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207. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-04-05

* debian/patches/git_mpris_playlists.patch:
  - backport upstream commits to fix mpris playlists use

206. By Michael Terry on 2012-03-20

* debian/patches/07_quicklists.patch:
  - Remove --stop command, it doesn't exist for rhythmbox-client.
    Whoops. LP: #957052

205. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-03-20

Restore the .install which were dropped by error because not included
to the vcs, thanks ricotz for pointing it (lp: #959954)

204. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-03-16

* New upstream version
* debian/patches/git_local_art_search_typo.patch:
  - git patch, fix a typo in the artsearch code
* debian/patches/git_magnatune_dialog_segfault.patch:
  - git patch, fix manatune dialg segfaulting
* git_ipod_no_private_source.patch,
  - git fixes for the ipod playlist handling code
* debian/patches/git_playlists_sync_segfault.patch:
  - git patch, fix segfault in the ipod playlists sync code
    (lp: #869445)
* debian/rhythmbox.gconf-defaults:
  - dropped, rhythmbox stopped using gconf in favor of gsettings

203. By Michael Terry on 2012-03-15

* debian/patches/07_quicklists.patch:
  - Add quicklists. Patch by Trenton Fox. LP: #937999

202. By dobey on 2012-03-09

* New upstream release. (LP: #949424)
  - Add support for allowing plug-ins to specify that they should be
    enabled by default. (LP: #934235)
  - Magnatune plug-in is re-enabled upstream.
  - Removal of gtk_dialog_run in most all cases.
  - Porting of more plug-ins to python-gi.
* debian/control, debian/*.install:
  - Remove the useless coherence plug-in install file.
  - Move some core plug-ins into main rhythmbox package.
    + audiocd, generic-player, iradio, mmkeys, power-manager, rb
  - Split out the NPAPI plug-in to a separate package.
  - Split out the zeitgeist plug-in to a separate package.
  - Split out the magnatune store plug-in to a separate package.
  - Split out the visualizer plug-in to a separate package.
    + Disable building the visualizer plug-in package, as it needs
      libmx which is in universe and not main.
* debian/patches/*:
  - Refreshed patches against new source that had problems applying.
  - Remvoe the mpris name patch which is included upstream.

201. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-02-27

* debian/patches/git_use_correct_mpris_name.patch:
  - use the correctlu mpris name, should stop the indicator-sound to get
    confused on rhythmbox restarts (lp: #932684)

[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/rules:
  - ignore librhythmbox-core5 for shlib generation

200. By Didier Roche on 2012-01-18

* debian/control, debian/librhythmbox-core5.install:
  - private library changed its soname to 5, add replaces to handle people
    getting the wrong version and handle transition.

199. By Didier Roche on 2012-01-17

* New upstream release:
  - wrong shortcut for Show / Hide the Queue Sidebar (LP: #461279)
* debian/watch:
  - update to latest url
* debian/patches/00_fix_for_glib_2.32.patch:
  - was taken upstream, removed

198. By Loïc Minier on 2012-01-11

Latest upload moved the data files for the artdisplay plugin into
rhythmbox-plugins; update Replaces to allow upgrades from older versions.

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