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46. By Robert Ancell on 2012-04-16

* New upstream release:
  - Change schema path to standard format
* debian/control:
  - Bump build-depends on libglib2.0-dev

45. By Martin Pitt on 2012-02-22

Re-add gnome-common build dependency to fix FTBFS.

44. By Martin Pitt on 2012-02-22

* Merge with Debian unstable. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - Launchpad integration:
    o Add 02_lpi.patch.
    o debian/control.in: Build-depend on liblaunchpad-integration-3.0-dev
      and dh-autoreconf.
    o debian/rules: Use dh-autoreconf.
  - Use iputils-tracepath instead of tcptraceroute, so that this works as
    o Add 03_use_tracepath.patch.
    o debian/control.in: Change dependency accordingly.
  - debian/watch: Look for unstable versions.
* Drop 04_menu_change.patch, obsolete with Unity.
* 02_lpi.patch: Update to actually work with current version, thanks
  Sebastien Bacher.
* debian/watch: Fix syntax.
* New upstream release.
  - Fix traceroute mouseover help. (LP: #841007)
  - Fix IP information table. (LP: #806606)
  - Fix resizing of ping table. (LP: #389153)
* Drop 03_use_tracepath.patch, upstream supports this directly now.

43. By Robert Ancell on 2012-02-16

* New upstream release
* debian/watch:
  - Update to use .xz source archive
* debian/patches/01_network-manager.patch:
* debian/patches/03_fix_ifaces.patch:
  - Applied upstream

42. By Michael Terry on 2012-01-19

* debian/patches/03_use_tracepath.patch:
  - Modify the patch to re-title the column headers (LP: #661753)

41. By Adam Conrad on 2011-12-02

No-change rebuild to drop spurious libsfgcc1 dependency on armhf.

40. By Rodrigo Moya on 2011-05-17

* debian/control.in:
  - Build-Depend on GTK3 version of liblaunchpad-integration

39. By Rodrigo Moya on 2011-05-16

* Rebase from Debian, remaining Ubuntu changes:
* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on dh-autoreconf, gnome-common and liblaunchpad-integration-3.0-dev
  - Standards-Version is 3.9.2
  - Depend on iputils-tracepath instead of tcptraceroute
* debian/patches/02_lpi.patch:
  - Patch for Launchpad integration
* debian/patches/03_use_tracepath.patch:
  - Use tracepath instead of tcptraceroute or traceroute
* debian/patches/04_menu_change.patch:
  - Move from Utilities to Settings
* debian/rules:
  - Include autoreconf.mk
  - Don't include check-dist.mk, as it's used for uploading to experimental
 * debian/watch:
   - Allow downloading unstable releases

38. By Robert Ancell on 2010-11-03

New upstream release

37. By Robert Ancell on 2010-08-17

* New upstream release
* debian/control:
  - Bump build-depends on libgtk2.0-dev
  - Build-depend on dh-autoreconf
* debian/rules:
  - Use autoreconf.mk

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