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8. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-04-11

[ Luke Yelavich ]

* Rebase against Ubuntu-3.2.0-23.36
* [Config] Fix invalid linux-headers link for low-latency kernels

7. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-04-04

[ Luke Yelavich ]

* [Config] Update configs after rebase against Ubuntu-3.2.0-22.35

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* Low-latency: Rebase against Ubuntu-3.2.0-22.35

6. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-03-30

[ Luke Yelavich ]

* [Config] Update configs after rebase against Ubuntu-3.2.0-21.34

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* Low-latency: Rebase against Ubuntu-3.2.0-21.34

5. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-03-22

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* Rebase against Ubuntu-3.2.0-20.32
* [Config] Update configs after rebase against precise mainline

4. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-03-21

[ Stefan Bader ]

* d-i: Add dm-multipath and scsi device handlers
  - LP: #959749
* d-i: Move multipath modules into their own udeb
  - LP: #598251, #959749

[ Tim Gardner ]

* [Config] Auto-detect do_tools setting
* [Config] correctly specify CROSS_COMPILE for tools build
* Rebase to v3.2.12

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* UBUNTU: Look for releases marked Lowlatency instead of Ubuntu
* UBUNTU: [Config] Adjust Poulsbo config options to match precise mainline,
  to satisfy enforcer

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* powerpc/pmac: Fix SMP kernels on pre-core99 UP machines
  - LP: #959959
* rebase to v3.2.12

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* [Config] Fix typeo in the Hyper-V module names

[ Colin Watson ]

* [Config] Move kernels to "Section: kernel"
  - LP: #499557

[ John Johansen ]

* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add ability to load extended policy
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add the ability to mediate mount
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add profile introspection file to interface
* SAUCE: AppArmor: basic networking rules

[ Leann Ogasawara ]

  - LP: #952035
* Rebase to v3.2.10
* [Config] Update configs after rebase to v3.2.10
* Rebase to v3.2.11
* [Config] Disable CONFIG_STUB_POULSBO
  - LP: #899244
* [Config] Add CONFIG_DRM_PSB check to enforcer
  - LP: #899244

[ Tim Gardner ]

* [Config] Drop non-SMP powerpc

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* net/hyperv: Use the built-in macro KBUILD_MODNAME for this driver
* x86: Derandom delay_tsc for 64 bit
* Bluetooth: Fix l2cap conn failures for ssp devices
  - LP: #872044
* KVM: x86: extend "struct x86_emulate_ops" with "get_cpuid"
  - LP: #917842
  - CVE-2012-0045
* KVM: x86: fix missing checks in syscall emulation
  - LP: #917842
  - CVE-2012-0045
* rebase to v3.2.11
* rebase to v3.2.10

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* [Config] restore build-% shortcut
* SAUCE: ata_piix: defer disks to the Hyper-V drivers by default
  - LP: #929545, #942316

[ Eugeni Dodonov ]

* SAUCE: drm: give up on edid retries when i2c bus is not responding
  - LP: #855124

[ Seth Forshee ]

* SAUCE: (drop after 3.3) platform/x86: Add driver for Apple gmux device
  - LP: #925544

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* bsg: fix sysfs link remove warning
  - LP: #946928
* regset: Prevent null pointer reference on readonly regsets
  - LP: #949905
  - CVE-2012-1097
* regset: Return -EFAULT, not -EIO, on host-side memory fault
  - LP: #949905
  - CVE-2012-1097

[ Wu Fengguang ]

* SAUCE: (drop after 3.4) ALSA: hda - add id for Atom Cedar Trail HDMI

3. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-03-09

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* [Config] clean up the human consumable package descriptions
* [Config] fix generic flavour description
* [Config] clean up linux-tools package descriptions
  - LP: #593107
* deviations -- note the source of the Hyper-V updates
* SAUCE: ata_piix: defer to the Hyper-V drivers by default
  - LP: #929545
* ubuntu: AUFS -- adapt to the new changelog handling
* ubuntu: AUFS -- sort out the relative header paths
* ubuntu: AUFS -- update to d266b0c5d0693d6383976ee54b9e2c0fa9a3f5b0

