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159. By Brian Murray

data/notify-reboot-required: echo notification if gettext is not available
thanks to Richard Laager for the patch (LP: #644578)

158. By Michael Vogt

* po/*.po:
  - updated to latest LP export to ensure that the translation-missing
    window information is actually translated (LP: #562900)

157. By Steve Langasek

* Use <proto>_proxy environment variables to choose the proxy to use for
  data downloads, not the apt proxy settings, because apt may be
  configured to point at a package-specific proxy. This makes proxy
  configuration a little less convenient than before for the
  flashplugin-installer package, but it at least it makes it possible to
  have a different proxy setting for packages vs. arbitrary data
  downloads, which otherwise we don't have any way to support.
  LP: #979477.
* Stop processing after a fatal download error, not just a transient one,
  so that we can't be tricked into feeding a partial list of files to a
  handler. Thanks to Kees Cook for spotting the bug. LP: #979426.
* Flush stdout before calling subprocess, so that log output makes more
* Print a more meaningful status message when downloading, instead of just
  a bare URL.
* Check for existence of /usr/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloader
  before trying to run it from our cron job, so that the package doesn't
  generate error messages when removed but not purged.
* The action for our notification should call gksu instead of trying to
  run the command directly without root access. This is imperfect because
  kubuntu won't have gksudo available by default, but it's an improvement
  over failing for everybody. LP: #976761.

156. By Colin Watson

data/package-data-downloader: Set urllib._urlopener to an instance of
urllib.FancyURLopener rather than urllib.URLopener, since the former
handles redirects (LP: #977812).

155. By Steve Langasek

Make sure /usr/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloader is called on
package configuration as well, since a trigger is not guaranteed to
happen if the triggering package is configured first. LP: #977178.

154. By Steve Langasek

Fix conffile removal handling for /etc/update-motd.d/20-cpu-checker; we
were deleting the file but it was still registered in dpkg's database as
obsolete. dpkg-maintscript-helper can help with this.

153. By Steve Langasek

* data/package-data-downloader, data/package-data-downloads-failed.in,
  debian/update-notifier-common.{postinst,triggers}: add a new handler and
  dpkg trigger to let packages queue data for download after package
  install, so that network connectivity problems don't make installs
  and upgrades unreliable. LP: #876298.
* debian/update-notifier-common.cron.daily: add a cronjob to periodically
  retry any failed downloads.
* src/update-notifier.c: when there are new hooks, check them whether or
  not dpkg has run; this allows other packages to send us notifications
  by ways other than running a package maintainer script.

152. By Martin Pitt

src/update-notifier.c: Consider both the "sudo" and "admin" groups as
administrator. (LP: #893842)

151. By Michael Vogt

* add support to apply patches when running the release upgrader
* change default release upgrade check interval to 14 days
  (LP: #918062)

150. By Michael Vogt

fix "fsck doesn't update system info on login" LP: #692355
Thanks to Paul McEnery

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