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11. By Clint Byrum

* New upstream snapshot (LP: #985249)
* d/p/fix-tests-without-aws-key.patch: Dropped as it has been
  superseded by a better upstream fix (LP: #819329)
* d/p/no-write-sample-on-help.patch: Dropped, Applied upstream.
* d/p/disable-failing-zookeeper-test.patch refreshed.
* d/control: new code requires latest txzookeeper upstream.

10. By Clint Byrum

* New upstream snapshot (LP: #962507 LP: #953258 LP: #965507).
* d/control: Depend and Build-Depend on python-oauth for MaaS.
* d/control: Drop dummy ensemble package and make breaks/replaces
  broader to force removal of any ensemble package. (LP: #954492)
* d/control: Move lxc, libvirt-bin, and zookeeper to Suggests to
  reduce the amount of packages installed on every node unecessarily
  and also avoid conflicting when deploying into a libvirt-bin
  default network VM (LP: #962389)
* d/rules: skip test suite when nocheck is set.
* d/rules: remove redundant dh_clean call
* d/juju.install: remove usr, with only one binary package this is
  not necessary anymore and causes dh_install to fail because no
  files are installed to debian/tmp anymore.
* d/rules,d/control,d/manpages,d/juju.manpages: Generate basic
  manpage from online help. (LP: #966611)
* d/patches/no-write-sample-on-help.patch: Added so --help can be
  safely run without a writable home dir on buildds. (LP: #957682)

9. By Clint Byrum

New upstream snapshot.

8. By Clint Byrum

releasing version 0.5+bzr447-0ubuntu1

7. By Clint Byrum

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Fixed regression with twisted 11.1 (LP: #917954)

6. By Clint Byrum

d/control: removing inaccurate Vcs-Bzr.

5. By Clint Byrum

d/control: Recommend components necessary for local provider except
apt-cacher-ng, which is suggested. (LP: #873540) Also depend on tmux
for debug-hooks and recommend byobu so the branding will be the same.

4. By Clint Byrum

* New upstream snapshot.
* d/control: No longer build-dep or depend on python-argparse, as
  it seems to cause fits with pkg_resources.

3. By Clint Byrum

* New upstream snapshot.
* refreshed patches

2. By Clint Byrum

* New upstream snapshot. Note upstream rename of project from ensemble
  to juju. Rename upload exception granted by slangasek on IRC.
* d/p/fix-failing-bundle-test.patch,fix-tests-with-no-ssh-key.patch:
  dropped, merged upstream.
* d/p/fix-tests-without-aws-access-key-id: refreshed for rename.
* d/control: change ensemble to meta-package which depends on juju
  so users who have ensemble will have it replaced with juju.
* d/rules: pull source from lp:juju
* debian/ensemble: install warning binary for transition.
* d/p/disable-failing-zookeeper-test.patch: Disable test due to race
  condition in the test (not underlying code), as confirmed upstream.

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