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16. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-17

* debian/control{.in}:
  - Drop all the dependencies on the linux-headers (LP: #1080588).
* debian/substvars:
  - Add an alternative dependency on xserver-xorg-core-lts-quantal
    (LP: #1080588).
  - Drop versioned dependency on the xserver.

15. By Alberto Milone on 2012-11-07

* debian/dkms.conf.in,
  - Add support for Linux 3.7 (LP: #1075937).
* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a bug that caused the EIZO FlexScan SX2762W
    monitor to remain blank when connected via
  - Updated nvidia-settings to save and restore
    per-monitor color correction settings when RandR
    1.2 or later is available.
  - Fixed a bug that caused too many display devices
    to appear in the X Screen page of nvidia-settings
    when SLI is enabled.
  - Fixed a bug that caused applications to stop
    rendering or the X server to hang in Xinerama
    configurations when windows were moved, resized,
    mapped, or unmapped.
  - Fixed a bug that caused poor OpenGL performance
    on GeForce 6 and 7 PCI cards.
  - Fixed a bug in nvidia-settings that made it report
    the status of ECC configuration incorrectly.
  - Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if a
    display was put into DPMS off mode and subsequently
    reenabled while screen transformations are in use.
  - Fixed a bug that caused the X Resize and Rotate
    extension to be enabled when Xinerama is enabled.
    These two X extensions are incompatible and having
    them both enabled can confuse window managers such
    as KDE's kwin. RandR is now correctly disabled when
    Xinerama is enabled.
  - Fixed a bug causing OpenGL stereo applications to
    not work properly when using passive stereo modes 5
    through 9 on Quadro Fermi and newer GPUs.
  - Added support for the "Backlight" RandR output
    property for configuring the brightness of some
    notebook internal panels.
  - Fixed a bug that prevented the Ubuntu Unity launcher
    panel from unhiding (LP:# 1057000).
  - Fixed a bug that caused incorrect input
    transformation after resizing an NVIDIA X screen
    with xserver ABI 12 (xorg-server 1.12) or newer.
  - Fixed a bug that caused GLX to leak memory when
    Xinerama is enabled.
  - Fixed a regression in backlight control functionality
    on some notebook configurations.
  - Fixed a performance issue with recent Linux kernels
    when allocating and freeing system memory.
  - Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the display
    device / X screen selection menu from being displayed
    in nvidia-settings.
  - Fixed a bug that prevented X driver gamma
    manipulation from working after a VT-switch on some
  - Added the option --output-file to nvidia-bug-report.sh
    to allow specifying a custom filename for the log file.
  - Fixed a hang when using OpenGL programs with some SLI
    Mosaic configurations on pre-Fermi GPUs.
  - Added sections to the Supported NVIDIA GPU Products
    list for NVS, Tesla, and VGX products.
  - Added support for the following GPUs:
    o VGX K1
    o VGX K2
    o Tesla K20c
    o Tesla K20m

14. By Alberto Milone on 2012-08-28

* debian/rules:
  - Add support for X ABI 13.
* New upstream release (LP: #1037483):
  - Added support for the following GPUs:
    o GeForce GTX 660 Ti
    o Quadro K5000
    o Quadro K5000M
    o Quadro K4000M
    o Quadro K3000M
    o NVS 510
  - Fixed a bug that caused pre-release versions of
    X.Org xserver 1.13 to crash when certain GLX
    operations were performed, such as when starting
  - Fixed a bug that caused VDPAU to hang when
    expanding the YouTube Flash Player.

13. By Alberto Milone on 2012-05-04

* New upstream release:
  - Added support for the following GPU:
    o GeForce GTX 690
  - Fixed a problem where starting, stopping, and moving
    OpenGL application windows was very slow on Quadro
    FX 4600, Quadro FX 5600, GeForce 8800 GTX, GeForce
    8800 GTS, and GeForce 8800 Ultra (LP: #982710).
  - Fixed an OpenGL performance regression which
    affected Geforce 6 and Geforce 7 series integrated
    GPUs (LP: #982485).

12. By Alberto Milone on 2012-04-12

* New upstream release:
  - Added support for the following GPUs:
    o GeForce GT 635M
    o GeForce 610M
  - SECURITY UPDATE: privilege escalation via kernel
    memory access (LP: #959842).
  - Fixed a bug that caused DisplayPort devices to
    occasionally fail to turn back on after the system
    is resumed from suspend.
  - Added a ModeValidation X configuration option token,
    "AllowNon3DVisionModes", to allow modes that are not
    optimized for NVIDIA 3D Vision to be validated on 3D
    Vision monitors.

