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48. By Daniel Manrique on 2013-10-03

Reverted removal of Ubuntu Friendly in checkbox-qt.desktop.in file to
better comply with SRU policy.

47. By Daniel Manrique on 2013-09-25

Removed references to Ubuntu Friendly due to sunsetting of the project.
(LP: #1224533)

46. By Daniel Manrique on 2012-11-20

* Updated fix for bug #1026614 which was missing some code.
* Removed bad fix for bug 990133.

45. By Daniel Manrique on 2012-11-20

* Updated fix for bug #1026614 which was missing some code.
* Removed bad fix for bug 990133.

44. By Daniel Manrique on 2012-10-02

* New upstream release (LP: #1061198)

[Marc Tardif]
* checkbox/dispatcher.py: Updated license to GPLv3 to be consistent with
  rest of Checkbox files (LP: #1049881)

[Sylvain Pineau]
* qt/frontend/qtfront.ui: Fixed the test purpose widget size to allow two
  lines of description (LP: #1032255)
* scripts/camera_test, jobs/camera.txt.in: Added a 10s timeout to the camera
  still test (LP: #990133)

[Daniel Manrique]
* jobs/audio.txt.in: replaced gconfaudiosink by autoaudiosink (LP: #978895)
* Instruct Chromium browser to accept file:// URLs so it can correctly
  open the checkbox submission.xml report (LP: #1026614)
* scripts/network_check: InvalidURL exception is caught and handled more
  cleanly (LP: #751701)
* Set the correct user (root) for fwts-wakealarm test (LP: #1004102)
* Set correct user (root) for usb/storage-preinserted, so it works correctly
  on servers (LP: #1004131)

[Nathan Williams]
* scripts/network_check: Fixed exception handling in the absence of zenity
  (LP: #988260)

43. By Daniel Manrique on 2012-04-11

* New upstream release (LP: #980063)

* Automated translation file updates from Launchpad

[Jeff Lane]
* qt/checkbox-qt.ui, qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp: Converted
  submissionWarningLabel and text to submissionUbuntuFriendlyLabel wtih
  instructional text for submitting results. This is a workaround for the
  bug causing the warning to be displayed at all times rather than only when
  testing is incomplete. (LP: #967457)
* jobs/networking.txt.in: Removed dhclient call from networking/multi_nic
  tests because of a bug in dhclient that can cause it to hang when run on
  eth0. New test requirement will be that the tester must configure and
  bring up all ethernet devices prior to running checkbox. Also added a
  check to make sure we're not trying to run the test on a device that's not
  active. (LP: #926229)

[Tiago Salem Herrmann]
* checkbox_qt/qt_interface.py, qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp,
  qt/frontend/qtfront.h: Do async calls to some ui methods and avoid
  unexpected dbus timeouts (LP: #962333)

[Sylvain Pineau]
* qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp: Submit/View results buttons are disabled until
  every selected test has been run (LP: #937715)

[Daniel Manrique]
* jobs/optical.txt.in: Change test descriptions to avoid confusing
  instruction to press the "Next" button (which is incorrect). (LP: #971181)
* jobs/local.txt.in: Fixed touchpad local job which was using suspend.txt
  as the job source) (LP: #979344)
* jobs/mediacards.txt.in: Added usb and scsi devices to
  removable_storage_test commands (LP: #979356)

42. By Daniel Manrique on 2012-04-02

* New upstream release (LP: #971889)

* Automated translation file updates from Launchpad

[Marc Tardif]
* Fixed string_to_type conversion in network_bandwidth_test (LP: #954587)

[Daniel Manrique]
* Internationalization support in checkbox-qt; updated checkbox.pot file
  (LP: #951054)

