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104. By Michael Vogt on 2015-06-02

* SECURITY UPDATE: information disclosure via simulate dbus method
  (LP: #1449587)
  - debian/patches/lp1449587.diff: drop privileges when running lintian,
    update tests.
  - CVE-2015-1323

103. By Brian Murray on 2013-03-20

debian/patches/fix-lp-1120322.patch: Resolve crash if configuration file
changes are only one line long (LP: #1120322)

102. By Brian Murray on 2013-01-11

Don't change the automatic installed state when upgrading package
(Thanks a lot to Daniel Hartwig, LP: #1078544)

101. By Michael Vogt on 2012-10-12

* SECURITY UPDATE: check downloaded keyid (LP: #1052789)
  - CVE-2012-0962

100. By Brian Murray on 2012-10-29

Fix crash in widget's diff view if a @@ line does not have a range
(LP: #875879)

99. By Colin Watson on 2012-09-17

* debian/patches/apt-dbus-text-api.patch:
  - Convert Origin.label from python-apt API to python-dbus API, for
    Python 2 compatibility (LP: #978654).

98. By Steve Langasek on 2012-08-10

debian/patches/fix_gettext_return_value_type.patch: also return unicode
from aptdaemon.utils.IsoCodes.get_localised_name(). (LP: #1034806)

97. By Sebastian Heinlein on 2012-06-12

* debian/patches:
  - Add fix-lp-971748: Fixes to the /proc/net based network monitor to
    not fail on systems without NetworkManager running (fixes LP: #971748))
  - Add fix-lp-932581: Fix GetUpdates on system with broken dependencies
    (fixes LP: #932581)
  - Add fix-lp-981124: Fix type mismatches in the client signals to not
    fail on very large packages (fixes LP: #981124)
  - Add fix-lp-900982: Fix return type of get_package_status_from_enum
    (fixes LP: #900982)

96. By Sebastian Heinlein on 2012-04-09

* New upstream snapshot:
  - Fix: Catch a possible exception in apt.cache.Cache.required_download
    which can occur if the user e.g. rebooted the system during a running
    debconf question (fixes LP: #659438)
    Furthermore raise ERROR_INCOMPLETE_INSTALL to signal the client
    that a call of FixIncompleteInstall() (basically a dpkg --configure -a
    call) fixes the issue
  - Fix: Sync all properties of the D-Bus transaction in the client before
    emitting the Finished signal (fixes LP: #747172) to ensure all changed
    properties are available (the order of received signals is not
    guranteed and the finished signal could be received before an error
    Additionally raise the timeout before removing a transaction from
    D-Bus on the server side to give clients more time to sync
  - Fix wrong variable names in the download progress (fixes LP: #971839,
    LP: #976521)
  - Fix: Catch a possible pipe reading error (fixes LP: #733090)
  - Fix: Don't show the name of aptdaemon in crash reports
    (fixes LP: #973370)
    Aptdaemon is a system daemon and should work and fail silently
  - Fix: Fallback to a default terminal width of 80 chars (fixes LP: #948588)
    The width request could fail on standard input/output redirections
  - Fix: Don't use a reserved name for the simulate helper function
  - Fix: Convert exceptions to string before raising TransactionFailed()
  - Fix wrong variable name in the add license key failed error message
  - Fix: Don't overwrite the GObject.GObject.disconnect in
    aptdemon.client.Transaction by renaming the method to
  - Fix: Allow to cancel a transaction which hasn't been queued yet and
    is still in limbo
  - Fix: Raise NotImplementedError instead of ImplementedError
  - Add a test case for config file changes handling
* debian/aptdaemon.install:
  - Don't ship the obsolete .desktop file anymore

95. By Michael Vogt on 2012-04-02

New upstream snapshot:
* merged patch for LP: #959131 (CVE 2012-0944)
* pkcompat: Don't crash if the system time went backwards during a
  transaction (Fixes LP: #940367)
* worker: catch SystemErrors from python-apt when performing a system
  upgrade (fixes LP: #932581)
* pkcompat: Don't crash if an unsupported locale is used for the
  transaction, fixes LP: #944553
* Fix download progress information for translations of languages with
  an ISO 639 2T code (3 letters), e.g. Asturian (ast) - fixes LP: #966111
* test: Add a test to ensure that every transaction is simulated
  before it gets queued.

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