11. By Alberto Milone on 2012-03-27

* New upstream release:
  - Added support for the following GPUs:
    o GeForce GTX 680
    o GeForce GT 630M
    o GeForce GT 620
  - Fixed a VDPAU bug where decoding some H.264 streams
    would cause hardware errors on lower-end products,
    resulting in corruption and poor performance.
  - Fixed a bug that caused DisplayPort audio to stop
    working after monitors are hotplugged on GeForce GT
  - Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.
  - Fixed a behavior change that prevented
    ConnectedMonitor from being usable with DisplayPort
  - Marked the GVO Clone mode NV-CONTROL attributes:
    as deprecated. They will be removed in a future
    release. To display an X screen over GVO, it is
    recommended to use GVO with MetaModes, instead.
  - Fixed a bug that caused DisplayPort devices to not
    be listed in Xorg.*.log.
  - Added support for 3D Vision ready displays that
    have a NVIDIA 3D Vision infrared emitter built
    inside the panel itself.
  - Fixed a bug that caused OpenGL applications to
    crash with some libc versions, such as eglibc 2.15
    (LP: #929384).
  - Fixed a bug that caused HDMI audio to stop working
    on AppleTV devices when an X server was started.
* debian/nvidia-$flavour.postrm{.in}:
  - Make sure to remove the blacklist for hybrid
    graphics and to rebuild the initramfs (LP: #958848).

10. By Alberto Milone on 2012-02-18

* New upstream release:
  - Added support for the following GPU:
    o NVS 5200M
  - Fixed a bug that caused black areas to appear on the
    back faces of some models in Maya.
  - Fixed a bug that resulted in the printing of spurious
    loader error messages.
  - Fixed a bug that could cause X to crash after
    hotplugging displays.
  - Fixed a bug which caused face selections to be
    misrendered in Maya when using the paint selection
  - Improved performance for interactive tools in Mudbox.
  - Added support for deleting SDI audio ancillary data
    packets when a video frame is dropped on a Quadro SDI
    Output device. See the NV_CTRL_GVO_AUDIO_BLANKING
    attribute in NVCtrl.h for details. This option can be
    set via the GvoAudioBlanking attribute in
* debian/rules:
  - Make sure that nouveau is blacklisted even when nvidia
    is disabled. This is necessary in order to get hybrid
    graphics to work.
* debian/nvidia-$(flavour).postinst{.in},
  - Make use of quirks from nvidia-common.

9. By Alberto Milone on 2012-01-25

Rebuild against new X ABI.

8. By Alberto Milone on 2012-01-13

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a bug that would cause OpenGL applications to
    crash when run with recent releases of glibc such as
    glibc 2.14.90.
  - Improved the performance of FBO bind operations when
    using Xinerama by ~30% in some cases.
  - Fixed a bug that could cause stereo corruption when
    driving a stereo display and a non-stereo display
    from the same GPU.
  - Fixed a bug that could cause display devices on a
    secondary GPU to get swapped between X screens when
    restarting the X server.
  - Fixed a bug that could result in line flickering in
    full-scene anti- aliasing contexts.
  - Fixed a bug that caused the physical dimensions of
    rotated monitors to be reported incorrectly.
  - Add support for the pre-VBO DrawArrays command in
    the server-side GLX driver module. The NVIDIA
    client-side GLX implementation never sends this
    command, but the server needs to support it for
    compatibility with other GLX client implementations.
  - Fixed a regression that caused blank/white windows
    when exhausting video memory on GeForce 6 and 7
    series GPUs while using composited desktops.
  - Fixed a bug that caused a crash when glDrawArrays
    was used with a non-VBO vertex attribute array to
    draw on a Xinerama screen other than screen 0 using
    an indirect GLX context.
* debian/nvidia-$flavour.prerm.in:
  - Use the right path to remove the alternative for the
    other architecture (LP: #915461).

7. By Alberto Milone on 2011-11-08

* New upstream release:
  - Added support for the following GPU:
    o GeForce GT 520MX
  - Added support for xserver ABI 11 (xorg-server 1.11).
  - Fixed a bug causing a Linux kernel BUG when retrieving
    CPU information on some systems.
  - Fixed a bug causing some applications to hang on exit.
  - Fixed a bug causing flickering in some GPU/display
  - Fixed a bug that could result in poor OpenGL performance
    after hotplugging a monitor.
  - Fixed a bug causing possible text corruption when
    recovering from GPU errors.
* debian/dkms.conf{.in}:
  - Make sure that dkms doesn't use the gold linker,
    otherwise the resulting module would cause kernel
    oops (LP: #607399).
  - Drop non functional OBSOLETE_BY variable.

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