compressed CoreDump from .crash files instead of
    uncompressing them into memory. This dramatically reduces memory usage.
    (LP: #981155)
  - Add an apport.memdbg() function which prints out current memory usage if
    APPORT_MEMDEBUG is set. Annotate apport-retrace with it.
  - hookutils.py: Allow specifying a list of profile names when using
    attach_mac_events(). Thanks Marc Deslauriers.
  - hookutils.py, attach_root_command_outputs() and root_command_output():
    Drop usage of sudo, kdesudo, and gksu, and replace with pkexec. For
    attach_root_command_outputs(), use a wrapper and proper .policy file
    which explains the action and works under every environment; thus
    attach_root_command_outputs() is preferred over root_command_output()
    now, as it provides a better user experience.
  - Package hooks which want to send the report to a different crash
    database than "default" can now also give the database specification
    itself in the "CrashDB" field, not just the DB name. With this, packages
    do not need to ship a separate /etc/apport/crashdb.conf.d/ file. Please
    see doc/package-hooks.txt for details. (LP: #551330)
  - report.py, add_hooks_info(): If reporting against a package/program in
    /opt, also search for package hooks in the corresponding /opt directory.
    This allows such hooks to define a custom crash database and thus report
    bugs against their own project instead of against the distribution.
    (LP: #1020503)
* debian/rules: Call dh_install with --list-missing, and ignore .pyc and
  .egg-info files.
* debian/apport.install: Install new polkit .policy and root_info_wrapper
  files, and add policykit-1 Recommends.
* debian/apport.install: Ship is-enabled script.
* debian/apport-kde.install: Ship userpass.ui file.
* Drop debian/apport-retrace.manpages and debian/apport.manpages and install
  the man pages from *.install instead. This works better with
* debian/apport.install: Install 000record-status pm-utils script, to
  unbreak suspend failure detection.

336. By Brian Murray

apport/ui.py: revert the change to when the .upload file is created as the
fix was incomplete and requires more investigation

335. By Marc Deslauriers

hookutils.py: Allow specifying a list of profile names when using

334. By Brian Murray

apport/ui.py: only create the .upload file after collect_info is complete
that way whoopsie will upload crash files with all the information it
needs (LP: #1020994)

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