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31. By Martin Pitt on 2012-03-27

* 0009-language-tools.patch: Also include LC_IDENTIFICATION, to comply to
  how Ubiquity sets the locale. (LP: #926207)
* debian/accountsservice.postinst: Also migrate LC_IDENTIFICATION. Bump
  version comparison to this version to ensure the migration happens after
  Ubiquity got fixed, and include the new variable.

30. By Gunnar Hjalmarsson on 2012-02-16

* debian/patches/0010-set-language.patch:
  - Call for setlocale() in the user_locale_validate() function in
    src/user.c replaced with 'locale -a' to allow a newly generated
    locale to be instantly used for regional formats (LP: #930785).

29. By Michael Terry on 2012-02-15

* debian/patches/0013-add-has-message-support.patch:
  - Add XHasMessages support for LightDM's benefit.

28. By Michael Terry on 2012-02-13

* debian/libaccountsservice0.symbols:
  - Fix version of act_user_set_x_keyboard_layouts to not refer to PPA

27. By Michael Terry on 2012-02-10

* debian/patches/0012-add-keyboard-layout-support.patch:
  - Add XKeyboardLayouts property to report a user's keyboard layouts,
    largely for LightDM's benefit. LP: #915468

26. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-02-06

* debian/patches/git-icon-reset.patch:
  - let users reset their profile icon in gnome-control-center (lp: #927635)

25. By Martin Pitt on 2012-02-03

[ Gunnar Hjalmarsson ]
* debian/patches/0001-formats-locale-property.patch and
  - Addition of FormatsLocale property and SetFormatsLocale method.
* debian/patches/0009-language-tools.patch:
  - Make SetLanguage() and SetFormatsLocale() write to
    ~/.pam_environment instead of ~/.profile (LP: #866062).
  - Make the LANG variable, which up to now has represented regional
    formats, denote the display language instead (LP: #877610).
* debian/patches/0010-set-language.patch:
  - If the Language or FormatsLocale property is not yet set when
    queried, respond with a sensible, dynamically generated fallback
  - Code added for migrating ~/.profile environment settings to
  - Don't alter any settings if SetLanguage is called from a language
    chooser on the greeter and /home is encrypted or not yet mounted.
  - Misc. code refactoring.
* debian/accountsservice.postinst:
  - Modify /etc/default/locale and /etc/environment due to a changed
    meaning of the LANG environment variable.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/accountsservice.postinst: Only run the LANG migration when
  upgrading to this version. Also, slightly improve the call to grep.
* debian/libaccountsservice0.symbols: Fix versions of symbols from
* debian/libaccountsservice0.symbols: Add new symbols from 0.6.15-2ubuntu1.
* debian/accountsservice.postinst: In the LANG migration, do not add all the
  variables to a file which doesn't define LANG, so that we don't repeat
  them in /etc/environment when they are already in /etc/default/locale.

24. By Marc Deslauriers on 2012-01-31

* SECURITY UPDATE: file permissions bypass (LP: #904395)
  - debian/patches/0010-set-language.patch:
    Drop privileges before letting help scripts in
    /usr/share/language-tools write to $HOME.
  - debian/patches/0009-language-tools.patch:
    Drop chown() call in /usr/share/language-tools/save-to-profile.
  - CVE-2011-4406

23. By Michael Terry on 2011-12-07

* debian/patches/0011-add-background-file-support.patch:
  - Add support for a BackgroundFile property, similar to IconFile.
    LP: #844081

22. By Martin Pitt on 2011-11-25

[ Gunnar Hjalmarsson ]
* 0009-language-tools.patch: Sort the list of language options, for the
  language chooser in LightDM (LP: #868346).

[ Martin Pitt ]
* 0002-create-and-manage-groups-like-on-a-ubuntu-system.patch: Use "sudo"
  group instead of "admin", for Debian/sudo compatibility. However, keep
  recognizing "admin" as administrator, too. (LP: #893842)

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