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28. By Michael Terry on 2012-03-22

* debian/patches/06lazywarnings.dpatch:
  - Backport patch to add some more machine-readable warning codes
    for when duplicity can't restore a particular file. This lets
    apps like deja-dup present the user with a list of files with

27. By Michael Terry on 2012-03-06

* debian/control:
  - Drop python-paramiko to a Suggests to match the ssh Suggests and
    to keep it off the CD, for space reasons. It isn't needed for
    deja-dup to use ssh anyway, since deja-dup uses GIO for that. So
    no loss of functionality in the desktop.

26. By Michael Terry on 2011-12-06

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/06_use_passphrase.dpatch,
  - Dropped, applied upstream
* debian/rules:
  - Run new upstream test suite during build
* debian/control:
  - Add rdiff as a build-dep to run above test suite
* debian/patches/06testfixes.dpatch:
  - Fix a few tests to not fail erroneously
* debian/patches/07fixincresume.dpatch:
  - Fix a bug with resuming an incremental backup that would result in
    a bogus error. Also patches in a test for it.
* debian/tests/full-cycle-local:
  - New DEP-8 test script that backs up locally, restores, and checks files
* debian/tests/full-cycle-u1:
  - New DEP-8 test script that does the same as above, but to Ubuntu One
* debian/tests/control:
  - Start of DEP-8 test suite. Only enable above full-cycle-local test
    for automatic execution. The other is for manual testing right now.

25. By Michael Terry on 2011-09-08

* Backport some upstream fixes
* debian/patches/06_use_passhprase.dpatch:
  - Don't prompt for passphrase if PASSPHRASE is set (LP: #836467)
* debian/patches/07_large_rackspace_list.dpatch:
  - Support listing more than 10,000 files from Rackspace servers
    (LP: #832149)
* debian/patches/08_check_volumes.dpatch:
  - Attempt to prevent a data corruption bug that can't be reproduced
    currently by detecting it up front and stopping the backup.

24. By Michael Terry on 2011-08-19

* New upstream bug-fix release
* debian/watch:
  - Update to look at launchpad.net
* debian/patches/06u1ignores404.dpatch,
  - Dropped, applied upstream

23. By Michael Terry on 2011-07-07

* debian/patches/07ignoreENOTCONN.dpatch:
  - Patch to ignore ENOTCONN errors which can happen when gvfs-fuse
    closes without cleaning up. LP: #794576
* debian/patches/00list:
  - Actually apply 06u1ignores404.dpatch from last upload as well
    as the above 07 patch

22. By Michael Terry on 2011-06-22

* debian/patches/06u1ignores404.dpatch:
  - Ignore 404 "file not found" errors when trying to delete files
    on Ubuntu One. Backported from upstream trunk.

21. By Michael Terry on 2011-06-18

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/01collstatus.dpatch,
  - Dropped, included upstream

20. By Michael Terry on 2011-06-13

* debian/patches/07ubuntuone.dpatch:
  - Backported from trunk; adds Ubuntu One backend
* debian/patches/08levelname.dpatch:
  - Fixes logging issues introduced by above patch

19. By az on 2011-05-21

applied fix to allow collectionstatus op without access to key
(closes: #625645)

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