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4. By Craig Sanders on 2009-06-03

* fixed example in dlocate.1 man page again (Closes: #466662)
* added '-k', and '-K' commands to list kernels and related packages
* added optional support for gzip compression of /var/lib/dlocate/dlocatedb.txt
* added support output filters (--package-only, --filename-only) (Closes: #531641)

3. By Craig Sanders on 2008-06-27

version 0.95 introduced a dependancy on awk, which is an optional
package. the simple awk script has only been tested on my system
with gawk, but it doesn't do anything gawkish so should work with
mawk or original-awk. fixed Depends line.

2. By Jon Bernard <email address hidden> on 2006-08-31

* Non-Maintainer Upload.
* Updated Standards version to
* Depend on dctrl-tools or grep-dctrl (Closes: #314276)
* Remove -v from md5check routine so md5checking works with md5sum from
  textutils (Closes: #318980)
* Change Build-Depends-Indep to Build-Depends since debhelper is called from
  the clean target, this makes dlocate lintian clean.
* Apply patch from Sam Morris to return non-zero if a package is not
  installed (Closes: #123777, #322290, #213292, 364318)
* Make database backups atomic (Closes: #372151)
* Apply patch from Nicolas Fancios to fix typos in manpage (Closes: #271328)
* Use capital letters in long description (Closes: #374475)
* Fix typo in cron file (Closes: #243620)

1. By Andreas Metzler <email address hidden> on 2002-03-10

* Non-Maintainer Upload.
* NMU, Craig Sanders seems to have lost his interest in this package,
  last upload was in 1999.
* Upload sponsored by Thom May <email address hidden>.
* cron job conditional on package being installed (Closes: #83196, #54073)
* remove /var/lib/dlocate on purge (Closes: #63902)
* work with long package names. Patch from Peter Samuelson, modified to
  limit length of output to $COLUMNS characters
  (Closes: #84018, #67650, #78621)
* Patch for #84018 adds "Hold" to the list of desired states, too.
 (Closes: #132930)
* dpkg -ls works with packages containing many files (use xargs),
  patch from Peter Samuelson (Closes: #91785)
* Works with slocate, using dpkg-divert --truename, patch from Robert
  Luberda, depend on dpkg 1.8.0, drop superfluous versioned conflicts
  on very old dpkg. Once this is uploaded I'll ask the slocate-maintainer
  to remove the "Conflicts: dlocate".
  (Closes: #100694, #101426, #129251)
* depend on perl. (Closes: #132931)
* Use nice quotation marks in dlocate(1) (Closes: #129186)
* Add manpage for update-dlocatedb.8 (Closes: #76149)
* dlocate -l already mimics dpkg -l good enough
  (Closes: #43145, #43146, #45057)
* fix lintian warnings:
  findutils and bash are essential, depending on them is wrong
  copyright: fix location of GPL
  update-dlocatedb has no manpage.
  Add versioned Build-Depends-Indep: debhelper >= 3.0.0 (dh_installmanpages)
  Bump standards-version.
* update debian/rules from dh_make-template
* Use dh_installman instead of dh_installmanpages.
* Use DH_COMPAT=3, get rid of debian/conffiles.
* update dlocate(1)
* -l uses egrep and accepts extended re, document it in manpage.
* Old bug was already fixed: Generate initial database asynchronously
  (Closes: #42314)

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