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185. By Martin Pitt on 2012-04-16

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - empathy -h should not present existing roster window (LP: #975679)
  - Translation updates.

184. By Ken VanDine on 2012-04-10

* New upstream release:
  - fixes the build with --enable-empathy-av
  - bring back the "Previous conversations" menu item which had been
    accidentally removed.
* debian/patches/99_add_missing_av_files.patch
  - dropped, fixed upstream

183. By Ken VanDine on 2012-04-05

* New upstream release:
 - Initial Empathy Accounts Dialog does not allow to click
   "Connect" (LP: #972382)
 - Empathy should notify when someone mention me at IRC (LP: #877698)
 - empathy-accounts segfault (settings are null for liststore iter)
 - Call window inline toolbar borders are not crisp
 - Call window preview drop placeholder should not be red
 - gst_element_get_name: return value should be freed
 - Pidgin importer treeview should expand vertically.
 - Empathy need porting to logger stable call1 support
 - Video preview is always behind the incoming video
 - Right-click on GOA account let you disable it
 - "Enable" account menu item doesn't connect the account
 - nautilus-sendto menu entry "Instant Message (Empathy)" lacks icon
* debian/control
  - bump build depend on libclutter-1.0-dev >= 1.10.0
* debian/patches/99_add_missing_av_files.patch
  - Add AudioVideo files that are missing from the release tarball

182. By Robert Ancell on 2012-03-27

* New upstream release:
  - Account banner should have some minimum spacing
  - When no accounts are enabled at startup, window flashes welcome screen then goes blank
  - "Advanced" scrolled window does not have border
  - help doesn't work
  - Please add translator comment
  - Changing avatar does nothing
  - Crash when trying to accept a subscription request

181. By Ken VanDine on 2012-03-20

* debian/control
  - bump build depends on libclutter-gst-dev to >= 1.5.2
* debian/patches/43_quicklists.patch
  - don't show the quicklists in the Messaging Menu

180. By Ken VanDine on 2012-03-20

* debian/patches/10_use_notify_osd_icons.patch
  - Updated to fixed failed image loading (LP: #809877)

179. By Ken VanDine on 2012-03-20

* New upstream release
  - Fixed: empathy-accounts crashed with SIGSEGV in
    empathy_account_settings_get_account (LP: #951478)
  - Fixed: Rendering artifacts in the call window
  - Fixed: The video preview is not rounded the same way as its
    highlight rectangle
  - Fixed: Crash receiving a call on a already disconnected empathy
    call window
  - Fixed: Crash on hangup in audio-only video call
  - Fixed: Should try to get icons from EMPATHY_SRCDIR
  - Fixed: Accounts dialog doesn't update when account goes online
  - Fixed: MUC: make F9 toggle the contact list sidebar
  - Fixed: Border overflows not taken in account when drawing Clutter
    actors in empathy-call
  - Fixed: Untranslated strings in libempathy/empathy-keyring.c
  - Fixed: Information display of group chat contacts and irc
    contacts broken
  - Fixed: Receiving Files via XMPP isn't working
  - Fixed: Should replace the birthday calendar by a button
  - Fixed: Hide stupid vCard field roles
  - Fixed: Contact list only appears after several seconds
  - Fixed: Remove account info
  - Fixed: Right align contact info fields
  - Fixed: Set chat.facebook.com:443 as fallback server

178. By Ken VanDine on 2012-03-16

No change rebuild for libtelepathy-farstream2

177. By Michael Terry on 2012-03-15

* debian/patches/43_quicklists.patch:
  - Add quicklist. Patch by Trenton Fox. LP: #937998

176. By Ken VanDine on 2012-03-14

* New upstream release
  - Wrong date is shown in chat window
  - Avoid XMPP accounts to have a negative priority

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