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509. By Stéphane Graber

Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
1.122ubuntu7.1, debian-installer-utils 1.88ubuntu2.1, flash-kernel
2.28ubuntu42.2. (one-time update from precise-proposed) (LP: #1021293)

508. By Stéphane Graber

[ James M. Leddy ]
* Only allow a user to proceed on the networking screen if he entered a valid
  password. This prevents a nm dbus exception. (LP: #929092)

[ Colin Watson ]
* Install oem-config-slideshow-ubuntu in a separate pass from
  oem-config-$frontend and ubiquity-frontend-$frontend, since it may be
  missing from images; and only do this for the GTK frontend in any case,
  since other frontends don't currently use the slideshow (LP: #987050).
* Don't try and fail to set up encrypted swap if no swap partitions are
  configured (LP: #989279).

[ Stéphane Graber ]
* Get d-i components from precise-updates. (LP: #992241)
* Automatic update of included source packages: partman-base
  153ubuntu5, partman-target 77ubuntu2.1.

[ Kent Baxley ]
* Add the ability to run simple, custom scripts in ubiquity-dm
  (LP: #1017580).

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Fix bogus attribute access in usersetup plugin leading to crashes with
  the KDE frontend (LP: #1008255)

507. By Evan

[ Colin Watson ]
* Improve download verification to handle systems not configured for
  multiarch, i.e. anything other than amd64 by default (LP: #998492).

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Remove migration-assistant following foundations-q-testing-
  migration-assistant. Thanks Dmitrijs Ledkovs!

506. By Colin Watson

[ Steve Langasek ]
* If we can't figure out the target user's uid/gid, don't copy the photo
  to the user's home directory. Addresses the immediate symptom of bug
  #947738, if not the root cause.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Automatic update of included source packages: apt-setup 1:0.55ubuntu4,
  console-setup 1.70ubuntu5.

505. By Colin Watson

* Fix crash when attempting to update the installer and a language isn't
  selected for some reason (LP: #985368).
* Automatic update of included source packages: partman-target 77ubuntu2.

504. By Colin Watson

[ Colin Watson ]
* Install ubiquity-frontend-$frontend along with oem-config-$frontend to
  improve dependency resolution; with the packaging the way it is at the
  moment, apt may sometimes select ubiquity-frontend-kde to resolve
  ubiquity's dependency on a frontend before realising that oem-config-gtk
  already depends on ubiquity-frontend-gtk.
* Don't default to installing GRUB to a removable device with /cdrom
  mounted from it, even if /cdrom's filesystem isn't iso9660
  (LP: #984989).
* If encrypting the user's home directory, wipe and enable encrypted swap
  before starting the slideshow, because running the slideshow can use up
  a lot of memory so we won't be able to disable swap once that's in
  progress (LP: #979350).
* Automatic update of included source packages: apt-setup 1:0.55ubuntu3,
  partman-base 153ubuntu4, user-setup 1.42ubuntu3.
* If /etc/network/interfaces doesn't exist when configuring the network in
  oem-config, write out a skeleton one (LP: #985305).

[ Stéphane Graber ]
* Always install oem-config-slideshow-ubuntu in OEM mode, also for
  alternate installs (LP: #984736)

503. By Colin Watson

* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Copy the panel gradient from light-themes (Ubuntu 11.10) and
  use it as a fallback in case other panel images cannot be found. The
  correct fix would be to use CSS instead, but I can't seem to make this
  work at the moment (LP: #982883).

502. By Colin Watson

* Fix download verification to handle epochs correctly, and add a little
  more logging so that we can debug any further errors along these lines.
* GTK frontend:
  - Disable WebKit's cache, since the slideshow doesn't have a significant
    browsing interface and the cache is memory-hungry. This may help with
    LP #979350.

501. By Colin Watson

* Work around occasional undetected download errors in apt by doing our
  own verification pass before trying to install packages (LP: #922949).
* Update translations from Launchpad.

500. By Colin Watson

* Try harder to make the unit tests work within autopkgtest:
  - Install mockresolver (it's small, and this really does make the
    plumbing a lot easier).
  - Use test debconf databases stacked on top of the system ones in
    autopkgtest mode rather than requiring tests/build to have been run
  - Fix test_ubi_partman not to rely on tests/partman-tree/ in autopkgtest
* Do a better job of removing .la files.
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer

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