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19. By Matthias Klose on 2011-09-10

gfortran-4.6 rebuild.

18. By Sylvestre Ledru on 2011-06-07

* Revert change about devscripts being in the build-dep (see bug #628104)
* Fix an error about missing tests when building custom package
  (Closes: #629528)
* Fix an error about the pdf which cannot be found when building custom

17. By Sylvestre Ledru on 2011-05-30

* Fix the FTBFS under kfreebsd (kfreebsd.diff) (Closes: #628424)
* Update of the README.Ddebian with more information
* devscripts added into the build-dep of atlas (Closes: #628104)

16. By Sylvestre Ledru on 2011-05-16

* New upstream release
* force -j 1 of make removed (hopefully fixes the FTBFS)
* -Si cputhrchk 0 removed
* Standards-Version updated to version 3.9.2
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format

15. By Sylvestre Ledru on 2011-03-19

* Update of the README.Debian (typos, old stuff, etc)
* Some clean up and simplification of debian/rules
  (removed rules to build preoptimized packages)
* Remove Recommends on libblas3gf when installing libatlas
* Drop control.in (was used when we were build pre-optimized packages)

14. By Sylvestre Ledru on 2010-11-23

[ Simon McVittie ]
Run 'make check' and 'make ptcheck' to build the tests, then install them
in libatlas-test (Closes: #588418)

13. By Sylvestre Ledru on 2010-10-27

* Support of sh4. Thanks to Nobuhiro Iwamatsu. (Closes: #595896)
* Fix a typo in the README.Debian. Thanks to Jan Medlock. (Closes: #595981)
* Clean up of the old .install, postinst & prerm files

12. By Sylvestre Ledru on 2010-09-05

Fix a build issue with 64 archs. This issue has been introduced by upload

11. By Fabrice Coutadeur on 2010-06-14

* debian/rules:
  - reenable the armel build, as it's working in a qemu (thanks tumbleweed!).
    The Debian build lasted 40 hours... Be patient!.
  - Changed sse3 to sse2 as the builds does not yet support it. This mean that
    sse3 packages will only be optimized for sse2 for the moment.
* debian/control: deleted -sse3 and -core2sse3 packages at it's not supported
  by hte buildds from the moment.

10. By Felix Geyer on 2010-05-28

* Merge from Debian unstable (LP: #586760), remaining changes:
  - Explicitely fail the build on armel; the build doesn't terminate
    on the buildds and keeps the buildd busy until an admin does kill
    the build manually.
* Drop all other changes as they are not needed anymore. The package builds
  fine without them and uses the default compilers.

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