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101. By Janne Jokitalo

Added python-changesettings to Depends, otherwise rtprio.py fails on
upgrades. (LP: #973373)

100. By Colin Watson

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added dssi-host-jack to audio-plugins

99. By Micah Gersten

[ Janne Jokitalo (astraljava) <email address hidden> ]
* Made ubuntustudio-audio.preinst not fail on fresh installs by removing
  erroneous exit 1 from default section
  (LP: #954468, #946312, #571688, #946819, #933722)

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* Remove the the abort-upgrade|configure section as this has no remaining
  logic and was apparently left over from some previous revision
  - update debian/ubuntustudio-audio.preinst

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added argyll to graphics
* Added audacity to generation, recording, video
* Added blender to graphics
* Added dmz-cursor-theme to desktop
* Added dvdstyler to video
* Added gimp-resynthesizer to graphics
* Added gnome-color-manager to graphics
* Added gtk2-engines-pixbuf to desktop
* Added icc-profiles-free to graphics
* Added inkscape to video
* Added linux-headers-lowlatency to desktop-recommends [amd64]
* Added linux-headers-lowlatency-pae to desktop-recommends [i386]
* Added rawtherapee to graphics
* Added shotwell to desktop-recommends
* Added software-center to desktop
* Removed dc from desktop
* Removed gtk2-engines-murrine from desktop
* Removed lftp from desktop
* Removed linux-headers-generic from desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Removed shotwell from video
* Removed tango-icon-theme from desktop
* Removed tango-icon-theme-common from desktop (LP: #838564)
* Moved audacious to desktop-recommends
* Moved audacious-plugins to desktop-recommends [amd64 armel i386

98. By Micah Gersten

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added fonts-thai-tlwg to desktop-recommends
* Added mudita24 to generation, recording
* Added printer-driver-foo2zjs to desktop-recommends
* Added printer-driver-min12xxw to desktop-recommends
* Added printer-driver-pnm2ppa to desktop
* Added printer-driver-ptouch to desktop-recommends
* Added printer-driver-pxljr to desktop-recommends
* Added printer-driver-sag-gdi to desktop-recommends
* Added printer-driver-splix to desktop-recommends
* Added xubuntu-icon-theme to desktop-recommends
* Removed foo2zjs from desktop-recommends
* Removed min12xxw from desktop-recommends
* Removed pnm2ppa from desktop
* Removed ptouch-driver from desktop-recommends
* Removed pxljr from desktop-recommends
* Removed rastertosag-gdi from desktop-recommends
* Removed splix from desktop-recommends
* Removed ttf-thai-tlwg from desktop-recommends
* Removed ubuntustudio-icon-theme from desktop-recommends
* Removed ubuntustudio-menu from desktop-recommends

97. By Micah Gersten

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added fonts-liberation to font-meta
* Added ttf-opensymbol to font-meta
* Removed ubuntustudio-font-meta from graphics
* Removed x-ttcidfont-conf from desktop
* Manually add ubuntustudio-font-meta to the graphics meta package
  - update debian/control
* Don't install extra files in ubuntustudio-audio as jackd should handle
  those now; Comment out the entries for the time being
  - update debian/ubuntustudio-audio.install
* Move debian/ubuntustudio-audio.postinst to debian/ubuntustudio-audio.preinst
  to clean up after the rtprio.py file before it's removed