41. By Daniel Holbach on 2012-03-22

* New upstream release (LP: #960633)
* Automated translation file updates from Launchpad
* qt/frontend/qtfront.ui: If the test text is too long, then it is cut off
  (LP: #950111)
* checkbox_qt/qt_interface.py, qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp,
  qt/frontend/qtfront.h, qt/frontend/qtfront.ui: add a popup comment box
  for each test under the "Run" tab. (LP: #959452)
* checkbox/user_interface.py, qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp,
  qt/frontend/qtfront.h, checkbox_qt/qt_interface.py: Set
  interface.direction to NEXT if all the tests were executed and the user
  either analyzed or submitted the results. (LP: #956329)
* checkbox/user_interface.py, plugins/user_interface.py,
  qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp, qt/frontend/qtfront.h,
  checkbox_qt/qt_interface.py: Use the ui persistent storage to keep some ui
  configuration values. (LP: #937626)
* checkbox/user_interface.py: Avoid using fork() + call() to run a web
  browser. Use Popen instead.(LP: #956307)
* qt/frontend/qtfront.ui, qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp, qt/frontend/qtfront.h:
  Removed welcome tab (LP: #957090)
* Reset default checkbox log level to INFO from DEBUG to make logs less
  confusing and verbose. (LP: #949745)
* Removed dependency on bluetooth/detect-output on the
  suspend/suspend_advanced job. (LP: #955375)
* jobs/mediacard.txt.in, scripts/removable_storage_test,
  scripts/removable_storage_watcher: Modified removable_storage_watcher and
  removable_storage_test to accept list of busses to watch to resolve
  problems on systems with MMC readers that present themselves as USB
  devices rather than SDIO (LP: #953160)
* jobs/optical.txt.in: Fixed the job descriptions for optical/read and
  optical/cdrom-audio-playback to account for changes in Precise and make
  them less confusing (LP: #954606)
* Linted qt_interface which had a few syntax errors (LP: #949957)
* plugins/apport_prompt.py: Fixed apport integration was producing a trace
  (LP: #959463)
* Bumped revision number to 0.13.5 in trunk
* jobs/keys.txt.in: Fix definition for keys/media-keys test which failed to
  run (LP: #954480)
* Show the UF invalidation warning if all test cases are unchecked from the
  right click menu (LP: #956757)
* checkbox_qt/qt_interface.py, qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp,
  qt/frontend/qtfront.h: Tests now select Yes on PASS status (LP: #954556)

40. By Javier Collado on 2012-03-07

* New upstream release (LP: #949983)

* Automated translation file updates from Launchpad

[Brendan Donegan]
* Added 'scsi' as a valid bus ID for determining product in udevadm.py
  (LP: #940249)
* Added 'cciss' as a valid bus ID for determining product in udevadm.py
  (LP: #942548)
* Updated command fields in composite disk jobs to address the ! in
  some disk paths (LP: #942769)
* Updated create_connection to poll for registration of connection and
  then attempt to bring it up (LP: #944662)
* Fixed command run by wireless_connection tests so that they fail if the
  internet_test fails, but still clean up the connection file (LP: #944176)
* Fixed wireless_connection_open_* jobs to not provide security options
  (LP: #947163)

[Javier Collado]
* Added python-cairo as a dependency for checkbox-gtk (LP: #940163)

[Marc Tardif]
* Tidied up logic for determining DISK device product and vendor
  (LP: #942548)
* Fixed filename matching expression for local jobs (LP: #942273)
* Fixed duplicate System Testing applications after upgrade (LP: #940627)

[Tim Chen]
* Modifications to removable_storage_test to handle cases where removable
  media is not mounted prior to test running. (LP: #944623)

39. By Daniel Manrique on 2012-02-23

New upstream release (LP: #939549):

[Brendan Donegan]
* Typo in command for for miscellanea/virtualization-check (LP: #934243)
* Resized test selection views in checkbox-qt (LP: #937113)

[Daniel Manrique]
* Use GObject from gi.repository instead of gobject (LP: #937099)
* Disable flushing to disk after every file access during gathering phase for
  a significant speed boost. (LP: #939019)

[Javier Collado]
* Fixed running of disk/read_performance tests (LP: #933528)

[Sylvain Pineau]
* Fix depends fields in info and suspend test suites (LP: #934051)
* Display results report in non-graphical interfaces (LP: #937657)

[ Tiago Salem Herrmann ]
* Remove auto generated qt resource file (LP: #938863)

[Ara Pulido]
* Fix the Ubuntu Friendly warning message (LP: #939448)

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