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149. By Marc Deslauriers on 2015-09-21

* data/handlers/nvidia.py:
  - Add support for nvidia-340 and nvidia-340-updates
* This package does _not_ contain the changes from 0.9.7-0ubuntu7.16 in

148. By Marc Deslauriers on 2013-09-13

* SECURITY UPDATE: possible privilege escalation via policykit UID lookup
  - jockey/backend.py: pass system-bus-name as a subject instead of pid
    so policykit can get the information from the system bus.
  - CVE-2013-1065

147. By Martin Pitt on 2012-04-12

* debian/tests/control: Add dbus-x11 dependency to get dbus-launch.
  (LP: #976239)
* data/handlers/fglrx.py: Fix crash if there is no other alternative for the
  driver. (LP: #954297)
* Merge from trunk:
  - Fix crash if there is no notification daemon available. (LP: #819755)
  - jockey/detection.py: Do not show a warning about not being able to open
    the DriverDB cache if the file does not exist. (LP: #888273)
  - Update Bulgarian translations from Launchpad.

146. By Ricardo Salveti on 2012-04-11

* data/handlers/pvr-omap4.py:
  - Adding handler for PowerVR SGX driver for OMAP 4 based boards, like
    Pandaboard and Blaze (LP: #978563)

145. By Martin Pitt on 2012-04-03

* debian/tests/control: Add xvfb and gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1 dependencies.
* debian/tests/upstream-system: Run under xvfb-run, with a workaround for
  LP #972324.
* Merge from trunk:
  - tests/shipped_handlers.py: Test system installed handlers when not in
    the source tree.

144. By Martin Pitt on 2012-04-02

* jockey/oslib.py, install_packages: Temporarily disable our Apport (or any
  other) excepthook for apt.Cache().commit(), to circumvent python-apt's
  magic of calling the except hook without a stack trace in case of
  package installation failures. We already catch SystemErrors from this
  call and act accordingly. (LP: #850005)
* Merge updated translations from trunk.

143. By Jonathan Thomas on 2012-03-29

Transition jockey-kde's dependency on kdebase-runtime to kde-runtime, the
new package

142. By Martin Pitt on 2012-03-05

* Merge from trunk:
  - ui.py: Use gettext friendly string line splitting. (LP: #910278)
  - Update translations from Launchpad.

141. By Martin Pitt on 2012-03-03

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - jockey/detection.py: Accept repository URLs with "file:/", too
  - jockey/oslib.py: Completely parse PackageKit output. Thanks Hedayat
    Vatankhah! (LP: #900853)
  - gtk/jockey-gtk: Create tray icon when indicator support is not
    available. Thanks Hedayat Vatankhah! (LP: #900824)
  - Launchpad automatic translations update.
* jockey/oslib.py, has_repositories(): Also accept "file:/path..." URLs from
  apt-cache policy to recongize local repositories. First half of LP #913927.
  Thanks to James Ferguson for the patch.
* jockey/oslib.py, install_package(): Consider file:// URLs a trusted
  origin even for binary packages. (LP: #913927)
* tests/oslib.py: Update test_package_install_thirdparty_unsigned_binary()
  test to use a http:// URL, as file:// URLs are now considered trusted.

140. By Martin Pitt on 2011-12-08

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - jockey/oslib.py: Use specified target_kernel for module aliases, too.
    Thanks Hedayat Vatankhah! (LP: #900851)
  - jockey/oslib.py: Be robust against failure to open blacklist for
    writing. Thanks Hedayat Vatankhah! (LP: #900850)
  - Fix some style issues in desktop files. Thanks Hedayat Vatankhah!
    (LP: #900819)
  - ui_notification(): Add accessible description to indicator.
    (LP: #891920)
  - Launchpad automatic translations updates.

* debian/control: Move from transitional python-gobject to python-gi.

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