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207. By Steve Langasek on 2011-10-08

* Set a timeout of 61 seconds when calling udevadm control --exit, to
  ensure that udevd always reaches its *own* timeout first. If udevadm
  times out before udevd, it exits non-zero, breaking the move of the /dev
  mount; and if we ignore the udevadm failure then udevd might still be
  running, which is the original issue that the patch for bug #624469
  was trying to address. Raising the timeout doesn't make the boot any
  slower, it just makes sure we let udevd count the 60 seconds instead of
  udevadm. LP: #818177.
* debian/patches/race-condition-on-exit: Process events before signals
  in the worker thread, so we don't sit around waiting 60 seconds for an
  already-dead process.

206. By Andy Whitcroft on 2011-08-23

Include input_id in the initramfs to prevent errors when enumerating
devices in early init (LP: #831516).

205. By Felix Geyer on 2011-08-16

Add debian/patches/move-input_id-to-default-rules.patch: Fix bluetooth
mice and keyboards in the X server. Patch cherry-picked from upstream.
(LP: #827489)

204. By Martin Pitt on 2011-08-15

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream bug fix release.
* debian/rules: Configure with --enable-udev_acl, the default changed in
  this upstream version because of newer systemd versions.
* debian/udev.examples: Drop scsi_id.config, this file has been obsolete for
  a long time.

[ David Henningsson ]
* To enable jack detection in PulseAudio, make jack detection input
  devices world-readable, just as being done for joysticks (LP: #826662).

203. By Colin Watson on 2011-07-28

The kernel won't mount devtmpfs automatically when /init exists, which
is always the case in the installer, so mount it manually (LP: #817443).

202. By Colin Watson on 2011-07-25

debian/udev.installer-startup: Create /dev/pts before mounting it
(LP: #815962).

201. By Martin Pitt on 2011-07-14

* debian/udev-udeb.dirs, debian/udev.dirs, debian/udev.postinst: Get rid of
  the remaining /lib/udev/devices/ stuff:
  - shm: will be symlinked to /run/shm/ by mountall, and avoid having a
    non-world-writable shm (which breaks e. g. ecryptfs)
  - net: created by devtmpfs already
  - pts: mounted as devpts by mountall
* Drop debian/udev.init. It has a ton of deprecated stuff in it, and with
  upstream supporting systemd and us having upstart scripts there won't ever
  be a time when we go back to a sysvinit script.
* debian/udev.installer-startup:
  - Drop copying of /lib/udev/devices/. udevd already does this, and it's
    obsolete with devtmpfs anyway.
  - Drop unconditional mounting of a tmpfs on /dev and mknod'ing stuff. We
    already have a devtmpfs there. Only mount devtmpfs if /dev/null doesn't
    exist already.

200. By Martin Pitt on 2011-07-12

* extras/cdrom_id/60-cdrom_id.rules: Revert "hd*" hack for powerpc; this
  already is, or should be fixed in the powerpc kernel configuration to use
  the SCSI interface. (Confirmed by Luke).
* Move rules/rules.d/78-graphics-card.rules to
  debian/local/78-graphics-card.rules and install it in debian/udev.install
  instead of patching Makefile.am
* Move inline change in rules/rules.d/80-drivers.rules to
* Move extras/rule_generator/75-persistent-net-generator.rules inline change
  to debian/patches/ignore-eucalyptus-virtual-ifaces.patch.
* Move libudev/libudev-monitor.c inline change to
* Revert autoconf files to upstream state, as we have no further direct
  patches to the upstream build system.
* debian/source/format: Move to 3.0 (quilt) format.
* Add debian/patches/use_run_tmpfs: Only use /run/ if it is a tmpfs. Stolen
  from Debian's udev 167-2, thanks Marco d'Itri! (LP: #807306)
* debian/control: Update Maintainer: field to Ubuntu Developers.
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.
* debian/source/options: Ignore *.types files in documentation.

199. By Martin Pitt on 2011-07-11

* New upstream release:
  - Now enables kenrel media polling if available. This goes together with
    the changes in udisks 1.0.3 to stop user-space polling if kernel polling
    is enabled.
  - Delete mobile-action-modeswitch, has been deprecated by usb-modeswitch
    for a long time now.
* debian/rules: Fix build tree copying to cope with new upstream
  "build-aux/" directory.
* debian/libudev0.symbols: Add new symbols for this release.
* debian/control: Add gir1.2-gudev-1.0 dependency to libgudev-1.0-dev, as
  per current Debian GI policy.
* debian/control: Wrap dependencies.
* debian/control: Add versioned libudev0 dependency to udev. While udevd or
  the probers do not directly link to it (they have an internal copy), they
  still need to be in sync to work properly. (LP: #804577)

198. By Colin Watson on 2011-06-28

[ Colin Watson ]
* Update Vcs-Bzr field.

[ Aurélien Couderc ]
* Use "udevadm control --exit" in the initramfs instead of manually
  killing each udevd process (borrowed from Debian #624469).

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