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16. By Damyan Ivanov

* New upstream release
 + update dependencies:
   - add libcapture-tiny-perl 0.06 to Depends
   - add (build-) dependency on libmodule-corelist-perl 2.22 or a suitable
   - remove module-refresh and module-starter from (build-)dependencies
   - bump (build-)dependency on libppix-editortools-perl to 0.13
   - add (build-)dependency on libprobe-perl-perl
 + update debian/copyright to match the new release

* Move Vcs-Git from apps/ to packages/
* stop removing bundled fork of ORLite::Migrate (now heavily modified)
* update debian/not-real-manual.list
* revert the plugin API version bump
* add Breaks: for incompatible plugin versions
* upload to unstable
* add pod-spelling.patch from upstream
* update disable-tcp-server.patch to apply cleanly

15. By Dominic Hargreaves

* Change Maintainer to pkg-perl, and add myself as an uploader
* Add alternative dependencies on perl 5.14; fixes FTBFS with perl
  5.14 (Closes: #639042)

14. By Damyan Ivanov

* New upstream release

* bump liborlite (build-)dependency to 1.46
* bump libparse-errorstring-perl-perl (build-)dependency to 0.14
* bump libwx-perl-processstream-perl (build-)dependency to 0.29
* update the list of incomplete manuals

* Upload to unstable

13. By Damyan Ivanov

New upstream bugfix release

12. By Damyan Ivanov

* new upstream bugfix release

* add libpod2-base-perl (>= 0.043) to dependencies
* update translator list in d/copyright
* update debian/not-real-manual.list
* rules: upstream no longer installs .po files next to the .mo files; stop
  removing them

11. By Damyan Ivanov

rules: run tests with HOME=$fake_home to avoud failing when $HOME points
to a non-existent location. Closes: #579289

10. By Damyan Ivanov

[ gregor herrmann ]
* debian/control: change dependency on "libclass-xsaccessor-array-perl
  (>= 1.02)" to "libclass-xsaccessor-perl (>= 1.05-2) |
  libclass-xsaccessor-array-perl (>= 1.02)".

[ Damyan Ivanov ]
* New upstream release
  + copyright: add a new translator
    - describe share/doc/perlopref copyright and licensing
  + update patches:
    - refresh disable-tcp-server.patch
    - drop fix-man-whatis.patch and fix-pod.patch (merged upstream)
    - drop fix-helpprovider-with-no-perlopref.patch: no longer necessary
* repack.sh: in 0.49 padre.exe moved from script/ to bin/
  + perlopref is now properly licensed
* add perl (>= 5.10.1) as a preferred alternative to versioned (build)
  dependencies on libtest-simple-perl and libpod-simple-perl
* update debian/not-real-manual.list for 0.50 (one file added, two files
  changed in size)
* rules: remove cruft from padre.deb
  + license etc from perlopref directory (already present in d/copyright)
  + remove .po files from the .deb (there are .mo files installed)

9. By Damyan Ivanov

also provide padre-plugin-api-1

8. By Damyan Ivanov

* New Upstream Version
  + new dependencies:
    - libdevel-refactor-perl 0.05
    - libfile-next-perl 1.04
    - libpod-perldoc-perl 3.15
    - libversion-perl (perl 5.10)
    - pip 0.13
  + new Recommends:
    - libformat-human-bytes-perl
  + dropped dependdencies
    - libcapture-tiny-perl
    - libfile-sharedir-par-perl
    - libpar-perl
  + bump libfile-which-perl, libppi-per, libppix-editortools-perl,
    libtest-script-perl and libwx-perl-processstream-perl dependencies
  + update translators list in d/copyright
  + add copyright holders for code borrowed from ExtUtils::MakeMaker
  + rules: drop empty Padre::Wx::Dialog::OpenResource::SearchTask manpage
  + refresh disable-tcp-server.patch
  + drop patches applied upstream: fix-perl-interpreter-path.patch,
    fix-pod-errors.patch and fix-whatis.patch
* Standards-Version: 3.8.3 (no changes)
* update debian/repack.sh to remove script/padre.exe,
  share/padre-splash-ccnc.bmp and share/doc/perlopref.pod and plug it
  into debian/watch; describe repackaging in debian/copyright
* copyright: update
* update lintian override of template/example scripts not being
* add fix-helpprovider-with-no-perldoc.patch so that the Help browser does
  not hang because of the missing perlopref.pod
* update README.debian with regard to repackaging

7. By Damyan Ivanov

* New Upstream Version
  + add explicit dependency on libtest-simple-perl (>= 0.88)
  + rules: use dh --with quilt (and bump quilt build-dependency to 0.46-7)
  + rules: no need to re-generate .mo files from .po. Upstream does it now
  + copyright: describe share/icons/padre/16x16/logo.png
    - describe share/icons/padre/16x16/toggle-comments.png
    - Padre license is the same as Perl (i.e. not Perl 5)
    - update list of copright holders
    - also list translators
  + drop libtest-most-perl from build-dependencies
  + add liblocale-msgfmt-perl to build-dependencies
  + add libcapture-tiny-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + add libfile-remove-perl (>= 1.42) to (build-)dependencies
  + drop libmodule-inspector-perl from (build-)dependencies
  + add libppix-editortools-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + add libparse-exuberantctags-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + patches:
    - drop lower-wx-requirement-to-2.8.7.patch and replace it with
      SKIP_WXWIDGETS_VERSION_CHECK=1 when configuring
      adjust README.debian accordingly
    - refresh disable-tcp-server.patch
    - drop don't-require-new-file-path.patch (applied upstream)
    - rework fix-pod2-errors.patch (new release, new errors :))
* add fix-perl-interpreter-path.patch fixing the path to the perl interpreter
  in three examples (thanks lintian)
* add more lintian overrides about script-not-executable for scripts that are
  treated as examples/templates
* add fix-whatis.patch fixing the whatis entry of Padre::Wx
* add menu and .desktop file

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