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30. By Charles Kerr

* New upstream release.
  * Fix a Coverity PW.BRANCH_PAST_INITIALIZATION error (LP: #957471)
  * Fix FTB bug from ambiguity between Glib.Menu and Gtk.Menu in the Vala code
* debian/control: Updating to valac-0.16

29. By Sebastien Bacher

debian/rules: build without make check until the builder environment
issues are sorted

28. By Sebastien Bacher

debian/control: build-depends on dbus-test-runner

27. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/rules:
  - run make check during the build

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release.
  * Set name and title in fallback status item (LP: #885080)
  * Fix build in non-source dir cases (LP: #931764)
  * Use file names for icons in fallback mode (LP: #875770)
  * Add since declarations to documentation
  * Fix test suite to work with libindicator 0.4.93
  * Fix the mono binding properties

26. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/control:
  - don't make libappindicator3-dev depends on libappindicator-dev
* debian/libappindicator3-dev.install:
  - install the gtk3 include directory

25. By Ted Gould

* New upstream release.
  * Fix include with Dbusmenu 0.5.90
  * Fix GTK3 include paths in pkgconfig file (LP: #869373)
  * Add title property (LP: #923971)
  * Don't specify pyglib-2.0-python2.6 in LDFLAGS
  * fix fallback icon of the GtkStatusIcon (LP: #820080)
* debian/control: Dbusmneu Dep to 0.5.90
* deibna/*symbols: Updated to add [set|get]_title functions

24. By Ken VanDine

* rebuild for libindicator7
* bindings/python/Makefile.am
  - Don't specify pyglib-2.0-python2.6 in LDFLAGS
* debian/rules
  - dhr_autoreconf
* debian/control
  - added build dep on dh-autoreconf
* debian/libappindicator1.symbols, debian/libappindicator3-1.symbols
  - added symbols

23. By Adam Conrad

s/pyglib-2.0-python2.6/pyglib-2.0-python2.7/ for python bindings.

22. By Michael Vogt

* src/app-indicator.c:
  - fix fallback icon of the GtkStatusIcon (LP: #820080), cherry
    pick of r221 from lp:libappindicator

21. By Ken VanDine

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release.
  * Fix VAPI file for Vala bindings (LP: #789588)

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/control
  - build depend on valac-0.14

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