[ Chase Douglas ]

* SAUCE: (drop after 3.3) HID: hid-magicmouse: Add pointer and buttonpad
  properties for Magic Trackpad
* SAUCE: Input: synaptics - add second variant of two-button clickpad
* SAUCE: Input: synapticss - Set buttonpad property for all clickpads

[ Eugeni Dodonov ]

* SAUCE: drm/i915: do not enable RC6p on Sandy Bridge
* SAUCE: drm/i915: fix operator precedence when enabling RC6p

[ Ingo Molnar ]

* ubuntu: nx-emu - i386: NX emulation

[ Johannes Berg ]

* SAUCE: iwlwifi: fix key removal
  - LP: #911059

[ John Johansen ]

* Revert "SAUCE: AppArmor: Fix unpack of network tables."
* Revert "SAUCE: AppArmor: Allow dfa backward compatibility with broken
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add mising end of structure test to caps unpacking
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Fix dropping of allowed operations that are force
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Fix underflow in xindex calculation
* SAUCE: AppArmor: fix mapping of META_READ to audit and quiet flags
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Fix the error case for chroot relative path name
  - LP: #925028
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Retrieve the dentry_path for error reporting when path
  lookup fails
  - LP: #925028
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Minor cleanup of d_namespace_path to consolidate error
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Update dfa matching routines.
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Move path failure information into aa_get_name and
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Make chroot relative the default path lookup type
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add ability to load extended policy
* SAUCE: AppArmor: basic networking rules
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add profile introspection file to interface
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add the ability to mediate mount
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Add mount information to apparmorfs

[ Kees Cook ]

* SAUCE: (drop after 3.3) security: create task_free security callback
* SAUCE: (drop after 3.3) security: Yama LSM
* SAUCE: (drop after 3.3) Yama: add PR_SET_PTRACER_ANY
* SAUCE: Yama: add link restrictions
* SAUCE: security: unconditionally chain to Yama LSM
* SAUCE: AppArmor: refactor securityfs to use structures
* SAUCE: AppArmor: add initial "features" directory to securityfs
* SAUCE: AppArmor: add "file" details to securityfs
* SAUCE: AppArmor: export known rlimit names/value mappings in securityfs
* ubuntu: Yama - LSM hooks
* ubuntu: Yama - add ptrace relationship tracking interface
* ubuntu: Yama - unconditionally chain to Yama LSM

[ Leann Ogasawara ]

* Revert "[Config] Enable CONFIG_NVRAM=m"
  - LP: #942193
* Drop ndiswrapper
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-17.26
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-17.27
* Rebase to v3.2.7
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_QUATECH2=m on arm and powerpc
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_QUATECH_USB2=m on arm and powerpc
* [Config] Add CONFIG_NVRAM to config enforcer
  - LP: #942193
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_SCSI_IBMVSCSI=m for powerpc
  - LP: #943090
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_SCSI_IPR=m for powerpc
  - LP: #943090
* provide ipmi udeb
  - LP: #942926
* Rebase to v3.2.9
* Add ibmveth to d-i/modules-powerpc/nic-modules
  - LP: #712188
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_SCSI_IBMVFC=m for powerpc
  - LP: #712188
* Add ibmvfc and ibmvscsic to d-i/modules-powerpc/nic-modules
  - LP: #712188
* Ubuntu-3.2.0-18.28

[ Robert Hooker ]

* SAUCE: drm/i915: Enable RC6 by default on sandybridge.

[ Seth Heasley ]

* SAUCE: ALSA: hda - Add Lynx Point HD Audio Controller DeviceIDs
  - LP: #900119
* SAUCE: ahci: AHCI-mode SATA patch for Intel Lynx Point DeviceIDs
  - LP: #900119
* SAUCE: ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel Lynx Point DeviceIDs
  - LP: #900119
* SAUCE: i2c-i801: Add device IDs for Intel Lynx Point
  - LP: #900119

[ Tim Gardner ]

* dropped hv_mouse
* [Config] CONFIG_X86_NUMACHIP=y
* [Config] updateconfigs after apparmor patches
* [Config] Added hv_netvsc and hv_storvsc to -virtual
  - LP: #942256
* [Config] Enable aufs
  - LP: #943119
* SAUCE: Made kernel irq-threaded by default

