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46. By Alberto Milone on 2013-12-11

* debian/patches/series:
  - Do not apply 01_allow_dark_themes.dpatch.
* debian/patches/07_remove_features_for_legacy.patch:
  - Do not expose features that are not available in the legacy
* debian/patches/08_add_prime_support.patch:
  - Add support for PRIME switching. An additional
    tab provides support for switching between GPUs.
    This is only visible if nvidia-prime (>= 0.5) is
    installed and reports that the system supports
    hybrid graphics. No hard dependency on nvidia-prime
    is therefore required (LP: #1259237).
* debian/patches/09_do_not_complain_if_nvidia_is_missing.patch:
  - Disable the warning dialog since it suggests to run
    nvidia-xconfig, which we don't need. This would also break
* debian/control.in, debian/postinst.in, debian/postrm.in,
  debian/prerm.in, debian/rules:
  - Drop alternatives and remove templates, as we only have
    one nvidia-settings for all the driver flavours.
* debian/dirs, debian/install,
  - Install the icon and the desktop files.
* debian/control:
  - Add ${misc:Depends}.
  - Build depend on libvdpau-dev and depend on libvdpau1.
  - Create transitional packages for 319, 319-updates, 313-updates,
    310, 310-updates, 304, 304-updates, experimental-304, updates.
  - Remove lpia.
  - Depend on screen-resolution-extra (>= 0.14ubuntu2.1).
* debian/rules:
  - Pass the destdir argument in uppercase to match the variable.
  - Add download-sources target.
  - Clean action in rules to target "clean" instead of "distclean".
  - Do not compress .c and .mk files.

45. By Alberto Milone on 2013-04-05

* SECURITY UPDATE: ARGB Cursor Buffer Overflow in "NoScanout" Mode
  - CVE-2013-0131

[ Alberto Milone ]
* New upstream release:
  - Match the ABI in the 304.88 release.
* debian/rules:
  - Make sure that the sources are installed correctly.
* Drop 04_nvidia-settings_natty_ftbs.patch and
* Add 06_remove_local_prefix.patch.

44. By Alberto Milone on 2012-03-30

New upstream release.

43. By Alberto Milone on 2012-02-18

New upstream release.

42. By Alberto Milone on 2011-11-14

New upstream release.

41. By St├ęphane Graber on 2011-10-17

releasing version 280.13-0ubuntu4

40. By St├ęphane Graber on 2011-10-17

releasing version 280.13-0ubuntu3

39. By Alberto Milone on 2011-08-05

Make sure that dh_auto_install calls make with the right arguments.

38. By Alberto Milone on 2011-08-04

* New upstream release.
* Correct copyright assignment in debian/rules.
* Make it possible to generate files from templates.
* Install an alternative, so that users can switch between different
* Switch to debhelper 7 and quilt.

37. By Alberto Milone on 2011-06-15

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a bug that caused nvidia-settings to crash while saving the
    X configuration file on some Linux distributions.

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