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123. By Marc Deslauriers on 2015-07-29

* SECURITY UPDATE: integer overflow in gs_heap_alloc_bytes()
  - debian/patches/CVE-2015-3228.patch: added sanity check to
  - CVE-2015-3228

122. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-03-29

The "pdfwrite" output device uses zero and not the width of /.notdef whn
using /.notdef for a glyph not found in an embedded font. This leads to
wrong spacing in a PostScript file missing a space glyph (LP: #960989,
upstream bug #692944).

121. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-03-19

debian/patches/020120319-d6f83df-ps2write-not3ccitt-option.patch: Added
option to let Ghostscript's "ps2write" output device not compress images
and bitmap glyphs with CCITTFax filter. The CCITTFax decoder in Brother's
PostScript printers is broken (LP: #955553).

120. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-03-07

* debian/ghostscript-doc.install, debian/ghostscript-doc.doc-base: Install
  the Ghostscript documentation into /usr/share/doc/ghostscript-doc instead
  of /usr/share/doc/ghostscript (LP: #789235).
* debian/libgs__VER__-common.postinst.in,
  debian/libgs__VER__-common.prerm.in: Create a symlink
  /usr/share/ghostscript/current to the /usr/share/ghostscript/<version>
  directory of the newest installed libgs<version>-common package, to have
  version-independent access to the Ghostscript files (LP: #327244).

119. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-02-09

* New upstream release
   - Ghostscript 9.05 release, February, 8 2012
   - Ghostscript's PDF interpreter is now able to make use of the
     DroidSansFallback TrueType font to automatically substitute for
     missing CIDFonts. Whilst it is always best to ensure the original
     CIDFont is available for the best and most accurate output, the
     ability to make an automatic substitution will be valuable for
     those merely viewing or proofing such files.
   - This release includes support for a proofing ICC profile. The
     command option is specified using -sProofProfile=filename. With
     this option, the color output will emulate what would be obtained
     had the source file been rendered on a device defined by the
     proofing profile. (See GS9_Color_Management.pdf for details.)
   - This release includes support for a device link ICC profile. The
     command option is specified using -sDeviceLinkProfile=filename.
     With this option, the device link profile is added to the end of
     the link transform from source to destination. In this case, one
     can include a command line option like "-sDevice=tiff32nc
     -sOutputICCProfile=srgb.icc -sDeviceLinkProfile=linkRGBtoCMYK.icc"
     and source colors will be mapped through sRGB and through the
     device link profile to CMYK values for the device. (See
     GS9_Color_Management.pdf for details.)
   - Ghostscript now supports "unmanaged color transformations" for
     source DeviceXXX colors (in other words, they use a simplistic
     conversion, rather than the ICC profile based color workflow). This
     is beneficial in uses where performance takes precedence over
     ultimate color fidelity (the command line parameter -dUseFastColor
     enables this).
   - The font set distributed with Ghostscript has been changed to the
     standard 35 Postscript-compatible fonts distributed by URW.
   - Ghostscript now includes a simple ink-coverage device, contributed
     by Sebastian Kapfer (inkcov).
   - The TIFF, JPEG and PNG output devices now support embedding of the
     device ICC profile in the output file.
   - jbig2dec now has simple halftone region support.
   - The ps2write device has had a large number of output quality and
     stability improvements.
   - The txtwrite output was modified so that it more closely matches
     the output from MuPDF, if requested. Note that the algorithms used
     by the two products are not identical and may return slightly
     differing results (See Devices.htm for details).
* debian/rules: Updated MD5 sum for original source tarball
* debian/symbols.common: Updated for new upstream source. Applied patch
  which dpkg-gensymbols generated for debian/libgs9.symbols to this file.

118. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-02-03

* New upstream release
   - GIT snapshot from February, 2 2012.
   - Upstream fix for X11 display output device (LP: #925950).
   - Additional fix for paper size matching of CUPS Raster output device.
* debian/rules: Reverted changes of last package, problem fixed upstresm.

117. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-02-03

debian/rules: Force '-DGS_DEVS_SHARED_DIR=\"/usr/lib/ghostscript/9.05\"'
into the gcc command lines via CFLAGS, so that X11 display device support
works (LP: #925950).

116. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-02-02

* New upstream release
   - GIT snapshot from February, 2 2012.
   - Ghostscript 9.05rc1 + fix of paper size matching in CUPS Raster
     output device (LP: #917148).

115. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-01-25

* New upstream release
   - GIT snapshot from January, 25 2012.
   - Snapshot close before GS 9.05 upstream release to test for last bugs\
     before the release.
* debian/patches/020110812~46b4ee6-pxl-landscape.patch,
  debian/patches/020111209-5359a2d-do-not-use-hexadecimal-names-for-type42-charstrings-and-encoding.patch: Removed upstream patches.
* debian/patches/1001_autoconfigure_cms_choice.patch: Removed, build system
  is appropriately approved by upstream.
* debian/rules: linked base/configure.ac and base/Makefile.in to package
  root directory so that the autotools find them (needed on GIT snapshots).
* debian/rules, debian/control: Removed build dependency on liblcms1-dev,
  icc34.h is shipped with Ghostscript now.
* debian/rules: Added ./icclib/ and ./openjpeg/ directories to
  DEB_UPSTREAM_REPACKAGE_EXCLUDES and removed the files in Resource/CMap/
  (they are free now).
* debian/copyright: Added icclib/* and openjpeg/* to the list of excluded
  files. Updated entries for the files in Resource/CMap/. Updated for renaming
  cups/psto* to cups/gsto*.
* debian/symbols.common: Updated for new upstream source. Applied patch
  which dpkg-gensymbols generated for debian/libgs9.symbols to this file.
* Merge from Debian testing, remaining changes (recover after accidental sync
  in previous (upload):
  - debian/control:
    + Keep gs-common with dependency on ghostscript, still too many
      packages assuming gs-common has the binaries.
    + Really break and replace older ghostscript in libgs9-common.
  - debian/control, debian/rules, debian/libgs__VER__.install.in,
    debian/libgs-dev.install: Stop using d-shlibmove, it is not compatible
    with libcms2.
  - debian/rules, debian/ubuntu/apport-hook.py: Apport hook.
  - debian/rules, debian/ghostscript-cups.ppd-updater: Added data file to
    trigger the update of the PPD files of existing print queues by CUPS and
    to tell CUPS which PPD files to use for the update and how to match them
    with the PPDs of the existing queues.
  - debian/rules:
    + Generate ABI version number (variable "abi") correctly, cutting off
      repackaging and pre-release parts.
    + The scripts pv.sh and fixmswrd.pl are not shipped upstream any more,
      so we do not need to delete them any more.
    + Install ghostscript-cups.ppd-updater and remove the dependency on
      cups-client from ghostscript-cups.
  - debian/symbols.common: resync with Debian, with the exception of lcms2
    symbols which were only enabled in 9.04~dfsg-0ubuntu12 in Ubuntu.
  - debian/copyright: update credits for the Ubuntu changes.
  - debian/ghostscript.preinst: Use Ubuntu version numbers.
  - debian/ghostscript-cups.postinst: Removed the post-install script which
    was only there to update the PPDs of existing print queues.
  - debian/watch: Search for .tar.bz2 source tarballs

114. By Jonas Smedegaard <email address hidden> on 2011-11-24

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Mark ghostscript Multi-Arch: foreign, so that the package manager knows
  the package satisfies dependencies and build-dependencies of packages
  regardless of architecture.
* Drop gs-gpl package: it was already a transitional package in lenny,
  and html2ps in squeeze is the last package to recommend it (nothing in
  wheezy references it).
* Eliminate the gs provides; nothing in squeeze or wheezy references it.
* Drop gs-common package: it was also transitional from lenny on, and
  latexmk in wheezy is the last package to reference it as a Suggests
  Closes: bug#646870. Thanks to Jakub Wilk and Didier Raboud.

[ Jonas Smedegaard ]
* Update copyright file: Fix add missing copyright paragraph.
  Thanks to lintian.
* Drop transitional Replaces: affecting only testing.

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