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18. By Andres Rodriguez

* MAAS Stable Release Update:
  - debian/patches/04-dhcp-lease-conflict.patch: Sets expiry lease time
    to 30 seconds (LP: #1069570)

17. By Andres Rodriguez

* MAAS Stable Release Update, debian/patches:
  - 99_filestorage_empty_files_lp1204507.patch: Fix to allow the storage
    of empty files when using Juju Go, otherwise machines will fail to
    bootstrap. (LP: #1204507)
  - 99_fix_highbank_localboot_lp1172966.patch: Fix to PXE LOCALBOOT on
    highbank servers by removing a PXE message. Otherwise highbank will
    fail to pxe boot. (LP: #1172966)
  - 99_no_ipmi_detection_kvm_lp1064527.patch: Fix to ensure that IPMI
    detection does not happen on KVM VM's, otherwise enlistment and
    commissioning process will take too long. (LP: #1064527)
  - 99_update_cluster_info_cli_lp1172193.patch: Fix to allow admins to
    update cluster information from the API/CLI and not only restrict it
    to the WebUI. (LP: #1172193)
  - 99_fix_ipmi_power_command_lp1171418: Fix to ensure that ipmi commands
    are always executed regardless of the state of the machine.
    (LP: #1171418)
  - 99_default_timezone_utc_lp1211447.patch: Default to UTC for the
    deployed nodes. (LP: #1211447)

16. By Andres Rodriguez

* MAAS Stable Release Update (LP: #1109283). See changelog entry bellow.
* debian/maas-dhcp.maas-dhcp-server.upstart: leases file should be owned
  by user/group 'dhcpd' instead of root.
* debian/control: Force dependency version for python-django to
  (>> 1.3.1-4ubuntu1.6).
* Continue to ship yui3 and raphael with MAAS.
  - debian/patches/04_precise_no_yui_root.patch: Add.
  - debian/control: Drop dependencies on yui3 and raphael.
  - debian/source/include-binaries: Add to not FTBFS
  - debian/extras/jslibs: Ship JS libraries.
  - debian/copyright: Update copyright to reflect libraries license.

15. By Andres Rodriguez

* New upstream release (Fixes LP: #981103)
* debian/maas.postinst:
  - Make sure rabbitmq and postgresql are started on upgrade (LP: #981282)
  - Handle upgrades from any lower than 0.1+bzr462+dfsg-0ubuntu1 to
    correctly re-generate passwords, and not have db sync/migrate issues
    as config has changed upstream.
  - Correctly set Passwords for PSERV, otherwise it won't set new passwords.
* Allow MAAS_DEFAULT_URL reconfiguration. (LP: #980970)
  - debian/maas.config: Add reconfigure validation to correctly allow it,
    and ask a question.
  - debian/maas.postinst: Reconfigure DEFAULT_MAAS_URL as well as cobbler
    server and next_server for PXE/Provisioning.
  - debian/maas.templates: Add debconf question and update info.
* Do not lose MAAS_DEFAULT_URL settings on upgrade (LP: #984309)
* debian/maas.postinst:
  - Set cobbler password in between quotes (LP: #984427)
  - Do not change permissions to maas.log (LP: #980915)
* no longer use maas-cloudimg2ephemeral, but rather use premade images
  at http://maas.ubuntu.com

14. By Andres Rodriguez

* New upstream release (LP: #980240)

[ Scott Moser ]
* add dependency on distro-info (LP: #949442)
* debian/control: add dependency on tgt for ephemeral iscsi environment

