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30. By Martin Pitt on 2012-04-13

Upload current Debian packaging git head.

Add 00git_update_dock_after_suspend.patch: Re-coldplug dock status when
resuming from sleep. Patch by Evan Broder, thanks! Also committed
upstream. (LP: #980746)

29. By Martin Pitt on 2012-04-03

* debian/tests/control: Add missing python3 and python3-gi test
* Add 00git_fix_libusb_crash.patch: Fix crash in up_device_csr_finalize().
  Patch also committed to upstream git. (LP: #972300)
* debian/copyright: Update to copyright 1.0 format and fix upstream URL.
* debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3.

28. By Michael Biebl on 2011-12-05

* New upstream release.
* debian/control: Fix the versioned Build-Depends on dpkg-dev.
  The buildflags.mk snippet was added in version 1.16.1, not 1.6.1.

27. By Michael Biebl on 2011-11-12

[ Michael Biebl ]
* debian/control: Add Build-Depends on libglib2.0-doc for proper
  cross-references in the gtk-doc API documentation.
* Enable default hardening options from dpkg-buildflags.
  - Use buildflags.mk snippet in debian/rules.
  - Add Build-Depends on dpkg-dev (>= 1.6.1).

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/tests/upstream-system: Just redirect integration-test's stderr to
  stdout, this is easier to test and still fulfills DEP-8.

26. By Martin Pitt on 2011-11-07

Add debian/tests/control and debian/tests/upstream-system:
DEP-8/autopkgtest control file for running the upstream tests.

25. By Michael Biebl on 2011-10-03

* New upstream release.
  - Fix kFreeBSD detection.
  - Fix linux up_backend_supports_sleep_state() return code.
    (Closes: #639754)

24. By Martin Pitt on 2011-09-08

* New upstream release.
  - Modernize build system.
  - Update for the g_unix_signal_add_full() ABI break of glib 2.29.90.
  - Hardcode wacom battery devices as not power-supply devices.
* debian/control: Add missing libdbus-1-dev dependency to
  libupower-glib-dev, the pkg-config file requires it. (LP: #829840)

23. By Martin Pitt on 2011-07-07

* New upstream release:
  - Fix estimation rate for batteries that do not provide this data.
    (LP: #629258)
* debian/copyright: Fix headers.
* debian/watch: Look for *.xz tarballs, upstream only publishes these now.
  Repack our tarball as tar.bz2.

22. By Martin Pitt on 2011-05-26

* New upstream bug fix release.
* debian/rules: Call dpkg-gensymbols in -c4 mode, to ensure that our
  symbols files are up to date.
* debian/libupower-glib1.symbols: Add new symbols from this version.

21. By Martin Pitt on 2011-05-05

* New upstream release:
  - Fix "unknown" battery status guessing to not be recursive. (LP: #384304)
* debian/control: Drop obsolete devicekit-power-* Conflicts/Replaces.

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