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228. By Bryce Harrington on 2012-05-17

* debian/patches/227_null_ptr_midispcur.patch:
  - Check for NULL pointer before dereferencing pointer from
    miGetDCDevice. Fixes crash after connecting a bluetooth keyboard.
    (LP: #930936)

227. By Chase Douglas on 2011-10-18

* Fix crash on accepting a touch grab from an indirect device (LP: #877825)
  - Added 510_fix_touchpad_touch_event_removal.patch

226. By Marc Deslauriers on 2011-10-13

* SECURITY UPDATE: file existence disclosure
  - debian/patches/508_CVE-2011-4028.patch: open lockfile with O_NOFOLLOW
    in os/utils.c.
  - CVE-2011-4028
* SECURITY UPDATE: privilege escalation via file permission change
  - debian/patches/509_CVE-2011-4029.patch: use fchmod to prevent race
    in os/utils.c.
  - CVE-2011-4029

225. By Chase Douglas on 2011-09-28

* Send touch ownership event for subsequent touch grabs (LP: #861906)
  - Added 507_touch_grab_reject_send_ownership.patch

224. By Chase Douglas on 2011-09-28

* Fix touch ownership processing for subsequent touch grabs (LP: #861896)
  - Remove regressing patch

223. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-09-19

* debian/patches/221_fix_SendEvent_flag_mask.diff:
  - Add patch from Sam Spilsbury to fix the event mask handling which would
    generate an incorrect BadValue error when a client tries to use SendEvent
    with ShapeNotify. (LP: #847967)

222. By Timo Aaltonen on 2011-09-09

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* Drop i8xx-disablement patch. 2.6.39 and later kernels contain a patch
  which alledgedly fixes the cache-incoherency problems. (LP: #817814)

[ Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ]
* debian/patches/112_armel-pvr-drv.patch:
  - Include support for the pvr driver available on OMAP 4 (LP: #828494)

[ Timo Aaltonen ]
* Merge from Debian unstable.
  - Fixes Xephyr assert failure in dixGetPrivateAddr (LP: #821090)
* debian/rules: Modify the patch stampdir creation.
* Update patch 500_xi2.1.patch to apply.
* Refresh patches.
* debian/rules: Add PATH for the xvfb-run check, otherwise Xvfb is not found.
* debian/rules: Shift the xvfb-run test to be run later, to ensure that the
  binaries are installed.

[ Bryce Harrington ]
* debian/rules: Add check target invoking xvfb-run to test that it works
* debian/control: Add build dependency on xauth, required by xvfb-run

[ Chase Douglas ]
* Add fixes for touch grab handling, courtesy of Carlos Garnacho
  - 505_Xi_ensure_replayed_touch_events_have_devices.patch
  - 506_Xi_ensure_touch_events_update_currentTime.patch
  - 507_dix_Ensure_touch_events_are_delivered_to_next_client.patch

221. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-07-11

* debian/patches/220_xi21_always_deliver_raw_events.diff:
  - Backport patch from the mailing list to deliver raw events regardless of
    grab state. Bon app├ętit, DX!

220. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-07-08

[ Bryce Harrington ]
* rules: patch needs to depend on stampdir, else it doesn't get created,
  and 'debian/rules patch' malfunctions.

[ Chase Douglas ]
* Fix event handling when neither X nor Y coordinates are set (LP: #806256)
  - Added 504_fix_no_coords.patch

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* rules: Add both /usr/lib/xorg/extra-modules and
  /usr/lib/$MULTIARCH/xorg/extra-modules for extra modules.
  Fixes GLX for the proprietary drivers after a mesa upgrade (LP: #807209)

219. By Timo Aaltonen on 2011-07-05

* Merge from Debian unstable. (LP: #441653)
  - Update 500_xi2.1.patch to apply.
  - Drop patch 218_randr-check-rotated-virtual-size-limits-correctly.diff,
    fixed upstream.
* Update the crtc confinement patch with one that should work, with
  further fixes from upstream. (LP: #389519)
* Dropped a bunch of old Breaks from xserver-xorg-core.

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