[ Luke Yelavich ]

* UBUNTU: Depend on crda (>=1.1.1-1ubuntu2) | wireless-crda as per precise
  mainline packaging

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* Revert "Revert "ath9k_hw: fix interpretation of the rx KeyMiss flag""
* Revert "AppArmor: compatibility patch for v5 interface"
* Revert "AppArmor: compatibility patch for v5 network controll"
* Staging: hv: vmbus: Support building the vmbus driver as part of the
* hv: Add Kconfig menu entry
* Drivers: hv: Fix a memory leak
* Drivers: hv: Make the vmbus driver unloadable
* Drivers: hv: Get rid of an unnecessary check in hv.c
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Make boolean states boolean
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Inline the code for mousevsc_on_device_add()
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Inline the code for reportdesc_callback()
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Cleanup mousevsc_on_channel_callback()
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Add a new line to a debug string
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Get rid of unnecessary include files
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Address some style issues
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Add a check to prevent memory corruption
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Use the KBUILD_MODNAME macro
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Use mempools to allocate struct
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup error handling in the probe function
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Fixup the error when processing SET_WINDOW
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix error handling storvsc_host_reset()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Use the accessor function shost_priv()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Use the unlocked version queuecommand
* Staging: hv: storvsc: use the macro KBUILD_MODNAME
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Get rid of an unnecessary forward declaration
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Upgrade the vmstor protocol version
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Support hot add of scsi disks
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Support hot-removing of scsi devices
* staging: hv: Use kmemdup rather than duplicating its implementation
* staging: hv: move hv_netvsc out of staging area
* Staging: hv: mousevsc: Properly add the hid device
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Disable clustering
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_device_alloc()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix a bug in storvsc_command_completion()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix a bug in copy_from_bounce_buffer()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Implement per device memory pools
* Staging: hv: remove hv_mouse driver as it's now in the hid directory
* Staging: hv: update TODO file
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix a bug in create_bounce_buffer()
* net/hyperv: Fix long lines in netvsc.c
* net/hyperv: Add support for promiscuous mode setting
* net/hyperv: Fix the stop/wake queue mechanism
* net/hyperv: Remove unnecessary kmap_atomic in netvsc driver
* net/hyperv: Add NETVSP protocol version negotiation
* net/hyperv: Add support for jumbo frame up to 64KB
* net/hyperv: fix possible memory leak in do_set_multicast()
* net/hyperv: rx_bytes should account the ether header size
* net/hyperv: fix the issue that large packets be dropped under bridge
* net/hyperv: Use netif_tx_disable() instead of netif_stop_queue() when
* net/hyperv: Fix the page buffer when an RNDIS message goes beyond page
* HID: Move the hid-hyperv driver out of staging
* HID: hv_mouse: Properly add the hid device
* HID: hyperv: Properly disconnect the input device
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup some comments
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_probe()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_queuecommand()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Introduce defines for srb status codes
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_host_reset_handler()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Move and cleanup storvsc_remove()
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Add a comment to explain life-cycle management
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Get rid of the on_io_completion in
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Rename the context field in hv_storvsc_request
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Miscellaneous cleanup of storvsc driver
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup the code for generating protocol version
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup some protocol related constants
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Get rid of some unused defines
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Consolidate the request structure
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Consolidate all the wire protocol definitions
* Staging: hv: storvsc: Move the storage driver out of the staging area
* x86: Make flat_init_apic_ldr() available
* x86: Add x86_init platform override to fix up NUMA core numbering
* x86: Add NumaChip support
* x86/numachip: Drop unnecessary conflict with EDAC
* Input: bcm5974 - set BUTTONPAD property
* Ubuntu: Rebase to v3.2.8
* ACPI / PM: Do not save/restore NVS on Asus K54C/K54HR
  - LP: #898503
* Add low latency source

2. By Alessio Igor Bogani on 2011-10-26

Add new lowlatency kernel flavour

1. By Alessio Igor Bogani on 2011-10-26

Import upstream version 3.2.0

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