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45. By Alessio Treglia on 2012-06-16

* Add new devices (LP: #1014029):
  - Archos 70it2
  - Nokia C7 (new, previously unknown, ID)
  - Cowon iAudio C2
  - SonyEricsson Xperia MK16i
  - SonyEricsson ST18i Xperia Ray
  - SONY Xperia P
  - Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition (previously unknown ID)
  - Google Inc (for LG Electronics) P990/Optimus (Cyanogen)
  - Asus TF300 Transformer
  - Vizio VTAB1008
* Fix flags for Android devices:
  - Motorola Milestone / Verizon Droid
  - Motorola DROID2
  - Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition

44. By Alessio Treglia on 2012-04-03

* New upstream bugfix release:
  - Soname libmtp.so.9.0.3 - binary compatible.
  - Probably nailed the bugs in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 family
    of devices. Ignacio Martinez helped us fixing this!
  - Build fixes by Alessio Treglia and others.
  - A horde of new devices in the database.
* Remove patches applied upstream:
  - 0001-broken_object_info.patch
  - 0002-devicedb_updates.patch
  - 2001-pkgconfig_requires.patch
* Refresh 1001-kfreebsd_hurd_ftbfs.patch.
* Refresh symbols file.
* Update debian/copyright.

43. By Alessio Treglia on 2012-01-13

Use libusb-dev instead of libusb-1.0-0-dev on non-linux archs.

42. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-11-08

* New upstream bugfix release:
  - Insert more carefulness into the udev script so
    we avoid probing any color adjustment devices.
    These don't even like it when we open them to
    check their props.
  - udev rule prio for probe command set to come after
    most other devices including SANE, so now we use
    level 69 (Closes: #647234).
  - A horde of new devices in the database.
* Remove debian/patches/0001-new_devices.patch.
* Remove debian/patches/2001-new_devices_from_upstream_git.patch
* Update debian/patches/1001-kfreebsd_hurd_ftbfs.patch

41. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-08-16

Upload to unstable.

40. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-08-09

* Merge with Debian experimental, remaining changes:
  - Temporarily let libmtp-common Replace libmtp9, this can be dropped
    once Oneiric is released.

39. By Loïc Minier on 2011-06-30

Temporarily let libmtp-common Replace libmtp9; we can drop this change in
a couple of weeks, when people have upgraded across the broken version.

38. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-06-28

[ Alessio Treglia ]
* debian/copyright:
  - Credits to Sense Hofstede for the apport script.
  - Fix formatting to comply with DEP-5 svn r174.
* debian/patches/0001-new_devices.patch
  - New device: Google Xoom 18d1:70a8 (LP: #793064)

[ Loïc Minier ]
* Let libmtpN replace libmtp8; LP: #802441
* Move apport hook to libmtp-common. Shipping the apport hook in
  libmtp-common instead of libmtpN avoids the need for Replaces in
  the future; thanks Michael Vogt.

37. By Loïc Minier on 2011-06-27

Let libmtpN replace libmtp8; LP: #802441.

36. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-06-20

* New upstream release:
  - Soname libmtp.so.9.0.0 - new ABI:
    + New state fields are added in an exposed public struct. Programs need
      to be recompiled and relinked against the new libmtp but then they
      should work.
  - New interfaces:
    + LIBMTP_Open_Raw_Device_Uncached()
    + LIBMTP_Get_Files_And_Folders()
  - Tentative event interface: LIBMTP_Read_Event
    + Support for some basic device event. It should be polled by a separate
      thread in clients, and we expect to handle most events internally in
      libmtp (such as updating the data cache when objects are added or
      removed) but this thread is required to drive it.
  - Even more careful device probe code in the mtp-probe executable. Some
    distros reported problems with some rouge devices with custom interfaces
    going into endless probe loops. This should now be fixed: we're making
    sure we have exactly the right kind of endpoints before probing.
  - udev rule prio for probe command set to match what comes with stock udev.
  - Probing for IAD (Interface Association Descriptors).
  - A horde of new devices in the database.
* Delete 0001-new_devices.patch, applied upstream.
* Refresh 1001-kfreebsd_hurd_ftbfs.patch
* debian/{control,rules}: Bump SOVERSION to 9.
* Move libmtp8.symbols to libmtp9.symbols.
* Update symbols file.
* udev rules file has been renamed: 45-libmtp.rules -> 39-libmtp.rules.
* debian/control:
  - Drop ancient udev << 0.136-1 from the libmtp9's Breaks field.
  - libmtp{9,-runtime} depend on libmtp-common.
  - Relax mtp-tools' dependency on libmtp@SONAME@.
* Update mtp-tools' manpage to document the new mtp-filetree utility.

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