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46. By Benjamin Drung

* Unpack waf binary (following http://wiki.debian.org/UnpackWaf)
  (Closes: #654512).
* Remove transitional xmms2-plugin-wma package.

45. By Colin Watson

Rebuild for libcdio13.

44. By Colin Watson

Rebuild for Perl 5.14.

43. By Benjamin Drung

* New upstream release.
  - Drop code name DrO_o from Debian version, because an underscore is not
    allowed in a Debian version.
  - Order items alphabetically in xmms2 manual page (Closes: #620665).
* Drop backported patches and patches that are applied upstream.
* Refresh remaining four patches.
* Drop xmms2-client-vis, because its content is not meant for anything other
  than development reference.
* Drop xmms2-et package, because it used only in the test phase.
* Add new xmms2-plugin-sndfile package.
  - Add libsndfile1-dev as build dependency for it.
* libxmmsclient6.symbols: Add new and remove five symbols that were only
  internal symbols.
* Update watch file.
* Replace Florian Ragwitz as maintainer. Thanks for your work.
* Remove all inactive uploaders. Thanks to them for their previous work.

42. By Benjamin Drung

* Fix typo in short description. (Closes: #602579)
* Update my email address.
* Use linux-any instead of hardcoded list of non-Linux architectures.
  (Closes: #634622)
* Fix avcodec plugin to work with libavcodec 0.7.1.
  Thanks to Colin Watson (Closes: #638552, LP: #832769)
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no changes required).
* Update homepage field.
* Switch from python-support to dh_python2.

41. By Colin Watson

* Backport from upstream:
  - Fix avcodec plugin to work with latest libavcodec (LP: #832769).

40. By Colin Watson

Rebuild for Perl 5.12.

39. By Matthias Klose

Rebuild to add support for python 2.7.

38. By Benjamin Drung

Add bp-glib-version-check.patch to make glib check sane. (Closes: #522280)

37. By Benjamin Drung

* Repack source to replace non-free mind.in.a.box snippet by DSFG-compliant
  one that was chosen by upstream; update debian/copyright. (Closes: #583309)
* debian/watch: Mangle version to strip dfsg.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1 (no changes required).
* Refer to versioned common license file.
* Use Breaks instead of Conflicts.
* Do not build xmms2 in parallel by default. (Closes: #586835)
* Backport patch to extend command-line length of nycli. (Closes: #580862)
  Thanks to Andrew McMillan
* Explicitly choose the python version to run waf. (Closes: #583757)
  Thanks to RĂ©mi Vanicat for the patch.
* Change description of xmms2-plugin-smb from "Samba" to "Server Message
  Block (SMB)". (Closes: #574997)
* Backport workaround for libavcodec initialization bug. (Closes: #588519)
* Fix tta plugin to work with segment with startms. (Closes: #588519)
  Thanks to Yang Zhe <email address hidden> for the patch.

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