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32. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2012-03-19

* Add dependency on quilt. LP: #951207
* Cope with missing tags when looking up upstream versions.
* Skip quilt unapplying for trees that can not be copied (such as
  _PreviewTree). LP: #950419
* Document the argument for --export-upstream. LP: #959065

31. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2012-03-03

* Fix patch unapplying from DirStateRevisionTrees. LP: #923688
* Bump distro-info dependency back to a recommends, to ease
* Cope with the deprecation of Tree.inventory in bzr/2.6. LP: #934247
* Generate xz files with the 'xz' utility rather than the Python
  'lzma' module, as the latter uses options not supported by pristine-
  xz. Closes: #660721
* Merge fix from Joel Pickett to fix typo in orig-dir option help
  description. LP: #945413
* Bump standards version to 3.9.3 (no changes).

30. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2012-01-22

* Only warn about unapplying quilt patches when there are actually
  patches to unapply.
* Don't throw a traceback when quilt unapplying fails.
* Read configuration from original working tree, in case there are
  conflicts during merge.

29. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2012-01-18

* New revision specifier 'upstream:'. LP: #905728
* Imports are now deferred in command definitions, to speed up
  commands like 'bzr bash-completion'. LP: #903650
* Provide merge-package functionality as a hook for 'bzr merge'.
  LP: #486075, LP: #910900
* Add pre-commit hook that warns about applied quilt patches, and can
  automatically unapply/apply all quilt patches. LP: #608670
* Automatically unapply patches before merge operations.
  LP: #815854
* Include full changelog paths that were checked in error message.
  LP: #811459
* Cope with unicode strings being specified to TarfileSource. Based on
  patch by Gediminas Paulauskas. LP: #911262
* Automatically apply patches for 3.0 (quilt) packages in 'bzr bd-do'
  and 'bzr bd'. LP: #616791
* Switch to source format '3.0 (native)'.
* Skip import tests for .tar.xz if not supported by pristine-tar.
  Closes: #655463, LP: #917112

28. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2011-12-16

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Add get-orig-source command which will get the upstream tar file.
  LP: #862188
* Change "bd-do" command to "builddeb-do" and alias "bd-do".
* Add commit-message-from-changelog option for those who do not
  want commit message set automatically

[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* Support importing and building packages with multiple upstream
  tarballs. LP: #653757, LP: #664834
* Move .bzr-builddeb/default.conf to debian/bzr-builddeb.conf.
  LP: #793137
* Fix test suite on Lucid, where dpkg-mergechangelogs is not available.

[ Martin Packman ]
* Fix test_utf8_changelog when run with older versions of python-debian.

[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* Support svn-buildpackage tag names to find upstream versions.
  LP: #874263
* Support --revision argument to merge-package. LP: #888590
* By default, don't override the commit message from debian/changelog
  unless 'commit-message-from-changelog' is explicitly set to True. LP: #812749
* Support running dep3-patch against remote repositories, and with
  open-ended revision ranges. LP: #893608
* Fix finding orig tarballs in directories also containing filenames
  with non-utf8 characters. LP: #865753
* bzr-builddeb now prefers the 'get-packaged-orig-source' rule to
  retrieve the packaged upstream source, and warns about
  'get-orig-source'. LP: #409862
* Support translations.

[ Martin Packman ]
* Deal with invalid versions and bad encoding in the changelog merge
  hook. LP: #893495

27. By Andrew Starr-Bochicchio on 2011-11-04

* Forward port fix for LP: #876888 from oneric-proposed:
 - util.py: Add precise to list of Ubuntu releases.

26. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2011-10-01

[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* Support .tar.xz Debian files rather than .tar.lzma.

[ Martin Packman ]
* Support non-ascii characters in changelog entry when determining
  commit message. LP: #853664

[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* Use more complete control file during examples. Closes: #642818

25. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2011-08-31

* Improve error message when tag for upstream version can not be
  found. LP: #783882
* Cope with newer versions of bzr raising IOError rather than
  NoSuchFile error. LP: #831351, Closes: #638219

24. By Jelmer Vernooij on 2011-07-26

[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* Build type now defaults to normal mode when used in an empty tree.
  LP: #776528

[ Andrew Bennetts ]
* Use dpkg-mergechangelogs(1) to merge changelog files.
 + Preserve the existing ordering of changelog entries when merging.
   LP: #718944
 + Additional changelog entries are modified when merging another branch.
   LP: #552950
 + 3-way changelog file merge doesn't do textual merging on sections.
   LP: #517093
 + 3-way changelog file merge doesn't support deletions. LP: #517090

[ Jelmer Vernooij ]
* Add python-lzma to build dependencies, for use in test suite.
* Recommend libalgorithm-merge-perl, required for conflict resolution
  in dpkg-mergechangelogs.

23. By Scott Kitterman on 2011-06-24

Delete debian/bzr-builddeb.dirs so the long obsolete and empty
/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/bzr-builddeb/ is no
longer created (LP: #801757)

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