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37. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Marc Cluet ]
* debian/control:
  - Remove monitoring package
  - Remove explicit byobu declaration

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Create 'default' system for enlistment (LP: #898840)
* Do not deny apt Packages. Thanks to Scott Moser (LP: #927750)
* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postrm: Remove not only on
  'purge' but in 'remove' to not break apache. (LP: #929368)

36. By Andres Rodriguez

* Update orchestra_client_package snippet (LP: #903826)
* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst: Allow dpkg to exit
  even if orchestra-import-isos is still running.

35. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Marc Cluet ]
* debian/control:
  - Fix nagios3 dependencies on orchestra-monitoring-server
  - Add dependency on wget for orchestra-provisioning-server (LP: #897965)
* orchestra-generate-nagios-hosts
  - Generate nagios hosts and hostgroups automatically (LP: #862755)

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/control: Depends on squid3 rather than squid to not have failing
  PPA backports in oneiric.
* provisioning-server/var/lib/cobbler/kickstarts/{orchestra,juju}.preseed:
  Auto-select first disk found for installation. (LP: #900922)
* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-logging-server.postinst: Ensure log directory
  has the correct ownership. (LP: #901339)

34. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Scott Moser ]
* provisioning-server/
  Advertise the orchestra provisioning service via avahi (LP: #893189)

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* orchestra-import-isos: import ISOs by default if no option specified
  Check for updates for existing ISOs, download + update distro if necessary.
  (LP: #850892)

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst. Do not use args for
  orchestra-import-isos to maintain backwards compatibility.

33. By Andres Rodriguez

* debian/control:
  - Fix orchestra-client-juju package description. (LP: #893658)
* orchestra-import-isos: Add --update-profiles to update all the profiles
  based on modified etc/orchestra/import_isos config file. (LP: #891950)

32. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Install preseeds in var/lib/cobbler/kickstarts to make them editable
  in cobbler's webui. Do not create symlinks. (LP: #882943)
* orchestra-import-isos: Change KSDIR default to /var/lib/cobbler/kickstarts
  instead of /var/lib/orchestra/kickstarts.
* orchestra/utils/keys.py: Return "true" for preseed not to fail if keys
  are not found or empty. (LP: #891915)
* debconf question to select whether to run orchestra-import-isos on
  installation. (LP: #892328)

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* debian/control:
  - recommend ccze for log monitoring, it's awesome!
  - package arrangement per UDS-Orlando live session

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* Update references to squid directories and config files to point to
  squid3 equivalent
* squid.conf: Update for squid3 compat. Removed: 'acl all src all' (now
  built-into squid3), broken_vary_encoding (not supported in squid3),
  upgrade_http0.9 + extension_methods (deprecated, no longer necessary)
* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst: Backup original
  squid.conf if it exists. Stop squid3 before populating directory structure
  as it won't happen if squid3 is already running, later restart will fail.
  (LP: #892330)

31. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst, provisioning-
  - raise maximum squid object size to 750MB (to handle caching ISOs)
  - split squid spools in big and small file caches
  - ensure squid swap directories get created
* debian/control:
  - add a binary meta package 'orchestra', short for

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.links: Add orchestra.pressed
* provisioning-server/usr/sbin/orchestra-import-isos: Use orchestra.preseed
  in both newly imported ISO's and already existent.

30. By Dave Walker

debian/control: Drop recommends on etckeeper, which caused juju
deployments to hang. (LP: #872553)

29. By Marc Cluet

* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-logging-server.postinst
  - Make sure we create the base log directory and apply proper permissions

* logging-server/etc/cron.d/remote_syslog_compress (LP: #869134)
  - Change the target compress directory from remote to orchestra
  - Change the compression time to 48 hours instead of 24 hours

28. By Dustin Kirkland 

* debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst:
  - fix dpkg reconfigure test, LP: #868029
* provisioning-server/var/lib/orchestra/kickstarts/juju.preseed,
  x86_64.seed: LP: #868037
  - deprecate old preseed
  - resurrect inadvertently deleted preseed
  - ensure iscsi question doesn't block automated installs

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