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106. By Jeremy Bicha on 2012-04-04

* Finalize screenshots for Ubuntu 12.04
* Fix missing keyboard shortcuts page
* Refer to the Windows key as the Super key instead of the meta key
* Update for new Unity Ctrl+Super keyboard shortcuts (LP: #969235)

105. By Matthew East on 2012-04-02

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* Fixes to translation files to fix FTBFS
* Use "menu bar" consistently rather than top bar or top panel
* Substantial merges from Gnome
* Various updates for precise
* Document new dual monitor settings
* Hibernate is disabled by default
* Intro to HUD
* Add overlay scrollbars page
* Update addremove pages
* Update screenshots
* Use "dash" rather than "activities overview" (LP: #967356)

[ Jan Simon ]
* Typo fixes (LP: #814061)
* Use "system menu" rather than "session menu"
* Use right click rather than left click to recover files

[ David Planella ]
* Build all languages when building HTML

104. By Matthew East on 2012-02-05

[ Robert Roth ]
* Broadcast accounts are in messaging menu, not me menu (LP: #891190)
* Fix typos and inconsistencies in color-whatisspace (LP: #892647)
* Fixed basic file properties to use keyseq and key instead of guiseq
  and gui for keyboard shortcut. (LP: #923736)
* Fix the power cog and the user icon urls for the HTML
  version (LP: #886503)
* Updated the location of the System settings menu item in the
  contrast page to match the new location (LP: #908663)

[ Jeremy Bicha]
* Update version number to 12.04
* Update keyboard shortcuts
* More merging with gnome-user-docs

[ Ben Donald-Wilson ]
* Typo fix in proprietary hardware drivers page (LP: #921227)

103. By Matthew East on 2011-10-20

[ Robert Roth ]
* Punctuation and typo fixes, LP: #874754, LP: #876257, LP: #872204,
  LP: #872205
* Fixe System Settings sections for Time&Date and Language Support LP: #868153
* Update instructions to starting CCSM (as it's not possible from
  System Settings anymore, the new instructions point to using the dash
  to start CCSM) LP: #869547

102. By Matthew East on 2011-10-05

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* Updated screenshots to current Oneiric
* Don't install unused screenshots
* Added missing desktop-sharing pages
* Fixed lintian error in debian/copyright
[ Matthew East ]
* Add translations for langpacks

101. By Matthew East on 2011-09-18

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* substantial merges from Gnome docs
* adjusted indicator order for this week's Unity (LP: #823061)
* Updated Seahorse's new name
* updated the Fallback page to reference Unity 2D instead of Fallback
* some updates for Oneiric's dash
* dropped files-preview-music since that was removed in GNOME 3.2
  (replaced by the sushi previewer which hasn't been packaged for
  Debian/Ubuntu yet)
* Added a proprietary driver page from the old ubuntu-docs

[ Jim Campbell ]
* added instructions on manually locking the screen.

100. By Matthew East on 2011-09-04

[ Christian Pommranz ]
* Fixed two typos in shell-windows-switching.page (LP: #795959)

[ Joel Pickett ]
* Fixed a typo in wireless troubleshooting guide (LP: #804855)

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* Partially rebased with Gnome help now that we're using Gnome 3
* Build with yelp-tools instead of gnome-doc-utils
  - files now install to /usr/share/help/ instead of /usr/share/gnome/help/
* debian/compat: Switch to debhelper 8
* debian/control
  - Dropped obsolete conflicts & unneeded dependencies
  - Updated description
* debian/copyright: Updated, use DEP5 format
* debian/rules:
  - No need to specify install source directory
  - Use xz compression
* debian/source/format: Use 3.0 (native)
* Update user pages for new user menu
* Update indicator page with current indicators
* Added missing bluetooth & disk category pages
* Updated user-* pages
* Update moonlight page since it is no longer in Ubuntu archive

[ Matthew East ]
* Fix document validity issues
* Update pot file

99. By Matthew East on 2011-04-29

* Use Gnome and gnome-doc-utils for packaging - update debian/control
  for new build-deps accordingly
* Add Unity+Unity documentation here rather than gnome-user-docs; give it
  its own document id and install in ubuntu-help directory
* Remove browser homepage update-alternative system
* Update translations from gnome-user-docs natty package

98. By Matthew East on 2011-05-01

* SRU update bug: LP: #774734
* Add-applications:
  - Software Sources is now accessed through Software Center
    Giuseppe Terrasi
* Browser-startpage:
  - changed 10.10 to 11.04, updated weblinks to avoid extra redirects
    LP: #750506. Jeremy Bicha
* Games:
  - Remove comment about wine not supporting 64 bit. LP: #744984
    Connor Imes
* Internet:
  - Replace sun-java6-plugin with icedtea6-plugin. LP: #701235
    Connor Imes
  - Changed text for apt install links in web-apps.xml. LP: #721983
    Connor Imes
  - Added directions on checking user privileges for connecting to
    wireless networks. LP: #454994. Connor Imes
* Musicvideophotos:
  - Remove Realplayer section - Giuseppe Terrasi
* Serverguide:
  - Fixed type in subversion htpasswd command. LP: #768612
    Connor Imes
  - Removed alternate verification step of Moin Moin installation in
    serverguide that is no longer applicable. Fixes LP: #745553
    Connor Imes
* General - updates to html build system, not used in binary package
  Connor Imes, Matthew East

97. By Matthew East on 2011-04-22

* Updates for natty from Giuseppe Terrasi
  - Use Libreoffice instead of Openoffice.org
  - Use Banshee instead of Rhythmbox

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