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315. By Brian Murray

apport/ui.py: create a MarkForUpload field and set that to false for
binaries that changed since the crash happened thereby preventing uploads
to the crash database (LP: #1039220)

314. By Martin Pitt

[ Brian Murray ]
* data/general/ubuntu.py: check to see if a package installation duplicate
  signature has been encountered previously and if so prevent bug reporting
  (LP: #1007637)

[ Martin Pitt ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: Add "package-from-proposed" tag if the
  installed package version is available from -proposed, but not from
  -security and -updates. Backported from Ubuntu branch r2088.
  (LP: #1050853)

313. By Brian Murray

apport_python_hook: Backport filtering of DBus NoReply errors from trunk.
(LP: #1042970)

312. By Brian Murray

[ Martin Pitt ]
* apport_python_hook: Fix UnicodeEncodeError crash with Python 2 for
  exceptions with non-ASCII characters. Backported from trunk r2426.
  (LP: #972436)

[ Brian Murray ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: collect /etc/default/grub on systems where a
  package failed to install during when updating grub (LP: #1006633)

311. By Martin Pitt

* data/package-hooks/source_linux.py: If we report against an -lts-quantal
  source package, move the source to "linux" and add a qa-kernel-lts-testing
  tag, as per kernel team request in LP: #1004101 . Add source package hook
  symlinks for source_linux-{,meta-}lts-quantal.py to source_linux.py.
* data/apport: apport: Also treat a binary as modified if the /proc/pid/exe
  symlink does not point to an existing file any more. Backported from trunk
  r2406. (LP: #984944)

310. By Martin Pitt

debian/apport.install: Actually ship the native-origins.d directory, so
that the previous bug fix for LP: #1004101 actually works.

309. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* data/apport: Ignore a crash if the executable was modified after the
  process started. This often happens if the package is upgraded and a
  long-running process is not stopped before. Patch cherry-picked from trunk
  r2296. (LP: #984944)
* Add etc/apport/native-origins.d/lts-q-backports: Accept
  ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/q-lts-backport as official Ubuntu package repository, so
  that users can report bugs and crashes against the backported kernel and
  X.org stack. (LP: #1004101)
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: Do not assume that all reports have a
  ProblemType field. This will not be the case for updating a bug with
  "apport-collect". (LP: #1004029)
* report.py: Do not change the SourcePackage: field if the binary package is
  not installed and does not exist. This fixes source package hooks to
  actually work in some cases where source and binary package names overlap.
  Patch cherry-picked from trunk r2332. (part of LP: #993810)
* apport-gtk, apport-kde: Avoid collecting information twice in "bug update"
  mode. This caused a crash in cases where the source package in a bug
  report does not correspond to an installed binary package. Patch
  cherry-picked from trunk r2334. (LP: #993810)

[ Brian Murray ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: block reporting of package install failures
  with error regarding 'not a debian format archive'. (LP: #1002535)

308. By Martin Pitt

apport-{gtk,kde}: Do not show the information collection progress dialog
if the crash database does not accept this kind of report. In that case
whoopsie will upload it in the background and the dialog is not necessary.
Patch cherry-picked from trunk. (LP: #989698)

307. By Evan

Fix (LP: #989779). Don't show the duplicate warning when we're just
reporting to daisy.ubuntu.com.

306. By Martin Pitt

* Cherry-pick from trunk:
  - hookutils.py, recent_logfile(): Use a default limit of 10000 lines and
    call "tail" instead of reading the whole file. This protects against
    using up all memory when there are massive repeated log messages.
    (LP: #984256)
  - apport-gtk: Do not assume that an icon requested for size 42 actually
    delivers size 42; some themes do not have this available and deliver a
    smaller one instead, causing overflows. Also, copy the image as
    gtk_icon_theme_load_icon() returns a readonly result which we must not
    modify. Fixes crashes when using themes other than the standard Ubuntu
    ones. (LP: #937249)

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