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68. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-04-13

* New upstream version:
  - Don't use indirect rendering for fat clients.
  - X51-opengl: Fix broken client environment (LP: #979472).
  - Only enable xcompmgr if LDM_XCOMPMGR boolean is set appropriately.
  - ldm-script: source ltsp-client-functions, falling back to
    ltsp-common-functions if not available.

* Update debian/patches/remove-hackish-gettext-function.
* Update debian/copyright.

67. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-03-30

* New upstream version:
  - Fix bug causing passwords with @ in them to fail (LP: #948507).
  - Turn on compositing if xcompmgr is present.
  - Force indirect rendering when using LDM_DIRECTX.
  - Drop mouse events in wwm too.

66. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-03-12

* New upstream version:
  - Remove all keybindings from wwm, which allowed spawning an xterm as root.
    Fixes CVE-2012-1166. Thanks to Tenho Tuhkala for reporting the issue.
* Add dependency on procps, as pgrep is used by several rc.d hooks.
* Update Standards-version to 3.9.3, no changes necessary.

65. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-02-24

* New upstream version:
  - Replace default LDM theme background.
  - Rewrite X50-dmrc-processing (LP: #820417).
  - Don't use -fp on poweroff/reboot, for clean shutdown.

* Remove patches applied upstream:
  - ldminfod-for-fatclients
  - fatclient-env-vars
* debian/watch: Remove entry to check Fedora, as it is wildly out of date.
* debian/control: Remove inactive maintainers from Uploaders. Thanks for all
  past contributions, and welcome back any time!

64. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-02-10

* Add patches from upstream:
  - Export LTSP_FATCLIENT and LTSP_CLIENT_MAC to client env if they're set.
  - Use /usr/share/ldm/ldminfod for fatclients to detect available sessions.

63. By Vagrant Cascadian on 2012-02-03

* New upstream version:
  - Fall back to english language and territory names if translation
    fails when generating locale lists.
  - Use exec /bin/sh rather than spawning a sub-process for initial session.
  - Install ltsp-cluster-info.
  - Fix error message displayed at login. LP#872473
  - Port I01-nbd-checkupdate to consistent variable names.
  - Add ssh-hostchecker, tool to match SSH host keys without checking
    the host part.
  - Set pointer to the middle of the screen on startup.

* debian/rules: Convert to using debhelper overrides.
* debian/rules: use dh-autoreconf to ensure configure scripts are up to date.
* Switch to using clearlooks:
  - Recommend gtk2-engines.
  - Drop patch to use ubuntulooks.

62. By Stéphane Graber on 2012-01-30

* Merge from Debian, remaining changes:
  + debian/ldm.install: Install ltsp-cluster-info (should be fixed upstream)
  + debian/watch: Watch Debian package instead of Ubuntu package
  + debian/control: Replace gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks by gtk2-engines
  + debian/patches/series: Remove ubuntulooks-engine
    as ubuntulooks no longer exist in Ubuntu

* Delta that we may want to update and apply later:
  + Depend on compiz-core for rc.d/X51-compiz (doesn't work currently
    because upstream checks for compiz-wrapper which no longer exists)
  + Drop dependencies on openssh-server for ldm-server
    (no actual dependency in the code, should be moved to Recommends)
  + Drop recommends on ltspfs, libasound2-plugins and xauth for ldm-server
    (not necessarily relevant for most installs, can be moved to Suggests)

61. By Stéphane Graber on 2011-08-01

releasing version 2:2.2.4-0ubuntu1

60. By Stéphane Graber on 2011-08-01

Merge upstream version 2.2.4

59. By Stéphane Graber on 2011-05-30

releasing version 2:2.2.2-0ubuntu1

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