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52. By Jeremy Bicha

* 10-make-NetworkManager-optional.patch:
  - Disabled, it doesn't work right and isn't used for Ubuntu
    architectures anyway.
* Refreshed patches

51. By Ricardo Salveti

* debian/patches: enable support for GLES compatible builds (LP: #935124)
  - 30_use-glx-if-cogl-supports.patch: replace
    04_remove-glx-dependency-on-armel.patch with a better solution from
    upstream, that is to check the glx support with cogl
  - 31_don-t-link-directly-to-libGL.patch: don't link directly to libGL, as
    it's not needed anymore and breaks GLES support
  - 32_remove-shell-screen-grabber.patch: remove shell-screen-grabber as
    it's not needed anymore and breaks GLES support
  - 33_remove_glx_headers.patch: don't generically include the GL headers
* debian/rules:
  - Request it to run autoconf to update with the new options provided by
    the additional patches
* debian/control.in:
  - Adding autoconf at build-deps, requirement from above patches

50. By Jeremy Bicha

Rebuild to depend on mutter 3.4, not 3.3 (LP: #9662770)

49. By Jeremy Bicha

* New upstream release.
  - No longer affects the number of workspaces in Unity 2D (LP: #826089)
* debian/control.in: Bump minimum mutter to 3.3.92

[ Rico Tzschichholz ]
* debian/patches/20_revert_gcr_depend.patch:
  - Revert dependency on gcr 3.3 since we're sticking with 3.2 for 12.04

48. By Jeremy Bicha

* Sync with Debian experimental svn packaging (LP: #941755, #937709).
  Remaining changes:
  - debian/gnome-shell.gsettings-override: Update for Ubuntu defaults
  - debian/control.in: Recommend cups-pk-helper
  - debian/patches/10-make-NetworkManager-optional.patch: Disabled
  - Don't run dh-autoreconf

47. By Jeremy Bicha

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* New upstream release
  - Fix broken gnome-shell-extension-tool (LP: #853882)
  - Fixes lots of crashes and some memory leaks
  - extensions.gnome.org should now work with Webkit-based browsers
* Dropped upstream patches:
  - 05-NetworkMenu-don-t-query-DBus-properties-of-removed-o.patch
  - 06-NetworkMenu-fix-regression-in-access-point-removed.patch

[ Timo Kluck ]
* debian/patches/10-bluetooth-fix-connection-from-gs-menu.patch:
  - Fix bluetooth panel switch moving independently from actual
    connection status (LP: #918208)

46. By Angel Abad

Rebuild against latest evolution-data-server

45. By Jeremy Bicha

* Sync with Debian (LP: #877135). Remaining changes:
* debian/control.in: Recommend gnome-user-guide
* debian/gnome-shell.gsettings-override: Update for Ubuntu defaults
* Watch for unstable releases

44. By Jeremy Bicha

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* New upstream release (LP: #878672).
  - Restore the IM state on startup - if you were available in when you
    logged out, then you'll be set available again when you log in.
  - Improve searching for contacts in the overview: search more fields,
    show a more meaningful name, require that all search terms match.
  - Improve search for applications in the overview: take frequency into
    account and tweak match algorithm
  - Remove the "Show Password" switch from network password prompts, and
    move the functionality to a right-click menu
  - Add context menus with Cut/Paste options to most entries
  - Display a caps-lock warning in password entries
  - Show the state of installed extensions in Looking Glass
  - Load user extensions after system ones
  - Fix problem with many applications showing extra-large icons in
  - Fix a problem where alt-Tab had trouble tracking the current
    application with certain applications such as Emacs.
  - Fix confusion between different users avatar images
  - Remove behavior where you could switch workspaces by bumping
    a dragged window in the overview against a screen edge; it was
    leftover and just confusing.
  - Fix long-standing bug where the Dash in the overview could end up
    mis-sized and run off the screen
  - Fix automatic launching of applications when media is inserted
  - Fix handling of vertically stacked monitors with NVIDIA drivers
  - Translation marking fixes
  - Code cleanups and warning fixes
  - Small memory leak fixes
  - On screen keyboard:
    + Show the keyboard immediately when it's turned enabled
    + Fix problem where keyboard would hide when starting to type
      in the search entry
    + Fix problem with keyboard hiding when selected accented characters
  - Misc bug fixes
* debian/control.in:
  - Bump minimum mutter to 3.2.1
  - Drop dependency against libdconf0 and let dh_installgsettings set
    the right dependencies.
  - Depends on cups-pk-helper instead of recommends to ensure that
    the printer applet works (LP: #877367)
* 01_favorite_apps.patch: dropped, replaced by override file.
* New upstream release.

43. By Jeremy Bicha

* New upstream stable release.
  - Prevent the fallback on-screen keyboard from showing up while
    GNOME Shell is running.
  - Disable code to reposition windows around the on-screen keyboard;
    it wasn't finished or working properly.
  - Fix interaction between on-screen keyboard and notifications
  - Fix menu-sizing problems in right-to-left locales.
  - Update chat icons in the message tray when an avatar image changes
  - Fix problem with empty notification bubbles being left.
  - Fix problem with chat notifications bouncing when new messages come in.
  - Fix bug that was causing SIP calls to automatically be accepted in some
  - Fix string that should have been marked translatable.
  - Fix a crash that could happen during CSS transitions.
  - Build fixes.
* debian/control.in: Depend on caribou instead of gir-caribou-1.0
  (LP: #858109)

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