96. By Micah Gersten

* Refreshed dependencies (LP: #918519, #840144)
* Added a2jmidid to generation, recording
* Added arandr to desktop
* Added audacious to desktop
* Added audacious-plugins to desktop [amd64 armel i386 powerpc]
* Added brasero to desktop-recommends
* Added cdrdao to generation, recording
* Added firefox-gnome-support to desktop-recommends
* Added fonts-beteckna to font-meta
* Added fonts-bpg-georgian to font-meta
* Added fonts-breip to font-meta
* Added fonts-droid to font-meta
* Added fonts-dustin to font-meta
* Added fonts-ecolier-court to font-meta
* Added fonts-ecolier-lignes-court to font-meta
* Added fonts-f500 to font-meta
* Added fonts-inconsolata to font-meta
* Added fonts-jura to font-meta
* Added fonts-liberation to desktop-recommends
* Added fonts-linex to font-meta
* Added fonts-linuxlibertine to font-meta
* Added fonts-ocr-a to font-meta
* Added fonts-oflb-euterpe to font-meta
* Added fonts-okolaks to font-meta
* Added fonts-sil-gentium to font-meta
* Added gcc to desktop-recommends
* Added gedit to desktop
* Added ibus-gtk3 to desktop-recommends
* Added indicator-application-gtk2 to desktop-recommends
* Added linux-headers-generic to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added make to desktop-recommends
* Added nautilus to desktop
* Added nautilus-sendto to desktop
* Added nautilus-share to desktop-recommends
* Added orage to desktop-recommends
* Added plymouth-theme-ubuntustudio to desktop
* Added printer-driver-c2esp to desktop-recommends
* Added ristretto to desktop-recommends
* Added totem to desktop-recommends
* Added totem-mozilla to desktop-recommends
* Added ttf-essays1743 to font-meta
* Added ubuntustudio-icon-theme to desktop-recommends
* Added ubuntustudio-wallpapers to desktop-recommends
* Removed audacious from generation, recording
* Removed audacious-plugins from generation [amd64 armel i386
  powerpc], recording [amd64 armel i386 powerpc]
* Removed brasero from video
* Removed c2esp from desktop-recommends
* Removed catfish from desktop-recommends
* Removed fonts-liberation from font-meta
* Removed gmusicbrowser from desktop-recommends
* Removed ibus-gtk from desktop-recommends
* Removed indicator-application from desktop-recommends
* Removed paman from desktop-recommends
* Removed paprefs from desktop-recommends
* Removed parole from desktop-recommends
* Removed pavumeter from desktop-recommends
* Removed pulseaudio-esound-compat from desktop
* Removed pulseaudio-module-bluetooth from desktop-recommends
* Removed rss-glx from desktop
* Removed thunderbird from desktop-recommends
* Removed ttf-beteckna from font-meta
* Removed ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts from font-meta
* Removed ttf-breip from font-meta
* Removed ttf-droid from font-meta
* Removed ttf-dustin from font-meta
* Removed ttf-ecolier-court from font-meta
* Removed ttf-ecolier-lignes-court from font-meta
* Removed ttf-f500 from font-meta
* Removed ttf-inconsolata from font-meta
* Removed ttf-jura from font-meta
* Removed ttf-liberation from desktop-recommends
* Removed ttf-linex from font-meta
* Removed ttf-linux-libertine from font-meta
* Removed ttf-ocr-a from font-meta
* Removed ttf-oflb-euterpe from font-meta
* Removed ttf-okolaks from font-meta
* Removed ttf-sil-gentium from font-meta
* Removed ubuntustudio-screensaver from desktop
* Moved ubuntustudio-default-settings to desktop-recommends
* Moved ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme to desktop-recommends
* Moved ubuntustudio-look to desktop-recommends
* Moved ubuntustudio-menu to desktop-recommends
* Moved ubuntustudio-sounds to desktop-recommends

95. By Colin Watson

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added fonts-junicode to font-meta
* Added fonts-mgopen to font-meta
* Added hydrogen to generation [armhf], recording [armhf]
* Added libavcodec-extra-53 to generation [armhf], recording [armhf],
  video [armhf]
* Added libavdevice-extra-53 to generation [armhf], recording [armhf],
  video [armhf]
* Added libavfilter-extra-2 to generation [armhf], recording [armhf],
  video [armhf]
* Added libavformat-extra-53 to generation [armhf], recording [armhf],
  video [armhf]
* Added libavutil-extra-51 to generation [armhf], recording [armhf],
  video [armhf]
* Added libpostproc-extra-52 to generation [armhf], recording [armhf],
  video [armhf]
* Added libswscale-extra-2 to generation [armhf], recording [armhf],
  video [armhf]
* Added qtractor to generation [armhf]
* Added rakarrack to generation [armhf], recording [armhf]
* Added ubuntustudio-font-meta to graphics [armhf]
* Added xjadeo to video [armhf]
* Removed ttf-junicode from font-meta
* Removed ttf-mgopen from font-meta

94. By Micah Gersten

* Add armhf
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added fonts-khmeros-core to desktop-recommends
* Added fonts-larabie-deco to font-meta
* Added fonts-larabie-straight to font-meta
* Added fonts-larabie-uncommon to font-meta
* Added fonts-liberation to font-meta
* Added fonts-manchufont to font-meta
* Added fonts-sil-andika to font-meta
* Added fonts-sil-charis to font-meta
* Added fonts-sil-doulos to font-meta
* Added fonts-sil-gentium-basic to font-meta
* Added fonts-takao-pgothic to desktop-recommends
* Removed ttf-khmeros-core from desktop-recommends
* Removed ttf-larabie-deco from font-meta
* Removed ttf-larabie-straight from font-meta
* Removed ttf-larabie-uncommon from font-meta
* Removed ttf-manchufont from font-meta
* Removed ttf-sil-andika from font-meta
* Removed ttf-sil-charis from font-meta
* Removed ttf-sil-doulos from font-meta
* Removed ttf-sil-gentium-basic from font-meta
* Removed ttf-takao-pgothic from desktop-recommends

93. By Micah Gersten

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added indicator-sound-gtk2 to desktop-recommends (LP: #891456)
* Removed dssi-vst from audio-plugins [amd64 i386] (LP: #893351)
* Removed indicator-sound from desktop-recommends

92. By Colin Watson

* update.cfg: Switch to precise.
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added darktable to graphics [amd64 i386]
* Added dssi-vst to audio-plugins [amd64 i386]
* Added ffado-dbus-server to generation [armel], recording [armel]
* Added ffado-tools to generation [armel], recording [armel]
* Added fonts-kacst-one to desktop-recommends
* Added fonts-lao to desktop-recommends
* Added mypaint to graphics
* Added phatch to graphics
* Added ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme to desktop
* Removed gnome-codec-install from desktop-recommends
* Removed ttf-kacst-one from desktop-recommends
* Removed ttf-lao from desktop-recommends
* Removed xsane from graphics

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