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222. By Jani Monoses on 2011-08-30

* debian/patches/112_armel-pvr-drv.patch:
  - Including support for the pvr driver available at OMAP 4 (LP: #828494)

221. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-07-11

* debian/patches/220_xi21_always_deliver_raw_events.diff:
  - Backport patch from the mailing list to deliver raw events regardless of
    grab state. Bon appétit, DX!

220. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-07-08

[ Bryce Harrington ]
* rules: patch needs to depend on stampdir, else it doesn't get created,
  and 'debian/rules patch' malfunctions.

[ Chase Douglas ]
* Fix event handling when neither X nor Y coordinates are set (LP: #806256)
  - Added 504_fix_no_coords.patch

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* rules: Add both /usr/lib/xorg/extra-modules and
  /usr/lib/$MULTIARCH/xorg/extra-modules for extra modules.
  Fixes GLX for the proprietary drivers after a mesa upgrade (LP: #807209)

219. By Timo Aaltonen on 2011-07-05

* Merge from Debian unstable. (LP: #441653)
  - Update 500_xi2.1.patch to apply.
  - Drop patch 218_randr-check-rotated-virtual-size-limits-correctly.diff,
    fixed upstream.
* Update the crtc confinement patch with one that should work, with
  further fixes from upstream. (LP: #389519)
* Dropped a bunch of old Breaks from xserver-xorg-core.

218. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-06-15

[ Timo Aaltonen ]
* Merge from Debian unstable, remaining changes:
   - rules:
    + Disable SELinux, libaudit-dev is not in main yet. (LP #406226)
    + Add --with-extra-module-dir to support GL alternatives.
    + Mention Ubuntu support in builderstring rather than package uploader's
      email address.
    + Enable multitouch gestures.
  - control:
    + Xvfb depends on xauth, x11-xkb-utils, recommends libgl1-mesa-dri.
      (LP #500102)
    + Add breaks for incompatible drivers. (LP #614993)
    + Drop libaudit-dev from build-deps.
    + Build-depend on newer mesa to pick up DRI search paths variable.
    + Bump dependency on x11proto-input-dev for Xi 2.1
    + Drop linux-any specifier to make pbuilder less narky.
  - local/xvfb-run*: Add correct docs about error codes. (LP #328205)
  - debian/patches:
    + 100_rethrow_signals.patch:
      When aborting, re-raise signals for apport
    + 105_nvidia_fglrx_autodetect.patch:
      Load proprietary drivers automatically when installed.
    + 109_fix-swcursor-crash.patch:
      Avoid dereferencing null pointer while reloading cursors during
      resume. (LP #371405)
    + 111_armel-drv-fallbacks.patch:
      Add support for armel driver fallbacks.
    + 122_xext_fix_card32_overflow_in_xauth.patch:
      Fix server crash when “xauth generate” is called with large timeout.
    + 157_check_null_modes.patch, 162_null_crtc_in_rotation.patch,
      166_nullptr_xinerama_keyrepeat.patch, 167_nullptr_xisbread.patch
      Fix various segfaults in xserver by checking pointers for NULL
      values before dereferencing them.
    + 165_man_xorg_conf_no_device_ident.patch
      Correct man page
    + 168_glibc_trace_to_stderr.patch:
      Report abort traces to stderr instead of terminal
    + 188_default_primary_to_first_busid.patch:
      Pick the first device and carry on (LP #459512)
    + 190_cache-xkbcomp_output_for_fast_start_up.patch:
      Cache keyboard settings.
    + 191-Xorg-add-an-extra-module-path.patch:
      Add support for the alternative module path.
    + 198_nohwaccess.patch:
      Adds a -nohwaccess argument to make X not access the hardware
      ports directly.
    + 200_randr-null.patch:
      Clarify a pointer initialization.
    + 206_intel_8xx_default_to_fbdev.patch:
      Makes 8xx class intel GPUs default to fbdev for stability. (LP #633593)
    + 208_switch_on_release.diff:
      Switch keyboard layouts on key-release rather than key-press
 (LP #36812)
    + 209_add_legacy_bgnone_option.patch:
      Add -nr as a synonym for -background none until all ?DM are updated for
 the new option.
    + 210_pixman_null_ptr_check.patch:
      Catch NULL pointer access after pixman_image_create_bits() failure
 (LP #705078)
    + 214_glx_dri_searchdirs.patch:
      Search in same paths as mesa for DRI drivers for AIGLX so we can handle
      UMS fallback for radeon gracefully.
    + 217_revert_bgnonevisitwindow.patch:
      Revert a commit that causes brief graphical corruption. (LP: 726807)
    + 218_randr-check-rotated-virtual-size-limits-correctly.diff:
      Fix rotation with nvidia driver. (LP: 740933)
    + 500_xi2.1.patch,
      Add Xi 2.1 and Gesture extension support.
    + 503_fix_masked_transformed_valuators.patch:
      Fix masked transformed valuator handling (LP #774938)
* Drop patch 215_glx_drawable_refcounting.diff, similar fix included
* Drop patch 121_only_switch_vt_when_active.diff, doesn't seem to
  work anymore.
* videoabiver, inputabiver, xserver-xorg-dev.install:
  Drop changes that are obsolete post-natty.
* Add 219_fedora-pointer-barrier.diff:
  Pointer barrier and cursor confinement patch backported to 1.10.

[ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
* debian/control:
  Bump mesa-common-dev build-dep to pick up multiarch DRI paths.

217. By Timo Aaltonen on 2011-05-20

* Add 218_randr-check-rotated-virtual-size-limits-correctly.diff
  - Fix rotation with nvidia driver. (LP: #740933)

216. By Bryce Harrington on 2011-05-17

* Fix masked transformed valuator handling (LP: #774938)
  - Added debian/patches/503_fix_masked_transformed_valuators.patch

215. By Timo Aaltonen on 2011-04-19

Merge from Debian experimental (LP: #757972)

214. By Timo Aaltonen on 2011-04-11

* Merge from Debian experimental.
  - dropped patches, included upstream:
    216_fix_sdksyms_build.diff, included upstream.

213. By Bryce Harrington on 2011-03-31

[ Bryce Harrington ]
* patches/111_armel-drv-fallbacks.patch: Always fallback to -fbdev,
  not just when no other X driver matches. (Thanks jcristau)

[ Chase Douglas ]
* Fix jumpy cursor in XI 1.x applications.
  (LP: #736500)
  - Added 218_getValuatorEvents_cleanup.patch
  - Added 219_xi1_handle_noncontinuous_valuator_data.patch

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