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6. By gregor herrmann on 2011-11-24

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix "ftbfs with gcc-4.5 and gcc-4.6": new patch 40_format_security.patch:
  Fix format string use. Based on Daniel T Chen's patch in the BTS.
  (Closes: #565064)

5. By Daniel T Chen on 2011-10-21

* Use quilt
  - Replace simple-patchsys.mk with patchsys-quilt.mk and build-depend
    on quilt.
  - Add debian/patches/series.
* 10_oldfixes.patch: Fix format string use, FTBFS. (Closes: #565064)

4. By Jari Aalto on 2010-05-09

* Non-maintainer upload.
  - Update to packaging format "3.0 (quilt)" due to patch.
* debian/compat
  - Update to 7.
* debian/control
  - (Build-Depends): update obsolete xutils to xutils-dev
    (important; Closes: #579035).
    Update to debhelper 7.1.
  - (Depends): add ${misc:Depends}.
  - (Homepage): Move from description field.
  - (Standards-Version): Update from 3.7.2 to 3.8.4.
* debian/copyright:
  - Update layout.
* debian/patches
  - (Number 11): Refresh patch to include .nf/.fi fix
* debian/rules
  - (buid-stamp): use newest config.* files.
  - (install): Update dh_clean to dh_prep.
  - (clean): Fix lintian debian-rules-ignores-make-clean-error.
  - Update to dh(1).
* debian/source/format
 - New file

3. By Zak B. Elep on 2006-10-05

* debian/control:
  + Use lesstif2-dev . (Closes: #391164)

2. By Joey Hess <email address hidden> on 2005-01-27

* NMU (at maintainer's request).
* Add NO_GLOBAL_HIGHSCORE define which crudely disables the support for
  a global score file.
* Remove sgid bit. Closes: #291613, #292065
* Comment out code in postinst that set up /var/games/xshisen.scores,
  but for now, do not delete that file on upgrade.
* Add README.Debian.

1. By Steve Kemp <email address hidden> on 2003-10-28

* Non-maintainer upload with consent from Grzegorz.
* Fix a locally exploitable buffer overflow allowing GID(games).
  (Closes: #213957)

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