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54. By Yolanda Robla on 2013-04-24

* Resynchronize with stable/essex (74b067df) (LP: #1089488):
  - [74b067d] v1 api returns location as header for cached images LP: 1135541
  - [37d4d96] glance image-download can display backend Swift password
    LP: 1098962
  - [efd7e75] Non-admin users can cause public glance images to be deleted
    from the backend storage repository (LP: #1065187)
  - [e6be061] Jenkins jobs fail because of incompatibility between sqlalchemy-
    migrate and the newest sqlalchemy-0.8.0b1 (LP: #1073569)
* Dropped patches, superseeded by snapshot:
  - debian/patches/CVE-2013-1840.patch [74b067d]
  - debian/patches/CVE-2013-0212.patch [37d4d96]
  - debian/patches/CVE-2012-4573.patch [efd7e75]

53. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-06-24

* New upstream snapshot. (LP: #1041120)
* Resynchronzie with stable/essex:
  - Glance add uploads a double image if using ssl and images is smaller
    than 4k. (LP: #1007093)
  - If response.environ is None, instance fails to spawn.
    (LP: #1010560)
  - exception.BadStoreURL exposes sensitive information to end users.
    (LP: #1012268)
  - glance-cache.conf needs metadata encryption key (LP: #1012752)
  - image.upload notification doesn't report size (LP: #1018246)
  - Admins should be able to share image regardless of ownership.
    (LP: #1021054)
  - Glance scrubber date formatting fails with postgres (LP: #1022369)
  - Support zero-size image creation. (LP: #1025353)
  - Image id not contained in swift chunk debug message. (LP: #1028433)
  - qpid_heartbeat setting is ineffective. (LP: #1032314)
  - Image properties that reference image ids are not updated to UUIDs.
    (LP: #975651)
  - Migration 012_id_to_uuid attempts to convert IDs twice for non-sqlite
    databases. (LP: #975655)
  - multiprocess glance-api failed to exit when stopped by ctrl+c.
    (LP: #978130)
  - /usr/bin/glance's built-in pager breaks redirection.
    (LP: #978610)
  - Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding are mutually exclusive HTTP headers
    (LP: #981332)
  - glance add command - incorrect help text (LP: #997565)
* debian/patches/convert_properties_to_uuid.patch: Dropped no longer
* debian/patches/fix-pep8-ubuntu.patch: Dropped no longer needed.

52. By Chuck Short on 2012-06-05

* New usptream snapshot. (LP: #1010473)
* Resynchronize with stable/essex:
 - 5462295 Fix i18n in glance.notifier.notify_kombu. (LP: #983829)
 - 7a9e3a7 Omit Content-Length on chunked transfer. (LP: #981332)
 - 5838b63 Fix content type for qpid notifier. (LP: #980872)
 - 98913da search for logger in PATH. Fixes (LP: #978907)
 - f136e7e Ensure swift auth URL includes trailing slash. Fixes (LP: #979745)
* debian/rules: Add ability to build tarballs from a git snapshot.
* debian/patches/fix-pep8-ubuntu.patch: Fix pep8 errors.

51. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-05-23

debian/patches/swift_auth_url_trailing_slash.patch: Ensure swift auth URL
includes trailing slash (LP: #979745). Backported from stable/essex, can
be dropped with first upstream stable update.

50. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-04-12

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/patches/disable_db_table_auto_create.patch: Disable auto-creation
  of database schema at service start, inspect for consistenty and advise
  running manual migrations instead.
* debian/patches/fix_migration_012_foreign_keys.patch: Fix a migration issue
  around missing FKs. Cherry-picked from upstream. Can be dropped with
  first stable update.
* debian/patches/convert_properties_to_uuid.patch: Fixes migration 012 to
  also convert kernel_id and ramdisk_ids to UUID. Cherry picked from upstream.
  Can be dropped with first stable update (LP: #975651)
* debian/glance-common.postinst: Clean up, fix purging issue due to poor
  us of conditionals
* debian/glance-registry.postinst: Ensure new database is version_controlled
  before first call of db_sync.

[ Chuck Short ]
* debian/control: Fix upgrades from oneiric to precise. (LP: #974592)

49. By Chuck Short on 2012-04-05

New upstream release.

48. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-04-03

* New upstream release.
* debian/control: Add sqlite3 as a Build-Depends (for test suite)

47. By Chuck Short on 2012-04-02

* New upstream release.
* debian/rules: Fail build if testsuite fails.
* debian/patches/disable-swift-tests.patch: Disable swift tests that
  require a swift server setup.
* debian/patches/disable-network-for-docs.patch: Disable network for
  building docs.

46. By Chuck Short on 2012-03-21

* New upstream release. This is hopefully the last release before
* debian/patches/0001-Fix-depreceated-warnings.patch: Dropped.

45. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-03-16

New upstream release.

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