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Make package lintian clean:
  - maas{-dhcp}.lintian-overrides: Add to make lintian clean.
  - debian/control: Add missing dependencies; correct section and desc.
  - debian/maas.postinst: Do not use absolute path for rabbitmqctl.
  - debian/patches: Add headers to all patches.
* debian/maas-dhcp.postrm: Added to disable dnsmasq in cobbler on removal.
* debian/maas.config: Do not set a password with pwgen as it is not an
  essential package; allow dbconfig-common to create a password instead by
  creating an empty question. (LP: #977475)
* Run MAAS, pserv, txlongpoll as non-root user. (LP: #975436)
  - debian/maas.postinst: Create user/group; set correct permissions for
  - debian/maas.postrm: Remove user/group; restart apache2.
  - debian/maas.maas-{pserv,txlongpoll}.upstart: Update to run as non-root
    'maas' user.
* debian/patches/01-fix-database-settings.patch: Remove adding of PSERV_URL.
* debian/maas.postinst:
  - Handle config file upgrade from versions lower than 0.1+bzr445+dfsg-0ubuntu1,
    by creating new passwords and updating accordingly
  - use local variables in functions.
  - Handle maas tgt configuration for upgrades from 0.1+bzr459+dfsg-0ubuntu1.
* debian/extras/99-maas: Add squid-deb-proxy file to enable PPAs. (LP: #979383)
* debian/maas.install: Install missing commissioning-user-data script.

[ Dave Walker (Daviey) ]
* debian/patches/02-pserv-config.patch: Refreshed to apply to updated config.

[ Gavin Panella ]
* debian/maas.postinst: Update pserv.yaml and maas_local_settings.py to use

13. By Andres Rodriguez

* debian/maas-dhcp.{config,postinst}:
  - Fix not setting new values on fresh install. (LP: #975321)
  - Fix unsetting domain, otherwise, even if disabled, it will always be set.
* debian/control: Depends on maas for maas-dhcp.

12. By Andres Rodriguez

* debian/control: Update package descriptions; Suggests maas-dhcp for maas
  and add a maas-dhcp binary.
* Add maas-dhcp package to configure a DHCP server.
  - debian/maas-dhcp.config: Add to ask debconf questions about range,
    gateway, and domain.
  - debian/maas-dhcp.postinst: Handle update of config values.
  - debian/maas-dhcp.templates: Debconf questions.
* debian/po: Update for templates.
* Add message telling MAAS URL after installation.
  - debian/maas.templates: Add message.
  - debian/maas.postinst: Display message.
* debian/maas.config: Hide dbconfig-install question.

11. By Andres Rodriguez

* debian/patches/{02-pserv-config,03-txlongpoll-config}.patch: Refreshed.
* debian/maas.install: Install maas-gc cronjob.
* Add apport hook.
  - debian/maas.apport: Add hook.
  - debian/rules: Install with apport.
* debian/maas.logrotate: Add logrotate for txlongpoll and pserv logs.
* Create 'var/lib/media/maas/storage' on postinst to have right permissions.
  - debian/maas.dirs: Drop dir creation.
  - debian/maas.postinst: Create dir with correct permissions.
  - debian/maas.postrm: Remove dir on purge.

10. By Andres Rodriguez

* maas.dirs: Create var/lib/maas/media/storage for juju storage.
* maas.postinst:
  - Give correct permissions to above dir.
  - stop apache2 before db upgrade, and restart after.

9. By Andres Rodriguez

[ Dave Walker (Daviey) ]
* debian/control: Add openssh-server as a Recommends, and wrap-and-sort.

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas.postinst:
  - Do not start apache with apache2ctl. Use invoke-rc.d instead to not
    fail in the installer.
  - For start of postgresql before creating the DB, otherwise it will
    fail in the installer.
  - Add check of invoke-rc.d for syslog.
  - Add check of invoke-rc.d for rabbitmq-server; Add check for rabbitmqctl
  - Add db_stop, in case invoke-rc.d fails.
* debian/control: Tight python-django-maas dependency.
* debian/postrm: Add check for rabbitmqctl.
* debian/maas.maas-txlongpoll.upstart: Create rabbitmq longpoll user/vhost
  and set permissions if they don't exist. Start on rabbitmq-server-running.

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