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16. By Tyler Hicks on 2015-05-15

fake sync from Debian

15. By Marco Nenciarini on 2011-08-17

[ Marco Nenciarini ]
* [526c9cb] Switch vcs fields to git
* [ae3d952] Add debian/gbp.conf to make easy the usage of git-buildpackage
  and gbp-pq
* [59c1cc1] Convert all patches to gbp-pq compatible format
* [7d0f0dd] Remove the dh_make standatd template from the watch file

[ Kyle Willmon ]
* [62965a5] Fixed 06_permit_rootlogin_no to match hostnames (Closes: #462926)
* [6d355a6] Fixed section for installed FAQ
* [d392fc9] Updated description removes lintian warning
* [5fd3570] Revert patch which did not actually fix #508504 (Closes: #546772)
* [b23dade] Bump standards version
* [88a069e] Remove Conflicts and Replaces from old transition
* [caa300f] Convert from cdbs with python-central to debhelper with
  dh_python2 and bump compat
* [32c638a] Remove upgrade workaround for bug in < 2.5-3
* [b94d5d6] Add support for /run
* [a4d9eaa] Fix whitespace issue in 04_migrate_warning.patch
* [ae61317] Correct Vcs-* fields after Alioth transition

14. By Kyle Willmon on 2011-04-13

* New Maintainer (Closes: #614581)
* debian/denyhosts.logrotate: Do not source /etc/denyhosts.conf since it may
  not be a valid shell script (Closes: #608672)
* debian/dh_reenable: Added reasonable error message when script is not run
  as root (Closes: #619390)
* debian/denyhosts.init:
  - Added support for the "status" action (Closes: #547036)
  - Fixed messages in "restart" and "force-reload" actions which were being
    output incorrectly.
* Updated Vcs tags to recommended format
* Added a patch to correct /bin/env to /usr/bin/env
* debian/denyhosts.doc-base: Added to register FAQ with doc-base
* Fixed postinst script to make /var/lib/denyhosts 0750 instead of 0200

13. By Steve M. Robbins <email address hidden> on 2010-12-23

* Non-maintainer Upload

* denyhosts.postinst: Don't fail if /var/lib/denyhosts exists. Closes:

12. By Marco Bertorello on 2010-12-15

* Explicited in package description that denyhosts doesn't support IPv6.
  (Closes: #541401, #464135)
* Applied a patch from ubuntu that prevent dh to start with
  configuration twice.
* Fixed permission of log files and configuration file to be
  root-readable only. (Closes: #573585, #573585)
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
* Modified logrotate script to clean the hosts.deny file (or the
  personalized one) from duplicates entry. (Closes: #605632)

11. By Marco Nenciarini on 2010-02-08

* Acknowledge NMU (Thanks, Michael!) (Closes: #566688)
* Fix sinchronization spelling in extended description. (Closes: #535273)
* Add period at the end of the extended description.
* Update Standards-Version to 3.8.4 (no changes required).
* Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
* Install upstream changelog (found by Lintian).
* Add Vcs-* and Homepage fileds in control file.

10. By Brian Murray on 2010-02-10

Check for file before using it during preinst. Thanks to Hilario Montoliu
(LP: #516160, Closes: #569257)

9. By Michael Meskes on 2010-01-24

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Do not unconditionally delete logrotate file in postrm script. This breaks
  all upgrades or makes the file silently disappear, although it should be
  installed by the package. Patch the old postrm script to not delete the
  file anymore. (Closes: #531627, #562555)

8. By Marco Bertorello on 2009-01-03

* fixed wrong warns in init script. Thanks to Marco Rodrigues
  <email address hidden> (Closes: 518337)
* introduced a patch to create the sync-timestamp file if doesn't exist.
  Thanks to Marco Rodrigues <email address hidden> (Closes: 508504, 510126)
* fixed import from _future_ module in dh_reenable (Closes: 507494)
* applied useful patch from Mathieu Goutelle <email address hidden>
  for correct a regexp issue (Closes: 459808)
* changed group owner for logfiles to adm (Closes: 431301)
* added some information in manpage that describe the default running mode
  in debian. Thanks to Ben Crowell <email address hidden>
* capitalized ssh in short and extended description (Closes: 516068)

7. By Marco Bertorello on 2008-10-10

* added useful patch that make PLUGIN_DENY works (Closes: 430449)
* cleaned-up a forgotten and not used patch from package
* added useful patch for dh_reenable from Todd A. Jacobs
  <email address hidden> that make dh_reenable
  able to work with a personalized HOSTS_DENY file (Closes: 501541)
* fixed a little typo in init script

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